First, fully electric scooter there isnt a petrol variant of it, design wise it resembles some people say it resembles the piagio zip from days gone by, and there are elements in that great value. A great little electric scooter lets get stuck into it, Music, if youre interested in all things, EV and youd like to support the channel, hit the Subscribe button and hit the Bell icon, so you dont miss any future updates. So this is the Piaggio One released in 2021. Actually, its Global release was via Tick Tock and some people said this design wise is very similar to the Piaggio zip. Some nice dining elements on which youve got this glass. Black youve got your Piaggio badge with a bit more glass that comes in three different. Colors comes in white black and this gray finish its really a nice textured elements coming down along and down here there is a Feng Chen Wang, turquoise Edition Ill put a picture up on the screen, but stylistically its an electric scooter, its a scooter in general Frontier Sentiment is a single arm Fork. You can see it on this side, um with a single chop, absorber thats non adjustable, and you can see its a break as well: 175 millimeter, disc, brick, um, hydraulic caliper and the A1 active, so theres a couple of different versions: theres the Piaggio one Piaggio OnePlus And then the Piaggio one active, the active is the bigger one Higher powered and that comes with CBS.

Combined braking system tires or CST. Urban travel rubbers mounted on a 10 inch wheel and theyre 100 by 80 by 10.. Full LED headlight split into two units, high low beam and daytime running. Like the other side, you turn it on see what it looks like if you can keyless dirt and lets just run here, so you can see the screen. There will come around all that and you can see the daytime one like there now on either side nice. The frame itself is a single steel, tube keyless mechanism, and it is all done on and you can theres a steering lock on it, and you can also open the seat via this little button as well and theres the ability to use the key, because there is A key, but this is, if you need to um, you have your carry hook. You have a USB charging port there and Ill stick up on the screen. What the wattage is on that, so on the actual bike itself, youve got your wing mirrors. Youve got rear, brake and youve got high and low beam. Youve got your indicators. Dont make a noise and youve got your horn and youve got your mode selector. On the left hand, youve got your hydraulic fluid levels. Youve got a five inch hard to see it. There now, but it is very good and in the daylight, its white and then, if you there is a you, can see there a Twilight sensor and on that then you have your ambient temperature.

Your range, your time and the running watt hour per kilometer. You have the what your speed is and then on the battery theres a little smiley face in underneath and if its above 50 as a happy face and its a slow 50 its a sad face, not that you need the Appian sad face on it. There is Bluetooth, there is an app mode and set buttons down here, very clear, very easy to see, and then you also have your engine cut. You have your mode selector and you have your hazard lights. You can see there now its on and you have your map button and the map. Then, at the bottom of the screen, you can see it flashing, sport, Eco, its also reverse, but I dont think it needs it and then to engage that so lets say were going to go with sport, its flashing. There lets press one of the brakes and then hold that down and then itll say ready. You can see it over here and so thats ready to go. Now. If I shes on the on the stand there now but and if there is a central stand and you can see if I twist the throttle, she is a whole mounted rear motor and so lets turn this off Good Foot space and you have the ability to Carry a passenger as well with this um actual Piaggio branding either side Piaggio at the back LED brake line at the back as well, and youve got key access to the steer to the seat.

And if I push itll pop open there we go and you can also use the key. So the key that comes with it and you need the key Either way, because once you take the battery out, so you can see there. The battery system is inside this seat height, just before we go on from that is 770 millimeters off the ground now, with the removable battery theres a clap on it and give the ability to lock it in there with a padlock. If you want and something like this make sure were turned off, you just twist pull and then you can pull that off to the side and then theres your battery battery itself is the regular the entry level one that I want that I have here today. It is a battery weight of 10 kgs and theres, a 1.4 kilowatt hour battery lithium ion and then theres a OnePlus that you cant push that in there we go. This goes down. You also have the ability to store, probably the likes of a um. A smaller helmet wont, take a full State full face how much and the OnePlus and the one active batteries are 2.3 kilowatt hour and they have a battery capacity of uh 50. Sorry away to 15 kgs, so the smaller battery is 29 amp hour and the larger battery is 48 amp hour takes six hours to charge. Do not forget to leave the key uh. Do not forget to take the key which dont put it in there, because if it goes into that youll have fun uh rear suspension.

