Today were at 63 528 and we are at UH, 60 63 of 5.99. So were a little a little past the date, but no big deal so were gon na go in see how much has gone up. This will probably be the last oil change I get on the truck until next fall. Really, I dont dont anticipate Ill put another three to four thousand miles on until next fall, unless Im hauling around a lot of equipment, this uh the summer. So the days are short here: Im taking this truck up uh on a snowmobile trip in a couple days and uh thatll be basically the rest of the driving that I will be doing here and then Ill then Ill start to take the bends out and uh. Go from there and get ready with the spring driving, but you can see the snows going down uh yeah! We are supposed to get some snow here so hopefully well keep the snowmobile trails open till the end of March. That would be awesome, but uh. We need a little bit more snow anyway, so yeah anyway um I want to have them rotate my tires as well, and then possibly check into an exhaust manifold leak, which is this is my third Ram. Every truck Ive had Ive had that issue. So Im going to have them maybe check into that. I know I have the custom exhaust on so that may that may have a little bit to do with it here, but uh other than that thats, the thats, the scoop on the Ram truck Im gon na try to get myself in the Durango tomorrow and make Another little review on it, but uh this will be another.

I cant even remember what month this is of of me owning this truck, but its going to be kind of review on that as well here with the oil change that I have going on today. So we will see you in a little bit: weve got an electric Hummer wow electric Hummer, 175 000 machine Music. Try to catch up to it here, oh hes, speeding too, I cant catch them. Wow things a monster! Look at that thing holy that things big that things 9 000 pounds, Jesus Christ, things huge look at that goddamn thing: oh my God! First one Ive seen this close were gon na pass it. So we got out of the oil change here. Total lets see here: total was 80 24, where the tire rotation so really not bad um. I did also have three Clips attached. There must have been some snow or ice and Ill show when I get out of the truck here that that got on the kind of by the rear tire where the bumper is and uh that had to be replaced. But that was only 5 19.. The uh tire rotation was only 20 bucks, which is awesome and uh. Then the oil change itself has gone up a little bit 27.65 and 14.50. So this would be, I guess, my 20 month review of owning the truck and uh Ive got 63 606 for mileage. On there and thats uh, basically it so Ive owned this.

I bought it with about 40 000 miles here, a lot of shitty drivers and uh. So far so good so like I was saying before I well and I do need new brake pads as well, but Im not going to get those anytime soon. Like I was saying before I uh, I am Im just about done driving the truck here, its uh its March. I dont do a lot of driving with this truck come summer time. So pretty soon the weather is going to clear here and were gon na. Have a lot less snow than what we do right now and uh then Ill be driving the vents around, and usually here I put on about, I would say I do a lot of a lot of driving in the wintertime. For whatever odd reason – and I put on about six to seven thousand miles every winter and about six to seven thousand miles every summer with the car, you know, I dont do a lot of road trips with the car in the spring summer and fall. But I do a lot of road trips with the truck here uh in the winter time, because I have more time off with work. So I do some more snowmobiling trips. I I buy stuff in the winter time hell I drove drove down to two and a half hours away to get the car and uh drove back with the truck. So I did a lot of uh driving this winter, with the truck Ive actually put on.

Quite a few miles, uh more than what I what I thought I was going to this winter so far um. You know I totaled the Genesis. I started driving this a couple weeks earlier than than what I could have but uh yeah. So far, so good, though nothing wrong uh, you know I mentioned at the beginning of the video here. I did have that exhaust kind of I thought it was a manifold. What I think it is the actual uh exhaust itself. Um Ive got this Gibson exhaust Im. Not going to do anything about it, it honestly makes it sound a little bit better at startup, so Im not going to do anything about the issue right now. Im just gon na leave it until probably next November, when I, when I start to drive the truck a little bit more here, but uh were gon na get some more snow. I I probably have about another. I dont know a month left to drive in the truck and then Ill be onto the car, so I would assume another thousand miles and uh and just leave it as is, but anyway truck chucked up good wasnt, too expensive got. The tires. Rotated saw that hummer EV that was pretty sick, um, really, with this 20 month review and and heres my plan here, so I am going to uh. Do like uh like a monthly review. I guess of the vehicles that I have, but when I drive them, I dont you know during the months that I drive them is when I want to do my reviews so thats.

