Stay tuned, hey, whats, up guys its your boy G, make sure you like comment and subscribe to my channel team Greg scene. Okay, so youll know when this beat down is coming um. This video is hearing Geo energy International versus everything else. Now do. I know everything thats going on no but Im just having a hard time trying to see if theres anything even close. Let me explain. First of all, we are a company thats mandated by the governments around the Earth. Let me see that again were a company thats in an industry that has been mandated by all of the nations of the Earth and their decision is the future is electric period. Now you can argue it, you can say well, the next administrator, because once billions are spent theres, no turning around understand how this works guys now The Next Step. The next question you have to ask yourself is whatever youre in ask yourself: are we mandated by the government thats a thats? A viable question is whatever youre doing selling promoting recruiting for? Is it mandated? Is there a government mandate to ensure that your business remains viable? Ask yourself that if theres, no, you might need to be talking to me, they dont have to, of course, do what you want to do. But the main reason why Im making videos for this company virtually every day right now is because were getting closer and closer to hitting the 10 000 owner Mark once we hit the 10 000 owners.

You wont hear me talk about this again because I wont want to or need to, because this is not an MLM. It doesnt matter to me that you do it after we hit ten thousand, because once we hit ten thousand, some of the things go into play that are going to also make what youre doing look like Childs Play like youre wasting your time and energy. Not only is the EB charging station business going to be the business to be in over the next 20 to 30 years, easily lets look at the other verticals that we have. We have EV charging using solar. We have EB charging using geothermal. We have EV charging using hydrogen okay, so all of that green energy is in our company already, also, if thats not enough and dont, you think it should be. But if thats not enough, what do people use those EB charging stations for to charge up their EVS right? Three electric vehicles? Well, since every major um automobile manufacturer has or is working on an EV right now, because the United States will not be producing any more internal combustion, gasoline powered in cars, trucks, motorhomes RVs motorcycles, none of that after 20 35. What are they plugging that EB charging station into theyre, plugging it into their EVS right? So the only thing missing in uric Geo is having their own EV right as soon as we hit 10 000 members. Youll know it because youll start seeing advertisement for the yield.

The year of Geo after we hit ten thousand paid owners, dividend recipients, you will see the release of the Uric Geo yeah. We have a car company and yes, we get paid for every unit, so I used to sell cars. I know how much money car companies make on each car if all we had was an EB company. That would be enough now Im not making an income plan. How much money you make will be determined by your activity, blah blah blah yada yada, but the bottom line is this folks: if all we had was an EV company, that would be enough, but not only do we have an EV company. We have the charging station to go with it, and those charging stations will work for the EV that we own, just as well as itll work for a Ford or a Tesla or any other vehicle. Why? Because we, because our system is open source right its, not a closed system like Tesla, we get government, we get government subsidy for that. Tesla doesnt get one dime because they have a closed system thats. Why? Right now, theyre trying to open their system theyre trying to set up their charging system so that any vehicle can can, when its a little late, now bro youre talking about retrofitting as well as trying to build new ones. You back yourself into a corner. You did the iPhone thing, so if that wasnt enough to make us kill everything else, we have our own Ticketmaster for any kind of sporting or entertainment event.

You can buy tickets through Europe Geo and if that was enough, we have our own Media Company, where you can get thousands and thousands of commercials for your company, your business, your activity, your program on television, guess who gets paid on that too Music, its insane and Then lets think about this guys. What, if whats the only thing missing out you got the vehicles. You got the places where you get where you can charge them up or get a fill up. If you will so you got the cards, you got the gas station. You got the vehicles, you got the charging station right. Next thing is going to be convenience stores attached to those charging stations, just like a gas station right, but theres only one piece missing if youre driving and you miss your charging station and youre, not going anywhere where they, where they can plug in your your uh Mobile charging station, which we also have what happens if you run out of gas, what happens if you run out of kilowatt hours, you have no more electrical charge. What do you do then? Well, I dont know about everybody else, but in our system youll be able to punch in some numbers. Some information and an EV charging truck will come and give you a jump yeah we get paid on that too. Now. Is that enough? It should be, but its not not for us its, not what, if the company that you work with, has already solidified an agreement with the continent of Africa to provide electricity to, if not the entire continent, a mass majority of the countries in Africa provide electricity to Them, I think, thats a big deal if thats was, if that was all it was.

I dont even know why I made this Uric Geo energy versus who nothing. Everything else pales by comparison. Everything else fight me on it show me your business. That will be a seven trillion dollar industry by 2030.. Seven years from now by 2030. Show me if your business is going to be have a seven trillion dollar market cap Ill join your business right now, so you have to ask yourself four key questions, one: how big is the market cap of the business that youre looking at two? Is it worth your time three? Can you do it and four whats in it for you, if all four of those answers, dont sound as good as your Geo energy matter of fact, go, look at everybody else and then come back and talk to us. We know we have the highest market cap. We know you can do it because theres nothing to do if you dont want to sell you dont want to Market. You dont do anything that Im doing you. Dont have to get in stay in get paid, get in stay in get paid thats. All you have to do. I just put my mother in law in this company as an owner. I just put my sister in this company as an owner. They have no idea. Theyre, even in it theyre just going to start getting dividend checks and wonder where theyre coming from get in stay in get paid. Can you do that in your business? Probably not.

I dont know what else to tell you US versus everything else. No comparison, Nothing Compares so click on the link get started right now. If you have any questions, call me call my office number or when you go on the website. You will see a link that says: if you want to get a call with me, you can get a call get on my calendar schedule. A call lets go on a zoom together. I can show you it all. However, you want to do it Im just trying to get us to ten thousand. My whole job right now is to help get us to ten thousand members as soon as possible. After that, you wont hear from me anymore, because my my thousands and thousands of television commercials would be doing the advertising for me and then its just a matter of them signing up and buying the products. I dont care how many people decide they want to do it then, after that, you can do it all day. Long pay, the same money, you just wont be an owner, but youll get the free the television commercials based on your monthly payment thats.