The Kia Nero EV IE, buy or sell your car now with car by Singapore and check out the latest Automotive content with us with a new neurogeneration having been redesigned from the ground up, the Nero EV takes its design cues from its hybrid sibling, its modern. It looks sleek and the charging port is right up here on how you look at it. The near EV could have competitors like the mg4, the Opel mocha e or even the bydato3, but more on that later now, with this being a fully electric Nero, you can expect Dimensions to be pretty much the same. So what you get on the inside same as the outside, you know, with dimensions of 1825 millimeters by 1545 millimeters by 4420 millimeters. Now we dont have the exact specifications from Kia, but the neuro hybrid offers 451 liters of space now, given its similar Dimensions, its safe to assume that the new EV offers the same capacity. Here we are in the rear of the Kia Niro EV. How is it for you, Lucas, comfortable, uh? Well, first things, first, this being an EV right, so it needs a little bit high with the bat underneath us uh. One thing Im very very pleased with is my Headroom. You know have this little bubble, so you know your head doesnt really kiss the top of the car. I actually do like that knee thing, because I dont feel like Im being swallowed by my seat.

I feel like Im sitting upright like a proper lady, but what was that you get? You know like these little USB ports to charge your phone back here, aircon vents, so you keep cool. Actually, I dont know if Im just gaslighting myself, but it kind of feels a little bit different, like maybe a little bit more roomier than the Kia Niro hybrid, but thats impossible, because they have the same measurements. Thats. True, though I like to see, I think, yeah, you know first things first about Kim said: two, as you can see, is definitely not a squeeze. Yeah three might be a little bit if youre going on a longer trip, but then again its a comfy car. So you know no questions about that and I get to have my little drinky drink here. We are in the interior front of the Kian hero evi, doing their look getting in position all right, quit monkeying around so uh. What I like uh! First things. First, you know from the entire console dashboard then again, this is very, very similar to the neural hybrid that Darren actually tested out and uh. You get pretty much everything the same. You know over here. You still have your rotary dial gear shifter, which is very easy to use. I even have the sounds of nature sounds of nature, its so great when you just put it on when youre not driving a car so near the passenger. Put it on.

Take a nap. Kick back and relax, but uh I do have to mention the rotary gear shifter you get that in the higher spec variant of a Kia, Niro hybrid, but you get it standard in the Kia, Niro EV and this cool. You know lighting ambient lighting and like like metallic, touch panels. Infotainment you can control all your Apple, carplay and stuff on really Sleek. You know nice new Kia, styling, correct uh. Then again, like we said you know very, very similar to the hybrid version uh. Even you have heated seats and air conditioned seats as well for driver and front passenger yeah Music, but fully electric. So I guess, of course the biggest question would be: how does it drive on the roads correct? How about lets hand this, over now on to the next segment into uh car by Singapore, slide on Kong, Im, pretending Im driving on the left all right now. Here we are driving around inside the Kia Niro EV its got slightly over 140 horsepower. I think its 147 horsepower so its still a cat, a car by Singapore standards. I think its. It drives very much like the regular Kia Niro hybrid, its just that its got an electric motor, so its a lot quieter and a lot smoother its, not scaryly fast to drive, but its just fast enough to feel really efficient. I mean it screws smoothly. It stops smoothly and it goes smoothly. Theres very little complain about the way this car drives.

The handling is actually pretty sharp for a car of this class, its not soft and Woolly its just enough for you to feel comfortable, but it goes exactly where you point it with really no dramas at all. Okay, the thing with all Kias these days is that a lot of them come very well specified with active safety features, and this car is no exception. Its got a full Suite of active safety features, including Lane assist, or even as a adaptive cruise control, which you know just a few years ago, its very rare in the car of this class. There are shift pedals behind the steering wheel, but theyre not really for changing gears. They regulate the amount of battery regeneration thats, going on in the car, its actually five levels at the maximum level. You actually can have one pedal driving thats when you use your only your right foot to drive you lift off and theres enough engine, braking that the car can actually come to a complete stop at the lowest regeneration. Then the car will just Cruise along very efficiently, which is really good for highway driving and the economy is actually pretty good. You can expect a range of over 400 kilometers per charge from this car, which you know its, which is actually a pretty decent amount right. The thing is the cars user interface is that from a drivers point of view, a lot of it is easily within reach.

The buttons are all there. There are buttons where they need to be buttons and theres a touch panel where it needs to be a touch panel, so its a lot easier to use than some of the other cars that weve driven. Now the big question presents itself: should you buy it, avoid it or keep it on your short list? Early on, we mentioned the Kia Niro evs potential competitors like the mg4 hatchback, which retails for about 188 000 Singapore dollars with Coe The Opel mocha e at about 153 000 Singapore dollars and a slightly larger byd at 03 at 243 000.. Now this Kia Niro EV its priced at 203, 999 Singapore dollars with Coe. Now our verdict is, you should shortlisted you see, you see, reliability of a Kia Niro in EV form zero emissions plus you dont have that price tag that you would get in like the ev6, but you still get plenty of Cool Tech and lots of cool safety Features so its still worth going down to the dealership and test driving it for yourself, and that was the end of our Kia. Niro EV review give this video a thumbs up. If you liked it dont forget to hit that subscribe button on our car by Singapores YouTube channel and hit that Bell icon.