Now, todays video is going to be all about the byd 803. This is actually the first EV or electric vehicle that Ive, actually, you know been using for almost a week. So this is the longest time that Ive spent with any EV in my entire life, so in todays, video Im going to share with you a little bit of my experience after driving the byd, 803 and todays video wont be so technical. I mean Im not really like going to go into all the numbers. You know what kind of how much power it has whats the weight and all that all those numbers can be found on the website, but todays video. I want to share with you more of my personal experience and what I feel after driving this car and Ive got a couple of points on my phone here, so you might see me holding onto my phone, so we go through a couple of points and let Me just share with you a little bit more about this particular vehicle Music, all right. So the first thing. The first question that I actually have you know in my list here is all about whether the car is actually fast. So how fast is the byd and the tree? Well just to explain to you in my layman terms. I did feel that the car is actually quite fast now the 0 100 is, you know, the lifted number is 7.2 seconds and you know its actually really really seamless like there is only one gear for most electric vehicles Im sure you are already aware about that.

But once you put your foot down to the pedal, the car just takes off immediately. So I wont say its like super fast, like a Tesla Model 3, which is something that Ive actually tried on my friends car. But this is actually a very seamless kind of pool a pool that is definitely way more than enough for you to overtake almost any car that you can find here in Malaysia. So in Malaysia, our cars are not that quick on the road, but the byd 803 is definitely able to overtake very very easily. So I noticed that from 60 kilometers per hour to 120, it happens very, very quickly, its just a matter of seconds and you are up to speeds almost breaking the speed limits already. So this is a car that can pick up and go off very quickly now in terms of the top speed. You know some people might be wondering because on the website, its listed as 160 kilometers per hour, but I noticed that this car was actually able to do higher than that. So I managed to reach about 170 and I think thats the most the maximum that this car can reach. So, just to sum up like do, I think the car is fast. Definitely, yes, the car is very, very quick to accelerate it. Can reach high speeds very quickly and if you are like myself, you come from cars like Honda, Toyota Mazda. You will definitely feel that this car is so so fast.

Alright lets move on to the second Point: how is the right quality Comfort levels? Alright? So during my drive with this car, you know not just me, but the passenger as well. We both felt that the car is actually super comfortable to be in, and I think this is actually attributed to the suspension. You know the tires and everything its a very smooth ride. Now I often describe this to my friends. You know how I feel in the car is actually more like the car is gliding on the road, so you see a lot of cars these days. They are always focused on, you know, refinement getting a smoother ride and I think the echo tree here really excels in that point, because its just so smooth guys, you know your phone screens. You know I always do my phone reviews. I talk about 120 hertz batteries, move so thats what the kind of feeling that you get here, its a buttery smooth drive whenever I am in the 803, and I think that is really awesome in case youre, wondering about you, know, wind noise and all that they Do seem a bit more Apparent at speeds of 150 to 160, so above 150 you will have some wind noise coming in through the windows, but I think thats completely fine and you shouldnt be spinning that much after all, alright so other than that. What else do I have here? Oh the car itself is, is 1750 kilograms, so that makes it a pretty heavy car, but again when driving on the road, it does not seem like a heavy car at all right.

So with that said, lets move on to my third point. You know like how long does it take to charge the car now this kind of electric vehicles you know, just like your smartphones, we have all kinds of fast charging different levels of fast charging. So for your smartphone, for example, you may have 100 Watts 150 watts, recently realme launched the 240 Watts so for this particular model right here, the fastest that you can take is 80 kilowatts and it does like 0 to 80 percent in 45 minutes now. To be honest with you, Ive only charged the car once and it was at byd showroom, so it was again fairly quick, but if you were to charge in other stations, you might need to take note of those charging speeds. There are charging stations that are higher than 80 kilowatts and those that are lower, and naturally, if you find something that is able to spot 80 kilowatt, you will be able to get that fast charging speeds. Now, since Im talking about charging, perhaps I should talk about about the range as well, so byd is saying that this particular vehicle – the extended Range model, is able to go all the way up to 480 kilometers on one single charge. Well, I think I was able to hit 450, so that makes it quite accurate as well foreign, Music, okay, so lets move on to the next Point here. The fourth point that I want to talk about here is actually about what I really love about the car.

