How much does it cost? Well, its just under 140 000 drive away for this car here and then this one has optional metallic paint, which looks quite good its a copper finish, and I think this is a great spec. Now compare it to BMW, Mercedes and Audi. I think this is the best value luxury SUV you can buy because youre getting a blend of features and battery and also build quality, which I think is one of the best compared to the Europeans. Now the battery this car has is a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery, which means you get just over 440 kilometers of range per charge, and if you fight a 350 kilowatt charger, you can charge his car, as is fast from 10 to 80 percent. In as little as 18 minutes, which is very good thanks to the 800 volt battery architecture that this car has – and why is having an 800 volt battery architecture good well, it means its quicker to charge and slower to discharge so its a bit more efficient than Some other cars that dont have it, and so this car has a dual motor setup and it can produce up to 360 kilowatts of peak power and 700 newton meters of torque, which means this thing can go zero to 100 in around 4.2 seconds claimed, which is Really quick and well see how it feels out on the road now lets talk about features on the outside. This thing looks really nothing different from the petrol version to most people.

It looks the same. The only way, youre going to tell a difference is because of the different wheels and also the blocked out Grille. This blocked out Grille has a little spot that has the letter G on it. You press on that and it reveal the charge door, which is nicely finished, and you you also get this vehicle to load adapter which Im holding here, which means you can plug this into the car and draw up to 3.6 kilowatts from the battery. Using this little plug here, so its quite useful say if you go camping now you get body colored cladding. You also get a mirror. That has a black finish. Underneath for a bit of contrast, you get 20 inch wheels that are wrapped in an EV specific tire from Michelin, and I have to say these wheels look way better than the ones you get on the petrol version of this car. You have a nice roof spoiler across the back, which also hides a third brake light, which looks quite cool, and this dribbling that you see over the rear window is actually a result of how quick this car can accelerate, because it forces the water out of the Rear sprayer and just dripples across the back, which is quite interesting. You have some nice large rear, LED tail lights and I love how theyre integrated into the back here. Theres your rear, wiper and just like a Porsche Macan. You have a button for your rear boot.

Here, on the back, instead of underneath now, of course, you get an automatic boot with this car, which opens up nicely and also so, if you walk up to the car while its locked with the key in your pocket, it will automatically unlock after five seconds. Now. You have plenty of usable space here in the back. There really isnt a whole lot lost because your batteries, except for the fact you dont, have a spare tire. You only have a repair kit and then some little extra compartments underneath the boot floor, and So when you buy a Genesis, you get a few extra goodies in this car. So of course you get a charging cable which Ive left at home, but theres your bag. For it, you get that vehicle to load adapter, which I showed you at the start. You get a first aid kit and you also get a tire Mobility kit. In case you get a flat and in the back as well, we do have an AC port, which is quite cool, so you can plug household items in this car in the boot, and you also have a dedicated 12 volt socket as well, and then, if you Need to you can fold the seats from the back using some pull tabs, which are very useful and the seats will fold in a 60 40 split now to say this cars feature pack would be an understatement. You have heated and cooled massaging front seats.

You have an electronically adjustable steer wheel here. You have a heads up display. You have a digital drivers display which has a 3d effect and also has driver attention or systems using little cameras that look at your eyes, which is very useful and very safe. You even have a giant screen which runs up here on the dashboard, which is both touch sensitive and you can control it using a dial here in the center. You have heaps of ambient lighting, which is also customizable here, on the doors through the center console and in the back. This steering wheel also has these little paddles, Which help with changing what how much regenerative braking you want. Oil, climate controls are centered in a screen which have haptic feedback, which is very useful, and I think, a very nice and upmarket way to do climate controls. You have plenty of hard buttons as well for stuff, like the volume controls, even your actual buttons for your infotainment, so it makes it very useful, so you dont have to go digging through any sort of touch screens and as for storage, the center bins are okay And the actual center console is decent, but not massive, and you do have a little felt little cup, which is something like youd find in a jewelry every box and as for charging, we have a wireless charger. We have two USB type, A ports, and we also have a 12 volt socket here in the center.

