It was developed here, but here in China we also have our own. Thank you behind me. Is the Hulen Bayer winter Automotive test ground in the Mongolia with a six months long ice period, it provides an excellent environment for testing Vehicles, performance on slow and Ice. Today, the temperature here reached a whopping minus 37 degrees Celsius, and this is the car Im about to drive here today. The auto M5 – you guys probably never heard of this car before or even the brand, but you must be very familiar with the company behind this Huawei. For you guys, it seems to be just an I.T company that sells smartphones, but back in 2016 it has already entered automotive industry and cooperated with byd and Mercedes Benz and the component supplier in May 2019. He officially set up a car business unit to cooperate with various car companies apart from arcfox the Avatar mentioned in my previous videos. This Ito M5 that were going to drive today. A compact SUV with a range extender is a product of huaweis Corporation with another Chinese car company, with a very interesting name Sirius. So today were going to find out what will happen when uh electric power vehicle like this, which is basically builted by a phone company meat, minus 30 degrees Celsius, Im Harris youre, watching Mac, Eevee, yeah, very cold bitter miserable way. We all know that a low temperature can seriously affect our batterys performance by reducing the speed of electrons.

It can make EVS suffer from limited, accelerations, serious reduction in range and other fatal effects, even though many EVS are using all kinds of tech to heat up the battery at the end of the day, theyre all using the battery itself to provide the heat. So if you want electricity to work in this kind of situation, the best way is to sum our good old friend back where, obviously, you can see but theres. Actually, internal combustion engine in the front for extended range EV like this M5, the internal combustion engine is no longer simply providing extra power to the battery but, more importantly, providing extra heat in this freezing temperature. For example, in such environments, it will be activated first to heat up the battery and ensure a proper working temperature for healthy discharge rate at solid range, all right, all right, thats enough talking its time to do the real stuff foreign world. We can have some drifting slalom, drag race, brake tests, hill, climbing and snowing track driving as a City utility electric vehicle with a range extender. It still managed to handle this on time. Surroundings pretty well its from double Wishbone. A rear, multi link suspension ensures that the tires are pushed to the ground on this low traction surface. The high body rigidity ensures that the cabin doesnt make a lot of noise when driving off road. An excellent thermal management system ensures a smooth and stable power output. More importantly, I will freeze the dust in the car far away and series do not have much experience in producing this type of vehicle.

The overall performance on the snowy surface is pretty satisfactory. After driving here on this loose White surface, I finally figured it out why Sweden has so many excellent race drivers, especially in WRC, because a rally stage is just a daily commute for them. They drive it like this every day, so so they can improve their driving skill into a totally different level, and this is the reason why every single one in Sweden or actually the entire North Europe can be that good at driving skill, because the bad drivers could Live to tell their side of the story back to the car itself, some details can still be improved. The initial response of acceleration is fairly average, although its lecture driven it even reminds me of gear changing a bit. The suspension is not smooth enough when dealing with some specific surfaces, especially big jumps and continuous bombs. The steering feels slightly vague and a line took is a bit too weak, so its difficult to get a solid row feedback when driving aggressively, especially when it comes to counter steering. You have to guess how much you need to steer to be honest when it comes to the areas that require a lot of experience. Almost all EV newcomers are somewhat inferior to traditional Brands. However, for Chinese consumers who dont care much about Dynamic performance, this shortcomings are not that obvious. What they really see is that for less than 45 000 Euro they can have a family SUV that has the right size huaweiency for Thailand, zero range anxiety and acceleration just like a portion of account GTS, and that is what Chinese car makers are best at.

Focusing more on the stuff, we can actually feel what do you think about this car? Do you really think an IT company, like Huawei, can have a smashing success in the EV industry? Let me know in the comments and dont forget to like subscribe, hit the notification Bell and share with your friends. After all, your support is, will drive us to keep on.