Why Im not doing anything with my uh with my bands right now with the E550 because Im not driving it, so it serves no purpose so, with this 21 month review theres, nothing to really note, except just the scheduled maintenance, a tire rotation um. Otherwise, everything else has been fairly fairly well, I think in the 20 month review. If I can remember right, I had some issues with the air suspension and the squeaking while and the speakers rattling and squeaking. Well, I tell you what thats all gone away because uh I now have warmer temps and we havent really had any cold temps within the last month to two months. Really it was. It was really in December, so you can see right now, its ‘ and uh its you know its warmer. So, like I was saying in the last review video here, anything under oh 10 degrees causes issues with the truck and we dont have any more of those days coming up. So you know if youre in a colder climate yeah, I mean youre going to run into issues with the air suspension and youre going to run issues with the speakers but thats most cars. So Im not overly. You know worried about that at all um. Otherwise, everything else has been good. Like I said I had to have the warranty work done on the actual speaker system itself. This guy wants to race, see ya little minivan cant beat the truck anyway.

I had those issues fixed on a warranty, so Im not overly overly concerned about that um right now. What Im just concerned about more is just the lawn longevity of the air suspension, um and thats. Basically it so otherwise a trucks been bulletproof. I mean knock on wood. Ive had three of these trucks. The highest mileage truck Ive got up to is, like I dont know, 80 to 80 3000 Miles. This one Im definitely gon na keep more because my ultimate goal here is to save up enough money and uh buy my next sports car, with either cash or or just barely financed. So I dont have this huge payment looming looming over me and uh. Thats kind of the goal here and although I do realize when I get my next truck its going to be really really nice because itll be a little while since I bought one and uh. Oh, that exhaust sounds great, especially when you get it up high in the revs too. That 5.7 is a great engine so where I was going with that my next truck is gon na, be a really nice expensive truck just like this one. So I do you know I do fully expect to have a payment on that truck as well, but uh thats a long ways down the road, so Im not worried about that. But anyway I want to get this truck paid off. Car was paid in cash. Shouldnt have my next car, my next sports car I buy should have minimal payment, so Im not too worried about that um and uh.

Then I can start saving up money for the next vehicle or whatever purchase. I want to do here so with that being said, where Im going with, that is the longevity of the vehicle. I I feel highly confident that Im going to be able to get another 60 000 miles out of this truck with minimal problems and to tell you the truth, I dont see why I should have any minimal problems really um for the most part. If you take care of these vehicles, you know my truck is pretty much garged from the time I go to work and uh all the way through the summer, so its its garage basically every day of its life, although in the spring winter and fall. When I use it, it does have to sit out – probably five nights a week overnight. So there are some nights where its uh outside, but if you buy one of these trucks with air suspension, make sure you have a heated place to store your truck a little bit in the winter time. I know my situation is different than everybody elses, but just make sure that you uh, you know, take care of that air suspension thats. Another reason why I dont drive that Mercedes in the in the winter time is because Ive read some of the forums and everything and people say that theyve had issues with that air suspension because of the actual cold, so thats. Why? I tend to leave this in the garage a little bit in the winter time, especially on those colder nights uh my garage at work just because of uh those those air suspension issues, so we might have a cop up here.

I believe indeed it was indeed it was the police. The pigs are out in full force today. Can you have your phone when youre out driving Music? I just love the way that sounds when you rev it out. Ah yep hit a little burble on that too. I can make a whole video on the exhaust and how good this sounds: um its very similar to the Durango, although Durango does sound a little bit better with that SRT performance exhaust, but anyway um overall, though 21 months into it, the truck is a 2019, although Not a lot of people know that, because it looks basically brand new with my detailing that I do in my uh 21 months of owning it its been 21 months of seamless, uh, seamless power, seamless, reliability, um, basically nothing wrong with it. I mean Im Im in it for the long haul and I Ive had my vehicles for the Long Haul and for that longevity and uh. This truck has definitely done it so far, 21 months very, very happy. So these are the pieces that um just from the bumper that they had to stick back on, which is awesome. So now theyre, not just you know, flailing there, basically, but you know 63 000 miles worth I put on the Gibson exhaust. I put the custom rims custom wheels on Uh custom tires and uh threw a cold air and take in the engine and and boy oh boy and, of course, the the uh, oh gosh, the leveling for the air suspension and boy.

Let me tell you, I mean this is a damn good, looking truck God, damn it really is. I I searched really really hard for this truck. It was about a six month search to find and – and let me tell you it was worth it. I wanted a limited but uh this red color and the Laramie. I mean its specked out to every option in 2019 that you can buy in a Laramie and uh its perfect for me perfect, for what I need to do. Uh its just a beautiful gorgeous gorgeous truck, I mean it really really doesnt get any better than that.