This is Gabriel Iglesias, thats, right, Gabriel, Iglesias. If you have an accent and uh Im here today, basically because Jay Leno said no, so this is what you get for free people. This is what you get for free the comedian, also known as fluffy. Graciously stopped by Evie Ryder to kick off our multi episode coverage of the 2023 Amelia Island Concord. Delegance Gabriel, is a huge fan of vws original air cool bus top speed reports. He owns more than 80 of them, so it only makes sense. He would come to Florida to see Volkswagens historic display of buses with the upcoming 2024 ID Buzz as the centerpiece. His thoughts on the ID Buzz are sure to leave. You smiling, but first here are a few facts about Volkswagens. First, all electric production van that is expected to go on sale later this year here in the U.S, the ID Buzz is already on sale in Europe. Pricing hasnt been announced for the U.S Edition yet, but its expected to arrive with an estimated range of 300 miles and a 111 kilowatt hour battery pack, along with bright and Airy color combinations. That will remind folks of the a famous first generation type 2 transporters. Now that Ive actually gotten a chance to see the ID buzz in person, I can honestly say it did a great job capturing the spirit of the original air cooled VW bus I could go on, but lets face. It Gabriel was much more knowledgeable about vws buses and a heck of a lot more entertaining, so here he is and Gabriel I cant thank you enough for taking the time to give Evie Ryder your thoughts about vws ID Buzz standing right here in front of the All new Volkswagen, IB Buzz thats right Buzz.

I dont have a list Buzz, not a bus Buzz again. Buzzes thatll. Be me soon anyway. I want to give you my review before I give you my yeah, so I actually had a chance to drive uh the ID Buzz not too long ago. I took it out on the highway. It rides great. It is definitely not the old school traditional Volkswagen bus, thatll. Leave you on the side of the 405 freeway. This thing actually gets you there and itll get you there pretty fast theres a lot of room theres a lot of space and Im, not just saying that, because Im, a big guy but its its very roomy, you could take out the seats and transport a fridge. If you needed to sideways, of course, uh anyway uh very comfortable um, all the uh uh youre sitting at the same level, you would be in a traditional bus but uh again its a lot more reliable. You got a lot more bells and whistles uh touch screen everything. It rides really really smooth super quiet not like an old school bus but uh. In my opinion, I I like it and uh – hopefully Volkswagen if youre watching just send me one, send me two theres, multiple colors its great. This is Gabriel Iglesias. Im out well go get a drink, bye, other historic buses on display at the Amelia included. This customized type 2 that was dubbed the half track Fox two axles, were added to help get skiers and weight staff up into German mountain resorts.

Evs took part in an electric avenue parade at this years, Amelia in upcoming episodes. Well, look at the Cadillac celestic Buick Wildcats, both star six Roadster and a concept. The motorcycle that pays homage to the movie Tron plus, well, give you a look at some of the classics that were on display if youre watching this episode a bit down the road. You can stream all of the Amelia episodes At Once by clicking on the Amelia playlist thanks for watching and if youve enjoyed this episode of EV Rider.