Take a look at the TV commercial he did for Hyundai, along with a bunch of fun, Tick, Tock and Instagram videos to go along with it. Then well compare it to some of the most popular reviewers in the industry, including Hyundais own promo, video, who did it better well lets find out and were going to start right now, Music! Welcome to E4 electric! I have a confession to make. I am an electric car YouTuber who hates doing electric car reviews now Im, also a Russian guy who doesnt drink alcohol, but that one is more of a birth defect, sort of a thing. But you know who doesnt hate, doing electric car reviews well pretty much. All car channels in the world, the Hyundai ionic 6, was no exception and all of them, of course, did them, including Hyundais own video production department. But no one. No one has delivered the most useful and coolest information about the car than Kevin Bacon in a series of YouTube and Tech talk commercials. He did with an actress perfectly cast as his daughter, mainly because they cast Saucy Bacon. His actual daughter now lets check out the main commercial there. It is my dad went, Evie its electric dont be shocked. The guy whos, eternally locked out of his email, is going easy. Nice car, actually its an F rhymes with Kev hes VIP parking. I get it. You think they dont charge fast enough or go far enough up to 80 percent charge in 18.

Minutes range heck. We could go to Mexico. Are you Kevin biggin, but Evies arent going to stop being a thing? Look at the ionic sex Maca mushroom Frapp for Kevin! So just make the leap already: okay, watch this blue or red blue light red light. I could also make it play. Nature sounds if you want lets, just drive, introducing the all electric Hyundai ioniq 6, with up to 360 mile range when it comes to EVS, were thinking of every mile. Okay. So obviously I love dead jokes. If youre a viewer of this channel, youre, probably aware, as a matter of fact, lets see those again, its electric dont be shocked. Actually, its an F rhymes with Kev hes VIP parking love it, but the main reason the commercial is great is because it does a great job selling the concept of electric cars to the general public. It is essentially quiet, shaming, Im sure there is a hashtag for that somewhere on Twitter, the older generation, who can actually afford most of the electric cars for always lagging behind the technology and is suggesting that it is not too late. There is always that how do I bond with my kids question and honestly, its usually over the stuff that they find cool like the electric cars studies, including Pew research, show over and over again that the younger generation is much more likely to buy an electric car And more likely to buy it from one of the newer manufacturers than the older generation.

Now there is one thing in the commercial that I noticed: thats a bit misleading and its this up to 80 percent charge in 18 minutes to be fair, its not from the empty battery to 80 percent in 18 minutes its from 10 to 80 percent. In 18 minutes, which is still pretty good by the way these ads were directed by oscar nominated film and TV, commercial directors will spec and Josh Gordon who you may know for their work on the Geico caveman commercials and the movie the Blades of Glory. But thats. Not it, there is a bunch of short Tick, Tock, slash, Instagram videos that Hyundai put out with Kevin Bacon and his daughter and theyre just as cool and funny. I will show them to you in just a second and we will also compare them to what some of the biggest YouTubers in the industry did when they reviewed the same car. But before that, a quick reminder that this video is brought to you by lectron. Look one of the biggest challenges with owning an EV is finding convenient and reliable ways of charging it thats. Why electron is pioneering great charging Solutions like this portable Tesla charger? You have a choice of either 32 or 12 amp charging Max, depending on your available Outlet. Simply swap out the charging plugs accordingly and get up to 20 miles of range per hour with dual level charging capability and E21 foot cable. This portable charger is perfect for powering your Tesla, no matter where you are get one today using the discount code.

In the description of this video, alright, so lets check out some of these fun Tick, Tock, spin offs with Kevin Bacon, his daughter Sophie and the ionic six its pronounced ready action, hi internet Sophie bacon here and, as you can see, I am here with the new Ionic six: it is all electric and dripping with style, its full of tech and so so much more and cut High. I think we got ta check it out. Nice work, I think, were done here. Dont, you think we need an ending, though no no youre, just its great trust me you sure. Okay did you know that I could power almost anything with my ionic six. Why would I know that Dad? I can even power my disco ball collection, although this one doesnt seem to be working. Oh did you try plugging it in how are you choosing your technology? Oh yeah, look at this thing right now. You know, as I was watching this, I was like a disco ball who owns a tiny little disco ball. Oh God, this guy thats right. I have this in my car already now. Normally I have to go and shop for cheesy props like this to keep you guys entertained, but this one this one I apparently already owned outright. Now there is another one that I didnt show you yet because, even after watching all of the reviews from the top car reviewers you wouldnt know this feature exists, even though it is pretty cool Jesus pass me, the keys said them to you.

Just texted me, the car keys yeah hold your phone up to the door, whoa guys, stop, stop working come on. You got to get over here. You got ta, see this Ill, just get something from crafty, oh Music, its your keys to yours or someone elses phone. Now, thats, not the first car ever made with this feature, but it is a cool feature that many people dont know about and the reason they dont know about. It is because neither Hyundai nor the popular reviewers bothers to tell them. For example, this is part of Hyundais promo video on their channel for the ionic six and Jones broadcast has gone live in this space. She can connect with her followers anytime anywhere racing awareness about a virtual trash and show really how many people can relate to social media influencers. Are they even real people and do people really care about live streaming from their cars? Dont you think texting. Your key is something much more practical for most people now lets take a look at the review that the most popular electric car Channel on YouTube did lightly, suggesting that the ioniq 6 could be the best electric car in the world. It is not not even close. Actually, in the entire 20 minutes of this review, the only time when the host took out his phone when standing at the door was to look up some useless stat. He didnt bother to memorize and one of the most popular car, reviewers Doug dimura, who does very thorough reviews, still didnt mention that feature either, but did showcase the Miracles of using a car fob to unlock the doors now see.

This is the reason why not, as many people are excited about the electric cars as there should be no ones telling them half of the cool stuff, they can do not the big name reviewers, not the brands themselves, thank God for Kevin Bacon. Now, obviously, the theme of all of these ad Clips is to showcase the generational Gap and one of those Tick. Tock videos was actually soci asking her dad about some some latest Hip terms. What does FRFR stand for? F, r, f, r, some for real for real and finally Hughes ghosted in a sentence ghosted easy in a sentence uh last Halloween I ghosted some kids Music. My work here is done. Did you know the answers to those two? Let me know in the comment section and be honest now: dont be surprised that Kevin didnt know the meaning of the word ghosted. That term was recently created because of how people act on dating and chat apps, and he has been married to the actress Kira sedwig for 35 years Kudos. It is amazing that we had to create new terms to describe the new shitty behavior that somehow became not only common but acceptable, and this is one of many reasons, and I havent shared this with you guys before I might be moving out of the United States. Well, if only we can now get Kevin Bacon to host the fully charged Channel, I think we will be good to go now.

I am going to leave you with a couple of more funny clips from the same commercials about subscribing to YouTube channels which, if you havent noticed in the last couple of years, isnt worth so enjoy and, as always remember, to stay charged back in my day. If you wanted to subscribe to something, you had to really want it, you can click this button to subscribe, Im Gon na Mail mine in uh. Why do they make these subscribe buttons, so small? If youre gon na ask me to go out of my way to click on something you might as well make it easy, I would make the whole page the Subscribe button. I dont know where that little mouse arrow thing run off to come here. Little guy.