So I have two final points: what I love and what I do not really like now, the things that I love about this car is actually like. I said the seamlessness, the fast pickup speeds and, of course it just feels so comfortable because its gliding on the road everything looks fine, in fact, the design of the car, I quite like it as well. There is a couple of different colors. I think red is actually really attractive here, because it really stands out from the crowd, so those are the things that I, like the ride, the Comfort, the design, everything looks cool. Now, what about the things that I do not like? Well, let me just start off very quickly with the interior design. Now the interior design is a very unique kind of look. I would say that some people love it. Some people dont really like it for me personally, I do like it at the first site. So when I first saw the car I felt like it was really cool, you know it has all these very quirky kind of looks here, and I felt that the blue and white combo on the inside looks fantastic as well, but after driving the car for a Bit more, this is where I realized that a part of the design of the car is more focused on design over function so, for instance, the aircon vents. Now those vents are able to tilt left and right up and down, but I noticed that because it was situated so low in the middle it couldnt really reach.

You know my face so at maximum. It was blowing against my neck and I dont think I am a very tall person, so Im 175, but I think you know other people out there who are either my height or even taller than me might not be able to get the wind blowing at you Know their face so thats just one thing other than that voice control. Yes, you can actually give out voice commands just like how we can see in most cars and again its a bit quirky hi byd, rotate screen. Okay, rotating the screen, hi byd, look for nearest coffee shop. I found these, which do you want the second one Music sure here is delcom, coffee and daiko. Now I wouldnt really blame the voice control, because our Malaysian English is not that great and more often than not, we tend to mispronounce certain words. So in that case it is quite difficult to give out voice commands on the car. But if you have great English, I think that shouldnt be an issue all right. I think I just have one final thing that I did not really like about this car and that is actually in terms of the tire spin that I was facing now. This is actually quite a serious matter, I would say in my opinion – and it only applies to certain situations, so the highest bin. What do I mean by that? Well, if you actually put the car into sport mode, the car is actually Crazy, Fast, guys, its so fast.

And when you just floor, the pedal for the very first time. You might notice that theres quite a bit of a spin and you might lose a little bit of control if you are not holding tightly to the steering wheel. So I think this is actually very important because if you know your father lets say a 40 50 year old guy, you know just tries and floor. The pedal Im not saying anything thats wrong with that age. Im. Just saying that you might need to be aware and be prepared to hold on to the steering wheel tighter because there might be a bit of a Twist and Turn and you might get a little bit shocked about that. So I guess the tires. Maybe Im not sure if its the tires or the wheels could have used a little bit more grip to ensure like whenever you just floor, the pedal at sport mode. You get a proper. You know pull away without any kind of Tire spin. So thats one thing about the tires. I also noticed that the tires were particularly noisy in my basement, where I parked the car and the floor is not like the terrain that we have on this kind of tarp ground. It is actually like a smoother ground, so theres a lot of squeaking here and there, but I did not have the kind of Tire squeaking on my other car, so just quite puzzle about that anyways.

Those are just a little bit of like. I said things that I did not really like, which is not really a huge deal breaker at the end of the day, this car is, I think, 168k plus ish a little bit here in Malaysia, so its definitely not a very cheap car, its not a very Affordable car for everyone as well, but I think you know, for electric vehicles coming to Malaysia its definitely fun – to see this kind of cars arriving here, especially for people like myself, who barely get the chance to drive an EV. I think you should definitely go and check it out if youre looking for a car that is like super seamless, you know its so comfortable. The right Comfort is awesome and a car that pulls off and overtakes extremely easily. This is definitely a car that you should check out other than that again. If you want to find out all about those technical specifications, safety features yada yada. You can just go to and literally check out on the website. The brochure there is probably more informative than anything that I can tell you in front of the camera right now with that said, thank you for watching todays video, its getting really hot here lets. Go head inside dont forget to drop a like and sub to the channel.