Now we have a big glass roof, which does open, which is quite nice and whats. Really cool in here is that this car actually looks ahead of the road and will prepare the suspension in case theres, a speed bump or any sort of rough terrain. And it will prepare the car suspension to make it as smooth as possible, which is really quite cool as for materials and build quality. This thing is next level Genesis. Cars are blowing out of the water for build quality, and this car is no exception at all and to top it all off, we have a boost button here on the actual steering wheel, and that will help us hit a zero to 100 time of 4.2 seconds. There is so much Tech in this car first of all, theres a little fingerprint reader here. So if you jump into your car – and you want your profile loaded up quickly – you go ahead and use this, and it will load up everything that youve set to your profile on this car. It just tied to your fingerprint, which is really useful. I also like how the drivers display is tied to your drive modes, and it has some useful range information there and also has your range in terms of a actual fuel gauge, which I found to be very useful. And so, if you go into ecosport and also Comfort, youll get different displays, depending on what mode youre in now.

This screen here in the middle is very useful. It has wired apple, carplay and wired Android, auto and also has an EV menu which shows you whats, consuming the most battery in your car and also shows you your range and shows you where your nearest charging stations are. This cars only suggesting any charge Box locations, because when you buy a Genesis, gv70 electrified, you get an option to either get a Charged box subscription for five years or get an AC actual charger put into your home by Genesis, which I would say I would go For the AC charger, because theres not many charge Fox locations where I live, I only have EV charges, so it doesnt really make sense for me to go for that subscription. If I bought this car, another thing is well. This gets a 360 degree parking camera, and I also like the fact that this car is color matched to the car were driving, which is quite cool. It also has self parking assists as well, which is very useful, and I also like how the dial is used to control and scroll on the actual screen is touch sensitive as well. So you can actually use it to draw out any sort of letters and numbers when youre using your navigation and then. Finally, when youre fiddling around for your seat controls on the side of your seat, you actually have a little touch sensitive button thats. On top of all those seat, controls which means, when you just brush your hand past these buttons theyll appear up on the screen.

So you can see what youre pressing without having to distract yourself from driving. Now, what Ive found incredibly useful was the key that you get with the Genesis, instead of just a simple unlock and lock and then a button for the boot. You also get additional buttons to be able to drive this car remotely, which means, if you get into a tight space, live in a parking garage or if youre going to the shops and someones parked a bit too close. You can go ahead and press the button and move this car remotely both forwards and backwards, and also quietly as well, because this is an electric car. Now, when Im in the back of the gb70 electrified, I actually have plenty of space my feet, my knees and my head Im very relaxed back here and my seat can recline. I also do have a sun shade back here, which is very useful, and I have my own climate controls for my rear, heated seats and also air conditioning now. I also have two USB type: A ports in the back which are also backlit, so it makes it easy to find at night I have my own map pocket and I am just very comfortable in these rear seats. I also appreciate how these seats also have a sculpt element to them, so it means my knees can fit into them without feeling pressed against the hard plastic. I also do like the fact this car has hard plastic on the back, so it prevents any scuffs or scratches being put on this nice white leather, but the best seat is here over on the left, which means you can get access to these buttons with a Passenger seat and I can push this seat all the way forward, if no ones sitting in it and guess what I can make heaps of room for myself and just get nice and relaxed, and its very executive like in this car, when youre sitting in this seat And then, finally, the center armrest is nice and flush and has a really nice finish for the cup holders.

So yes, this car is very luxurious on the outside and on the inside, but is it good to drive and is it a good electric car now starting off the Driving Experience? There are three annoying things about this car in terms of how it drives. First of all are the brakes. When you go to stop the car, will rock backwards and forwards, which is just a little bit annoying. I think Mazda nailed the breaking experience for an Eevee and thats a lesson that Genesis could take to these cars. Another thing is that there are some squeaks and rattles. Unfortunately, this car, you know, even though its really well built you – can still hear some squeaks and rattles, especially one right next to my ear here in the B pillar, which can be a little bit annoying and third, when you go to punch it, for example, because This car sits a bit higher up and its meant to be a bit more Comfort, oriented youre, going to have a problem with traction on the front wheels. So, even though you have a lot of power, unfortunately, youre not going to be as fast as a lower down EV because of that weight transfer to the rear wheels, but now for the good things this thing actually handles really nice and flat. I love how this thing performs through corners for a bigger SUV, thats an EV, its heavy. It weighs over two tons, but oh gosh, it does feel quite nice now.

