These are getting easier to find, but they still are a bit of a wait if youre looking for them Music – and I got ta – say my first time seeing them its bigger than I thought. But Ive also only seen the regular bolt prior to this, and I got ta say the UV does make a lot of sense starting price, for these were 28 000. Now this one is specked about 10 grand more than that, but I think its worth it still for just under 40K to have 250 miles of range. A 60 kilowatt hour battery pack is not bad, because youre gon na be able to charge that fast, its smaller. So its going to be efficient if youre looking for a semi, affordable step into EVS, you need a little bit of extra room. The bolt UV might be something to consider so were going to take. A look inside were going to get a tour of this and find out. You know who is the bolt euv4 lets lets. Look all right. I am sitting inside the bull UV right now and I got ta say I was just yesterday playing around in the soltera, which is Subarus entry level, uh electric fully electric vehicle, and I definitely would compare it to that, but it is granted about 10K cheaper. I feel the same exact setup almost, but its a little bit roomier in here than the soltera as well. If you remember, the solterra had kind of an awkward semi heads up display Dash.

This is a little more standard kind of reminds me of my Tesla Model X. Looking up here, just a smaller screen all said and done. I think Chevys got a pretty nice product here again, Ive always complained thinking, theyre small theyve had their bad press days with some uh, we wont say say here, but a couple might have caught on fire, but I think theyre past that, and this shows it so We have super cruise, we have everything on this: weve got a moon roof which is actually pretty big. Well, take a look at that shortly and a gorgeous. What I would say probably is like a 13 inch screen, maybe 14 inch, its great all said and done. I really enjoy this if youve been in a Blazer, a Chevy Blazer. This is probably the exact same size, a Trailblazer, not a Blazer. Sorry, the Blazer is bigger. The Trailblazer smaller this is got to be really close. Lets take a look at the back in the storage and see how it Compares okay sitting in the back seat is where you start to feel a tiny bit cumbersome. If you could see me poking Im, not even that tall Im closer just under six feet and I can feel my hair grazing, the top of this, its a little snug – I got ta say but remember the price point of this is so low and if you Are like not having people back here then its, not even an issue, but even with someone back here, you know you could handle a decent car ride and its fine.

You could slouch and get cozy. If you have kids perfect. There is not a lot of like AC options, Im seeing in fact I dont see a single vent which might be an oversight, but it probably helps with that range if youre not cranking the vent. But what you do have is a USBC and a standard old school USB port for charging or whatever the back seat might need all said and done. The looks in here pretty great lets. Take a look at the seat. Texture! Really quick. As you can see the this premium higher trim level, you do get cool things like red stitching. You get some cool textures throughout the vehicle. I think Chevy has came a very long way from the first bolts Ive seen granted. It still is very affordable and they do kind of squeak by theres, not like a mix of textures throughout the door. Its pretty basic and, like I said, Im kind of shocked that theres no air vent back here, but it might be small enough where thats, not an issue, you do have a pretty gorgeous moon roof, though you got to give it up for that. Okay lets. Finally, look at the trunk okay, so the last thing we have to look at on the bolt euv is the trunk space, and this is where youre, probably gon na, be not very thrilled. If youre, looking for storage, if we look down here, you guys are you guys are fine.

So as we open this up, there is actually a decent amount of cargo down here you could probably fit at say, like eight shoe boxes, if I had to estimate um, it goes through there similar to a Tesla, but not as deep, but it is the Saving Grace for this trunk, because when you look at this, what is that probably only like a couple like two carry ons could fit back here. It is here, lets get a little closer Ill show you. Hopefully, this angle is a little better to show off just how shallow this actually is its not even my full arm length. So if I open this up, though, okay as you can see, hopefully that shows up Ill try to brighten this in post production, but there is a decent amount of storage down there. I got ta give it up for that. Okay, so all said and done. Who is this vehicle for? If I had to frame it, I would say: maybe someone uh – maybe they recently married just a couple – they dont have kids, yet maybe they dont have pets, because this would be tough to have pets in but youre ready to go. Electric and you dont want to break break the bank. Maybe youre uh just got your first job and its a nice job and youre ready to get your first new vehicle, and you want to get something cool youre. Looking for something out of the box.

This could be a pretty good choice. I do like it overall, I got ta say the price point is unbeatable. Even this fully loaded, like we said, is what thirty, eight thousand thirty five thousand thats, not bad for a fully electric vehicle Music about 250 miles of range, comparable, thats competitive like I was saying I soltera just yesterday and theyre so loud at Toyota. I was looking at the soltera the other day and, as I mentioned its quite a bit more expensive than this, and maybe a little bit bigger, but at the end of the day I would definitely check out something like this before the Saltair, no offense, the solterra. It seemed fine but Im just saying in this semi lower price point entry to EVS definitely consider this, because I think theyre popping up on lots a little more often so you have a chance of actually getting these without waiting too long, but also its not bad. Give I obviously didnt get to drive it today, but from what Ive seen theyre, not bad, so check it out. Thank you guys so much for watching. Please explore all the videos from the car show, because we have so many EVS. We reviewed cant wait to let you watch those all um. Thank you guys again for watching this, and I will see you in the next one.