Oh okay, thats, probably another statement, probably 20 years too early, based on the fact that it looks like its its its come from out of the future or back to I dont know back. You know what Im trying to talk about it, the guy over the hair yeah him so going around to the side. Weve got the Michelin Pilot Sport EV tie, which I assume is something to do with rolling resistance and it being better suited for an EV. The Alloys I dont know if everyones cup of tea, but you can see that design is very unique. Going around to the side you can see here, weve got. Let me, let me just show you what this is, so that that is your side mirror and its a camera meaning on the inside. You have that you have TVs for side mirrors literally and before we go inside. We also have our charging port here, which I believe you can just nope. Oh yep, all right, mate yeah, you can see. Youve got our usual um charging port here which allows you to plug in slow charger and pull this out just like that, and then you can plug in your fast charger. Just in there going around to the rear, you can see. Weve got even more pixels, which look absolutely amazing. Look at that! Imagine if you saw that in front of you youd just be like you, dont know whether its coming forward or backwards again, with this being an EV, no exhaust tips.

None of that just a nice, clean body youve also got reverse cam just over there, which is obviously going to be on most cars and its definitely on a car that costs 57. 000 pounds have a look at these handles as well. Just before we step on the inside as soon as you unlock the car or if you set it up to have the comfort access as soon as you approach the car these handles pop out. I dont know whether its Lambo, that does it but yeah thats. Quite quite unique, so moving into the interior, all I can say is spacious and flat. Let me explain so normally in the car youd have a transmission tunnel that runs from the engine straight to the back to the wheels. However, you have a center console that can be moved, excuse my diet forward and back, which is insane and over here just down here. Dont know how well the camera picks it up. Youve got a normal socket. A three pin socket there that you could actually plug. I dont know your coffee machine into your laptop into meaning when you are at a service station, while youre charging, you can be charging your laptop as well and while were on a topic of charging, this car can actually charge other cars its it. I can see why they say its the worlds greatest now to go into a bit more detail about the interior. I thought Id start off at the passenger side, because obviously theres no steering more meaning more space.

Look at the amount of adjustability you get here, meaning you get this leg rest, which is cute and cool, especially when youre at a service station plug it in lay back. This thing can go literally flat, but I probably wont do it because it takes quite a while for it to get back. But if I jump in here, this, in fact, is called the vision roof its a fancy word for their pan roof. It doesnt open or close, but obviously you do get some blinds on the steering wheel. You can see. Youve got these four little dots, which I dont know what I mean. If anyone knows what they mean, please tell me: weve got our drive mode button just over here and on the right. Just over there weve got our gear stop moving around to the front. You can see. Weve got two huge 12.3 inch screens that obviously isnt touchscreen and its controlled with this side of the steering wheel, which also has a cruise control function, and this one, which is a touch screen, is controlled over here. The response time on this is amazing. The clarity is amazing and its its very, very responsive, which is what you want moving down here into the climate section. If you wanted to activate your heated seats, youd have to press warmer and then on here. You then have to move this up to selected heated seats. Id much rather have a button because it just removes the confusion.

You can also see here. Youve got a heated steering wheel which again youd have to press to activate, but Id much rather have a button with this being an EV to have this on. I have to have the ignition on and again theres no engine to keep the battery topped up. So were gon na have to turn it off in just a sec, but just here again, youve got physical buttons, which are great that allow you to go from the sat nav to your media, to your radio and also to your reverse, cam, which I have to Say is quite cool because if you didnt fancy that you could press that and look how cool that is, it literally shows you a 3D image off your car for when parking or maneuvering so now talking about boot space Im going to be very honest, it is Not the biggest its quite shallow, you also have this, which I like to use, because it just gives you that bit of privacy – oh my got another one. So as I was saying space wise, we can shove that to the rear, thats it thats your look. That is your lot and for most people it probably would be okay, but there isnt any real parcel shelf other than this privacy shelf. I want to call it which is great, but yeah. You can kind of see what I mean its quite shallow and it hasnt got the height that Id like.