You can see it is a dual shock: design with stylish Arch, Winger swing, arms and non adjustable. The one on the OnePlus versions are fitted with an electric motor with A continuous output of 1.2 kilowatt and then the active, the upper level. One has a two kilowatt motor weight for the entry level. One is 85 kgs and the upper level one is 94 KGS. Greenbase is the Same album Its 1220 millimeters the length overall is 1680.. The width 750 millimeters between the handlebars and then with the wing mirrors, is up to about 900. and then the height is 1. 800.. Sorry, 1080. hooked it up. Here you can get some accessories. There is a windscreen that you can get. There is a 28 liter top box that you can get from the back, and then you can get that Demi jet monoshell helmet from Fang Chang Wang matching that design that we talked about earlier on. So that is a look around the Piaggio one. Let me know in the comments what you think I think it looks stylish and it might be the perfect little Urban run around lets. Take it out for a drive, so theres three different driving modes. Eco offers greater range at a top speed of 30 kilometers an hour and a more Progressive acceleration, whereas a sport you can enjoy the entrance. Full grunt thats also occurs kinetic energy recovery system. The difference between the two electric motors is one gives it an 85 newton meters of torque and the other one is 90 newton meters of torque.

The pressure comes in three different combinations of battery and engine sizes. The Standard Version delivers a top speed of 45 kilometers. An hour with a range of 55 and in eco mode, it is 43 kilometers an hour in sport mode. The one plus battery has a larger large OnePlus model has a larger battery at a range of 100 kilometers, an Eco and 68 kilometers in sport and the Piaggio one active, both the maximum speed of 60 kilometers an hour and a range of 85 in Eco and 66 in sport mode, okay to start the yeah, you can see there so theres a fiber and the key which you can have the fob on its own, and there is a key inside the fob. And so the top button is to unlock. The middle button is to Center or lock and turn on the alarm, and then the bottom button is to find your bike kind of a button. So it turns on youll start to see this light start to flash blue down here, and so then you turn it on put away the key there. It doesnt fall out when Im riding around please um and what we have then is very legible to spare. That 5.5 inch display to engage or get it ready. You can see that the engine water life is on because there isnt a mode selected sole you over here on the map button youre the bottom of the screen.

You have sport, you have Eco and then you have reverse now reverse. If you hold down the brake and hold down the mode map button, bring your back over to reverse and then hold it down. You can hear it makes a beep and then it will reverse for you, but its such a light scooter. There is no need for that at all. So lets change it over to sport. Press the brake hold that down Ill. Just show you how easy it is to maneuver on the plastic, its 80 odd kilos, its not going to be, and so Sports engaged. It is ready. Yeah check your Wingers ready to rock right foot on first chord left foot always left check over my shoulder. Um yeah its so quiet it is so quiet, theres, no pedestrian, worn noise or nothing like that at all. As you can see the shop here and the people wearing headphones theyre not going to hear it, Ive been sneaking up on cats all week. They dont even hear me coming um, not by choice, just not on the side of the road. They dont know that Im there and then you have the likes of the indicator now, one on the original. On the other reviews, it is the NIU nqi and mqi. There was a beep to that in gigabortem. If I dont stop at the flight or this Junction as well, um canceling, so theres, no, the only way, youre going to know that the indicator has been on is, if you see it on the dash, so were in sport, now yeah its decent, like its limited To 45 kilometers an hour on a flat hurt yard.

