First TV car, Music, S Music. I gave you 10 a week ago. You told me that you got me when your check came home so yeah as we discussed AV card. They have launched in as a XUV 400, so my name is so similar to 300, but not 300. So the sub 4 meters. Why? Because to improve the aerodynamics of the Karan kochu and also it shows like Evie, look like and visery and lights, normal 300 Lagana lights, projector, LED lights and high beam or chassis Edition foreign as usual, so coming to the rear side, so tail lights and yes well Designed on a copper finish and wipers and dinner yes, XUV 400, they could have copper, finish, reverse camera. So this is the overall backlook of this 400 and Max side looks yes everywhere that there is copper, finish and ground clearance. 200 mm ground clearance, good enough available foreign and my purse standard. Only. This is the overall side look of the car and monarchy entrance for a passive entrance and we get different colors like dual tone: white, dwell: tone, blue and gray color and Madame blog Napoleon black. This is XUV 300, so in colors foreign, so lets get into the details and manam batteries, single charging, Mi DC and then power, HSC, 148, BHP and torque generated 310 newton meters and the company climation zero to eighty percent in 50 minutes uncompanic languages for a permanent Magnet synchronomy motors 456 kilometers foreign and this car also gets three different Drive modes at the cabin local we will discuss and it is 0 to 100 company eight seconds low, zero, two hundred, which is phenomenally fast with this battery and Monica request, sensor passive and reduce Lets get into the cabin finish: controls, power, windows, controls and no rvm, side, organs and munchie leather finish and yes, car cabinet under the same xuv300, a bit changes and music controls, foreign foreign and also overall cabin quality of material and coming to the Gear knob in Japanese, fully automatic AV into different gear sometime like different modes like driving mode, neutral mode and R mode, and especially in the interesting Nano previously Ill show you.

This is a parking mode, reverse mode, neutral, mod report, driving mode on the and L model. So, basically, L mode, so this is the L mode and really really useful feature in City drives and in heavy traffics like foreign, Music, Music, okay, basic and Needful Things I think, And discussing next about different types of driving mode. This car offering three different driving modes. One is fearless mode, fun mode and fast mode instrument, clusters within 8.3 seconds, so lets get into the back seats with some soft touchings and black finishes fix. That first is SUV uh, you know around 5.96 and I can sit comfortably here, normal light. And yes, so yes enjoy accent. Another disappointing point: in the day that said AC events, only foreign foreign, which is really good enough foreign, oh yes, Uh, Wood, space, matram, really good and satisfying. So this was the all over boot View. So in China, spacious one day. Yes, thats all about XUV 400, so Market low car launcher in the recently, and it has three different variants, starting price foreign. If you are interested, please look into this showroom and end of the video.