So you have to run this, especially if youve got an emergency brake. You dont want anything from the boot flying in. Imagine That flying yeah lets. Not even imagine so this is going to probably be the model that you want. Im, not sure whether you want the namsang Edition, but this is definitely the one to get, because there are two battery options which I havent mentioned. Already you get the 58 kilowatt or the 77 kilowatt one being two three eight and this one being 77. We get 315 miles theoretically from a full charge. It also has that Ultra fast charging, meaning you can charge this car from 20 to 80 in just 20 minutes. So now in terms of drivetrain. In this current climate, it makes sense to make hatchbacks crossovers, you name it with two drivetrain options, and this definitely has it its got. The rear wheel drive, which is this one, and it also has the all wheel – drive the rear wheel, drive isnt as powerful as the all wheel drive system, but you get more miles of it. Being lighter 50 battery left performance box touch lets, go, oh, come on. Come on come on 50 battery means 50 lighter right. 60.. What do we got so? Looking at our numbers here, you can see weve done a zero to Thirty, even 3.2 seconds and zero to 60 in 7.68. So now were out on a drive. There is loads of features on this car number one.

You get these wide screen TVs on the interior. You get cruise control adaptive cruise control, rather meaning you set a speed, you set a gap and the car will do everything for you. In fact, you also get Lane assist, which is great, but I have to be honest. It does fight you a bit so the steering it it does it for you not on Bends, but on motorways. If you notice theres a slight bend, it will do it for you and then it will remind you to put your hands back on the wheel, but the biggest thing is the stiffness it fights you Ive had to turn lightnesses off. Simply for the reason that on rows like this, you are going to avoid potholes and when you go to avoid a pole, its like no go back into that bottle, dont avoid it probably tired, so Ive had to turn it off. Just for that reason alone. For me cruising around here, just in eco mode, its very, very quiet, theres, no noise coming into the cabin, obviously its going to be some form of noise, but nothing thats going to interrupt conversation or mean you have to shout at the top of your voice to Have a conversation with somebody in the car so, while were talking about the drive mode, its in Eco is probably, where youre going to leave this thing in day to day, simply for the reason that it reduces the amount of air comp power, it gives you it.

I think coaster car better as well. It just feels like its the mode. It needs to be in switching it into normal, though you get a slightly better throttle response, thats the only downside of Eco, as with any car, when you do put it in Eco, the throttle response in normal just feels like it feels like youre driving a normal Car but Eco, you definitely can tell that when you you have to like stamp the throttle more, which I believe would in hindsight probably use more electricity, because youre gon na have to stop the car and push the car harder as opposed to just letting it close. So normal is probably where youd want to put it, but most people just be like oh Eco, yep, more electricity saved yep, cheers, lovely um sports mode. However, press that button, then its its the sound you get along with the lack of Turbo leg, everythings instant, steering, doesnt, really change much. It still feels the same and it becomes quite funny and if you were gon na go in sports mode. The first thing you know is that it gets to the speed limit very quickly, but then the knock on effect, as that is you then realize that the chassis isnt the best and again, if you know Hyundai, you would know also that the end range its its Out of the box, its another level and this isnt a Hyundai ionic 5n, its just the ionic 5.

. So if they were to do a, I dont know an ionic n series, Im sure that would have much better body control and it would be a Hoon to drive even as an EV but um yeah as soon as you put it in sports mode. And you push on yeah, it does become a bit wallowy, but other than that in normal is probably where youd leave it most of the time there probably wont be much gained in between any other Drive modes. Obviously, sport youre going to use more because youre going to have more of that power, but other than that. Its just kick push kick push its like youre driving a skateboard off you get it rolls on you get it moves while were talking about that. You also have certain type of braking so with the paddles. It doesnt obviously affect the gears, because you havent got a gearbox um to say all you have essentially is a paddle on your left, which increases the amount of braking it does. When you get off the accelerator and a paddle on the right, which decreases it so right now, its in level zero, meaning if I come off Im coasting at 50 49 going down. If I flick it, it goes into level one level, two level three and then its in iped or meaning. I can essentially drive this car with just one foot, because now, if we get up to 60 and I let off its gon na break the car, its breaking the car 49 40 40.