Now so like going up a hill, you are going to feel the diff, the the Im 100 kgs or the godsovers and with all the gear on definitely 100 kgs and Im, not going to say it. Doesnt struggle it youll get there, but its Id like a bit more power and thats Im doing the the motorcycle license this year and the lessons Etc. So I want to be able to review higher power electric motorcycles, but also um all types. You know, whereas this after my current, am license, and this you can run an AM license on this, because its equivalent to a 50cc um moped or scooter, and so what you have is yeah lets go. That screen is very no matter what light it is. No matter what day it is so sleeping position for me is good. Im, 188 centimeters six foot two and you can see me there sitting on a bike. What that would look like sport. There now were up to 30 kilometers an hour, so the speed limit on this road is 50 kilometers an hour. Now, eco mode will bring you in at keep you at 30 kilometers an hour and restrict the throttle response. So the same as an eco mode and an EV, it is going to be the exact same for that visibility is good. The wing mirrors um, sometimes Im a bit Broad and some mopeds that Ive reviewed in the past handed the actual Wing mirrors itself are a bit narrow, but this one knows perfect.

Um suspension is good, not too soft, not too hard, really excellent. The Piaggio one is Im, not sure if Ive been saying P1 for some reason I havent had. That should be the P1 and I know in the launch that was one as in the word one, because now its just little number one well take that um, for whatever reason my head, I said I totally thought I havent always thought I I keep on thinking It should be called the Piaggio P1. I dont know why no idea um so were up to 46 kilometers an hour there now coming down that hill and the combined braking system would be nice. The CBS on the active model, but again thats a slightly more powerful electric motor um Im, not sure what the cc equivalent is but its more than 50cc. So it is the A2 license if you uh, if youre interested in going for something a bit more powerful and then I know um a megabytes website that have the P. They have that Piaggio one and the Piezo active and then that Chinese designer brand one as well, they dont have the Plus on the site, maybe its available, so talk to Kieran or Nicole in the store to see if, if the plus is available, maybe its out Of stock and thats, what theyre not listing is, but thanks to Kieran and Nicole and all the team at Mega bikes for Lending me. This bike for uh the next couple of days and Im looking to do more: two wheel, moped, scooter reviews on the channel moving forward and thats.

Why Im doing the license so those lots of electric motorcycles that are out there um, so the brakes are good, really good. Um and the suspension, as I said, is nice. It is you can carry a passenger on the back of it. I havent tried and the difference between this and its sister, the Vespa Electra Electra yeah is theres on the saddle, thats very easy to see where the driver sits and then, where the the rider sits and the passenger sits with this one. I can go all the way back if I wanted to and sit towards the back, but I could scooch up if I need to as well so all depending on what your needs are. But we will go down the town, a small bit and then have a little look on the. I will take a left here so were at 31. So you can see this isnt. A very big steep incline now here opened on the area and its its not its a little bit more power would be great for us so with the am license in Ireland. If you have the, if you got your driving license up to a certain Year 2006., let me know in the comments, if Im wrong, um, something like that it is, it has the ability, then to you order automatically got the am license. So I have that license automatically now I have been doing my lessons, so I got the IB.

I did my perfect up. My provisional motorcycle license and thats valid for I believe two years and then I got my. I did the OBT and thats a two year ability as well, and so now Ive got um to get my tests in the past so that I can ride any of the 11 levels, the A2 A1 and a is it is a driving license. Does it give you, should you have better Road skills with regards to being on a motorcycle or scooter yeah? I can see why they did it driving a motorcycle is totally different to riding in the car, so getting it as an automatic up to whatever year. It was probably wasnt a a great thing to do, but it is what it is. So if youre, depending on whatever age you got your whatever year, you got your full license in Ireland as the markets, then it is dependent on the Licensing Laws. Suspension is lovely like it is theyre, not small speed bombs there now and its its uh its not making light weather of them. Theyre good, so youve got the more changes. Youve got good visibility, its so quiet, though I think, should there be a noise with it. I dont know, but is it drive the rider mental range seems real world. I drove which I picked it up with megabytes in the Valley Mountain store and it was 18 kilometers to get to dunleary. Obviously, couldnt go on the M50, so I went through the burbs and yeah all good.

Hopefully, youve enjoyed my review of the Iago One all electric Scooter. Let me know in the comments, if youd like more two wheel, reviews and remember, if you think an EV is for you leave it to me and Ill review. Thank you very much for watching huge thanks to my patreon supporters.