Today, we are in inner Sydney to check out the very first EV pole charger or you know Street pole charger in Sydney, uh thats, officially for use uh put in by Oz grid managed by these guys here, evx pole charger. And if we look at the actual unit itself, uh its fairly sizable thats about the length of yep, my arm and torso, and if you look at the actual unit itself down here, weve got two type: two ports. So there we go theres one type, two there and then well surround the other side in a second but Ill show you the features first, so you can actually scan this QR code to download the app and well show you that too, as well theres. A phone number there if youve got any issues and then potentially maybe an RFID Card as well. Oh yes, there we go so scan QR code, download, app plug in your charging cable to start an end, charging use, use the app or the RFID Card and Ive read in the app. You can actually hook up your previous RFID cards from another provider. To your account, so you can actually use an RFID Card that way, but well use the up today, just to show you what its like and well swing around this way now to the other side and looks like there is another Port as well. Another type, 2 port and all similar instructions, too lets have a look at the spots itself now so were parked in spot number one and its fairly well marked blue paint on the ground, EV signage, so you know its clear enough.

I think its an EV charging spot and if we look at the street signs here, might come over to this one, so every other spot Beyond this spot is ticketed. And then you look at the no parking signs, theyre accepted while charging at all other times for EVS and then theres, a four P below that 8 AM to 8 P.M, with an EV sign, Evie car and then only while charging so 4p youll have to stay Here for four hours to charge: now I guess these power pole charges make sense in like high density living and we are in inner Sydney. So um lets see like anglicare, Village um looks like theres a church building there and then obviously you can see ahead. Thats Sydney thats Center Point Tower so were really very close to the city. Is there high density living around here um, I suppose so? Maybe Beyond these streets, theres some more sort of flats and units and things, but certainly more dense than out in the suburbs Child Care Center, some more Terraces over there. So yeah, I think, thats a reasonable place to put the first EV charger its also to do with the fact that a lot of the apartments and houses here and Terraces dont have off street parking and that could be a block to uh EV ownership because you Dont have Australian parking so having a power pole charger like this in your local area would be really useful because then you can park on the street and then charge your car at the same time, so certainly very useful for situations in the inner city like this, Where houses dont have off street parking, necessarily all right so lets get going.

Lets um get charging, so I might go and uh get the cable first. All right. So lets open the front. Okay close it now. Sorry, I think we will need to plug in first. I think thats, what the instructions said: yep plug in your charging cable, so lets do that first, so luckily weve got a long enough cable. I think this is five meters, so this is adequate for most situations. I found so lets plug in okay, open the charge port plug in okay. So, as you can see there just draped along the ground, I guess the only issue is that it might be open to vandalism. If you leave this car long enough here with your charging cable sitting here, so its my only concern, I guess doing this out in the public um, okay, so heres the evx app. So you can create an account which you know obviously its another app its annoying. But one good thing about this app is that it says or just skip all that and go to the map so thats one benefit of this provider. You dont have to log in or anything so I go straight there here. I am in St Johns Road in Glebe just to show you where I am so theres Glebe and just for those who know Sydney there, we go Sydneys right there, so its very close to uh. You know this charging spot right here so lets zoom in and well click that one there we go type to 22 kilowatt, AC syndrons Road 75 in Glebe, so lets uh lets scan where we are so lets go to the QR code.

Okay lets see what happens boom okay, so here we go. Glebe 75, St Johns Road, 22 kilowatt type, 2 flat rate is uh, 50 cents per kilowatt hour, its minimum cost of 50 cents per session. Please log into chargepoint all right, so my apologies. You do have to log in so lets. Do that right now! Okay, so my apologies! I take that all back you do have to log in or sign up, unfortunately, so lets do that again. Okay, so once more pay via and put in your payment, okay, one more time take three. So youve got to do all this, but you should only need to do it once and then, hopefully from there on its fairly easy, so lets press start charging. Okay, I had to click behind and this looks like exactly the same platform as the jolt platform, another provider. So it looks like its uh. You know done by a third party, and different providers are utilizing it and yeah. You can see how much were pulling in a second. Hopefully that will start ramping up, might have a look at the car and see whats happening here. It is flashing, green, so thats, a good sign so inside the car we can see that car instead of charge is 69, its pulling 12 kilowatts, which is pretty much the maximum for the Tesla Model, 3 Model y, even though its 22 kilowatt capable at the power Pole, youre limited by your cars capacity, so for us, its 12 11, sometimes 12 kilowatts and it is getting the full 16 amps and 35 minutes remaining.