The other thing as well is the responsiveness from these motors now, of course, its an EB so expect instant torque, which we do get, but this thing just feeds on power, nice and quick, and it feels excellent to drive. Now we do have a couple of Drive modes here I drive around an Eco which actually limits the amount of power you get. So it means if I accelerate flat foot and Eco its a really subdued and normal acceleration experience go into Comfort. It feels just a little bit quicker, which is quite good, so you can sort of put your foot down and go walk. You get a bit shocked your stomach sort of drops back into your seat, but then, when you go into sport thats, when you get really the full power – and you go – oh my gosh, but there is one more bit of power to be accessed via this boost Button here on the steering wheel, go ahead and press boost, and you get a countdown of ten nine, eight and some cool graphics up on the steering wheel and its basically like a ludicrous mode where you go to accelerate youre going. Oh, my God, just get a crazy amount of power, so its like accessing ludicrous mode on tap by pressing that boost button. Here now I dont know why you dont get all that power all the time, but you cant you only get in 10. Second intervals, via this button here now, I definitely can feel how the car is reading the road ahead and creating a very soft ride.

For me, it is so pleasant to be in here. I really quite like it. Obviously, we have active sound cancellation as well, so its a super quiet cabin and once you start playing things through these excellent lexicon speakers, you just have a awesome cabin experience and for day to day driving. This car has been really quite nice and Ive been in the heart of the Holiday Beach traffic, which is usually quite unpleasant, and I found myself to be very relaxing here with massaging and cooled seats and very nice aircon and a super quiet cabin now. More importantly, hows my efficiency been because thats what a lot of people are wondering in in EV. Well, I started my trip off with 441 kilometers indicated by my range calculator I traveled 77 kilometers to be here and its about three hours of driving and Ive averaged around 20.1 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers, which is you know, pretty good and now my current reading Of range is 325 kilometers, so this car is going to be a really good road trip vehicle because I would say its quite true to the range, its sort of estimating. So, unlike a Jaguar, i pace which was sort of jumping all around the place. I would say the gb70 electric is quite accurate in its range calculations, and I also love the adjustable regen as well using these paddles. So you can coast along quite nicely or you. You can sort of dial them up to the max amount and you can just allow yourself to do a bit of one pedal driving now.

As for the brakes, this car has to stop over two ton of car with a battery stuffed underneath it so lets see how they perform. Pretending were going for an emergency stop at this sign in three two one and thats awesome. So these seat belts here they actually have an automatic pre tensioner. So when you jump in theyll squeeze you in, but then for that example, there, these actually tightened up to make sure that they didnt have any slack, as in case, were going to hit a collision, which is quite good and those brakes do bite. Quite nice and hard love it now. The tires that are fitted here are EV specific tires from Michelin. They are performance oriented because they are pilot Sports and they feel quite nice, and they do a really good job of not droning or carrying a lot of road noise into the cabin and now, while its not entirely necessary to have all of this power. I found it very pleasant to be able to not have to use all of my accelerator. I can just use a fraction of the amount and Im getting off the line. Super quick and this car has been an absolute treat to live with day to day its great through corners. Excellent in traffic has really nice safety features as well. As you know, good autonomous driving features like being able to go into radar cruise control and Lane keep assist good for long trips.

This car has been a absolute pleasure to live with, and I really loved, enjoying and driving this thing day to day, especially in bumper to bumper traffic and then the other thing as well. This car does have blind spot cameras, which is really useful, and I find that incredibly safe to use, especially if youre doing lots of Lane changes in tight, Suburban areas make sure someones not in your blind spot. So this car does have fake engine sounds. You can play if you really miss the sound of something whirring in the background, so you have a engine, sound, called, futuristic which sounds like this, and then you have another one called S: engine which is a sporty engine. And then you finally have emotion which provides a natural electric motor sound for electric vehicles, so yeah you have that if you really want it now. Yes, I would actually buy this over the petrol version of this car because its actually, you know a whole lot cheaper to run its really quite quick, and I love how quiet it is as well and its super nice to drive around day to day – and this Is also an excellent electric car in its own space, its supervision, it has great range, really quick to charge and nice and easy to live with, not to mention. I also picked this over the BMW, Mercedes and Audi equivalent of these electric SUVs, because I think this does the luxurious features.

The best the after sales features the best and also is just a great looking car, and I actually prefer this over those Alternatives. So if youre out shopping and youre not fully convinced by this Genesis, just yet, I would say, take one for a drive and then use this as your benchmark compared to the German Rivals rather than defaulting to going to those traditional Brands. Now.