Im looking at heads of display by the way and were down to 33 Miles an hour simply because its an ipedal mode, meaning you can just drive around with one foot and for me, thats how you should be driving any car and not any car dont. Do it youre going to crash youre going to catess your car, but what Im trying to say is you should be predicting the road ahead, knowing when it changes from 60 into a 40 as we are here and just let off that way, you save more electricity And probably in a combustion engine, car save a few pennies, because predicting the road ahead is the best thing you want to do. Driving lessons Tim Williams, 30 pound an hour Im, not gon na, obviously pass you or anything Im just going to take you 30 pounds. Also, I dont know if anyone would want to do that, but you can use the left, paddle and thats going to allow you to break so literally. Holding that left paddle breaks the car its its quite a weird gimmick, but I just use a brake pedal. If I was you and Im touching on the brake, pedal, youve also got plus and minus on the pedals here. For what reason I dont know probably just to remind people to press press the brake when they want to stop and not the accelerator and crash the front of their car same week, they bought it.

You know how Im talking to hey give me, but while driving this thing, Ive got to say Comfort, 100 and its got so much adjustability on the seats, meaning you can have it in a fully reclined position. When youre charging, the only issue Id say with seating position, is, I feel, like my bottom needs to go a bit lower and it just cant whether thats, because theyre electric seats and youve got the motors below Ive, got quite long legs and quite a short torso, Meaning my knees are literally about two inches away from this drive selector here so thats. My only hate about having a stalk as your gear, selector youd, have to go like that. Its a bit American but yeah National speed limit sign, lets, get it into sport and lets just give it a little squeeze. I love that noise that EV noise, so here we go, were going up to this Bend here bump. Oh, you can see its a bit like youre just waiting for it to to settle and its its, not very confidence inspiring but youre not buying a car like this to take it on B roads and smash it around every Sunday at seven oclock youre. Looking to get this car save Pennies on the petrol use the space that is available because it is huge and when youre driving it around, you think youre just driving a hatchback. But when you go to park it you realize actually, this things quite a big boat, for what it is its not known as a big car when you look at it its almost going into crossover territory.

So, as mentioned the car out of the box, a very comfortable suspension, isnt firm at all, there are some – I dont know EVS – that I feel focus a lot on efficiency and not really comfort – and this is this is probably one of the best EVS Ive driven To be brutally honest with you, like, I said, body control its yet to be decided whether its a huge factor in the EV bearing in mind youre not buying an EV for power blasts, but steering pointy enough spacious, tick, fun with an EV. I think theyre all going to be fun because of that instant talk, but other than that, I can actually see why they say that this car is the worlds greatest EV its size, its fun factor, its yeah. They could be right. They could be right now. To conclude, lets talk about features best and the worst starting with the worst, as Ive already mentioned. My kneecaps are right next to this thing, and luckily they dont do anything when youre driving, even if I did flick it, wouldnt go into sports mode and just send me down the road, but the drive stalk is just way too close. So I would probably say seating position could do with going down a tad best feature its got to be the one foot breaking like the fact that you can adjust it and the fact that it stays on. There are a few hybrids and EVS that have a similar function, but what happens is when you do set it to three or level two, when you finally break when you come to a traffic light, it goes back into level zero, meaning youre gon na have to Set it all over again, you get moving, put it back into free, you break.

It goes back to zero, but this just stays in whatever you leave it in so its staying in oops got a little duck its staying in level two for now and I come off the accelerator. It breaks me for this bin. I can add a little bit of breaking and on most cars like I said it will probably go back to zero, but now Im off again and I look and its still in level two so yeah, oh brakes feel great its a no brainer its. Definitely a no brainer, its its quiet, yeah Hyundai, definitely know what theyre doing and its not Hyundai its Hyundai, now thats, how you have to say it Hyundai and what a day so would I have one of these as my daily? Yes, 100! Yes space it does it like. I said the boot is a tad bit shallow, but if you factor in the fact that youve got quite good visibility out of the back, you probably use a bit of that height rear infotainments. Great youve got two charging ports at the back. The seats can recline and decline its its its a no brainer. I think this is definitely on the list of top EVS that Ive driven like top, if not The toppest EV, that Ive driven 100 so guys its. Please excuse my voice and, like I said I am recovering from a cold, but as usual guys, if you have enjoyed this video, please please please smash the Thumbs Up.