If we charge to 79 percent and then well see how much energy we can pull in the time were here and Ill just show you whats on the app here and it is starting to pull some energy so um. It says seven kilowatts on the app the car says: 12., a little bit of a discrepancy. This might catch up in a moment about two minutes have passed and uh its pulled 0.13 kilowatt hours. Well, just give it a second just to see how much more its pulling all right so back to the app now so its updated. So now its drawing 11.82 kilowatts, which kind of matches the 12 kilowatts on screen there. And then it tells you how much energy its pulling or pulled uh duration elapsed and then the cost so far as the app said: 50 cents minimum. There are some situations for DC charges where, if, if another car comes up, youve got to then share the power. So that might reduce your draw, but because this is an AC unit, it shouldnt reduce the energy pool if there is sufficient power from the energy supply to the AC charges. So if another car turns up with also three phase capability at 11 kilowatts, then they should be able to both pool 11.. Of course, I cant verify that until another car pulls up, which is unlikely today and whether you know we dont have many cars that can pull 22 kilowatts currently, but in the future, can two cars pull 22 kilowatts again thats, probably a test for another day as Well, um, so lets see whether we can actually, you know, say, somebodys being silly and they want to, like you know, muck around with the charger while someones charging.

So let me just lock this car here, so Ive locked, my car, all right and obviously, if this car is locked, I cant actually pull my side out its locked to the charger which is great. Can can someone be silly and pull out the charger from the power pole, um, okay, so thats good thats actually locked there as well thats good from a safety point of view, and also from I guess, a vandalism point of view. You really shouldnt be mucking around with the charger while its going. You know if someones silly enough to muck around with the cable. It might get a nasty shock. So again, if youre watching this, and if you want to try something silly dont, I wouldnt recommend playing with electricity, particularly at such a higher draw at 12 kilowatts youre going to get a nasty surprise so yeah. So there we go there. You have it thats the evx power pole, EV charger, the first of its kind in Sydney which is great, which is really good, Im very happy to see this hopefully well see more turn up on our streets in Australia. All right so lets unplug the charger now. So before we do that lets check on the app to see how much weve used, okay, so were still drawing 11 kilowatts. Weve used 1.5 kilowatt hours, its been nine minutes, it only cost 75 cents. So far, now, just note to the 50 cents per kilowatt hour is expensive, its almost on par with some DC charges and something more expensive than Suburban domestic tariffs.

So, for example, were getting seven cents per kilowatt hour with power shop Ill leave a link to that. In the video description below but again, if you dont have a choice, if you dont have off street parking, then certainly youve got to pay these rates and, I think, thats a fair compromise for uh having these facilities in your area. All right so lets end. The charging session lets press that you can now unplug the cable and theres some stats there, 88 cents. You can see the graph 12.2 kilowatts and then there we go took 10 minutes and you can see the start and finish time too. So good statistics and I certainly heard a click on the box behind me, which indicates that were done and from now it should be easy enough to just unpull it there you go that was easy enough and same with the car as well. Now here, Ive actually locked my car, so I cant do that just yet so thats one good thing about EVS that you can lock the charge port so from here lets unlock my car. Okay. Even then you still cant uh. You still cant pull it out, because the charge port is locked, so Im going to unlock the charge port from the car. Okay, there we go, I should just slip out and it does excellent all right. Everyone thats it from me, Tom from ludicrous feed youve been watching me, use a power pole, EV charger to charge our Tesla Model 3 in inner Sydney.

Uh great, to see hopefully well see more in the future and well certainly test them as they come as well. Thanks everyone for watching and until next time, happy charging, okay, so in the hours between 8 A.M and 6 P.M, Monday to Friday, its 5.60 an hour and thats pretty much the charging. You know time on the street side there from eight to eight. So we worked out at 50 cents per kilowatt hour if your car is drawing 11 kilowatts, thats, basically 5.50 an hour thereabouts, so its actually almost the cost of parking, your car at the same time as but you, then you get a free chat wall. You get included charging as well at the same time, so there you go: thats, uh, thats, good comparison there and thanks to Joy for pointing that out. Thank you, Music Applause, Music.