The cars cute design, affordable price point and Tech. Heavy specs have already gained it. Many fans on the internet and its price tag of 31 995 pounds despite its lower price. The funky cats purpose built electric platform, doesnt compromise on power with a 48 kwh battery pack, sending 171 PS to the front wheels resulting in an 8.3 second zero to 62 miles per hour time and a top speed of 99 miles per hour. The car also boasts a range of 193 miles on a single charge and can be topped off in under 45 minutes on a 100 kilowatt DC charger, but its the tech inside the car that really sets it apart. The funky cat boasts a voice assistant cameras that can detect if the driver is tired or if a child or pet has been left in the car. A 10 25 inch infotainment screen 360 degree, cameras and sensors internet radio, wireless phone charging, adjustable Drive modes and adjustable steering weights. The car even comes with over the air updates to add new features as they become available in terms of functionality. The infotainment screen has all the right features, but the user interface can be unintuitive for some. While the car comes with a 4G connection that enables internet radio and OTA Services, web radio can be slow to buffer and may not work. If the signal is Patchy, the funky cat also doesnt support Apple carplay or Android, auto until the first half of 2023, so drivers will have to rely on auras own navigation efforts for the time being.

Despite these shortcomings, the funky cat does have some impressive, active safety Tech, including 360 degree cameras with good resolution and an Adas display that shows the driver whats around the car in real time. The cars voice assistant is also smart and able to understand contextual instructions. However, the fatigue detection system doesnt seem to work as well as advertised and the cars warnings can be irritating, but also effective in forcing drivers to stay within safe parameters. Overall, the aura funky cat may not be perfect, but its affordable Price Point purpose, built Electric platform and impressive tech, make it a strong contender in the electric car market. Music support Music. Thank you, Music, foreign Music moments, Music.