Is it the best cheap small car that you can buy in this review were running through everything that you need to know about the skoda Fabia, but first, this video is supported by Vitality, Insurance get up to 25 cashback every month. When you drive well look in our description below to find out more and go to for a great deal on your next car now with everything getting electrified everyone wanting SUVs and even big sellers like the Ford Fiesta going off sale, you might think that a Small petrol powered car, like the Fabia, is about as modern and desirable as a black and white TV, but while all of those buying Trends are true, there absolutely is still a market and a need for cars. Like the Fabia, not least because lets say you do want an electric car, the cheapest electric car around, which offers something similar to what the Fabia does is the mg4, a car that is significantly cheaper than all of its electric Rivals and the entry level version of That costs 27 000 pounds. This petrol powered Fabia can be as much as 8 000 pounds cheaper than that. So the financial appeal is clear to see, but there is much more to the Fabia than its starting price compared to an electric car. The Fabia first went on sale back in 1999, and this now is the latest fourth generation model, which we first saw in 2021 and throughout all its various different iterations.

Its always been a sensible, well priced, practical, competent, small car, all rounder, and this latest fourth generation model is no different. If you are looking at buying a Fabia, then your sport for Choice when it comes to Alternatives as a small petrol powered car. This is up against many many rivals like the VW polo, the Ford Fiesta, the sale, Ibiza, the Peugeot 208, the Honda Jazz and the datra sandero, and lots of others. Now small cars like the Fabia and all of those Rivals that we just mentioned arent particularly known for exciting Interiors, but what the Fabia does very well is nail the basics. So the driving position is very, very good, theres loads of adjustment in the steering wheel and in the seat its comfortable here you get adjustable lumbar support for the driver. Visibility is very good and theres a lot of glass at the back, so visibility. There is very good as well and theres loads of buttons and dials to helpfully adjust everything in a very simple way. Now you might be thinking that this looks like a particularly basic small car, and that is because were in the entry level version of the Fabio. So that means we dont have a fully Digital Drive display. We have this small infotainment system as well, but in some ways this trim has an advantage over the higher ones, not just because its cheaper. So this infotainment system, for example, the screen – is big enough.

Its easy to see you get apple, core playing, Android, auto and its reliable, and you have these physical buttons either side of the screen that make it very easy to use while youre driving. If you go for the more expensive, touchscreen entertainment systems on the higher trim levels, then the software used for them is a bit more prone to crashing being a bit glitchy, and also these buttons are swapped for touch sensitive ones. That arent, quite as easy to use on the Move now in terms of quality, you are always aware that youre sat in a reasonably priced small car, but theres nothing, disappointing or bad in this interior, its all solid, the materials are decent and if you go for Some of the higher trim levels and you get some fabric coverings on bits and pieces that mean it lifts the quality in here a little bit, but overall, this is a pretty standard interior by class standards. Having said that, if you want something that is significantly better than the Fabio, then its only really the mini, that is the option to go for which overall isnt a better car than the Fabio and does cost quite a lot more money. The Fabia is a small car which is big on practicality, so that means adults sat in these rear seats will have more room back here than they will in pretty much any other small car. So with the drivers seat in my driving position, you can see.

Ive got really good amount of leg, room headrooms, also very good. It doesnt feel cramped back here at all and its only really a Honda Jazz in this class of core that feels like it does have more space than what you find in the Fabia. This is on a par with the Practical Ibiza and its much more roomy than what you find in the back of a Fiesta, but its the boot, where the Fabia really stands out in total. You can get six of these carry on size suitcases into the boot below the parcel shelf, which is more than you can get in any other small car. In fact, thats the same number that youll get in a Ford Focus which of course is in the class above the Fabia. So when it comes to the boot, this is pretty hard to beat in this class, and if you want to pay extra, you can make it even more practical because they have something called a simply clever pack, one which gives you a net on the floor here To stop things from sliding around, it also gives you some devices to help create some different storage compartments in the boot. You also have this handy. Double sided mat which gives you this white clean side. And yes, there is quite a big loading lip here, but if you go for the comfort package, then you get a height adjustable boot floor. The Fabia has a very simple engine.

Lineup with four petrols to choose from the entry level version does not have a Turbocharger and it takes more than 15 seconds to go from naught to 62 miles an hour, so that is best avoided because for not much more money. You can go up to this. One liter TSI 95, which is much better all round its quicker its about five seconds quicker from not 62 miles per hour and its just overall, a very good fit for this car above this theres, a one liter TSI 110, so its quicker but its more expensive And the range topping version of the Fabio is a 1.5 TSI 150, which is quick but also very expensive. To be honest, there isnt much of a temptation to go for those faster engines in the Fabio, because this is a small car thats about smoothness Comfort, not speed or dynamic handling. So this is a very comfortable car by the class standards, even on our broken British roads. Its really nicely cushioned, pretty well controlled as well sure the steering is very light and because it has this soft setup, the car can pitch around a little bit. If you ask for a quick change of Direction, but all things considered, this is a very pleasant small car to drive and the one liter TSI 95 engine that weve got with this car is definitely the best fit for it, not just because the engine itself is Very good, very impressive, but it also comes with a five speed manual gearbox, which is very slick and smooth to use.

Now the pricing of everything has gone crazy recently and thats, especially true in the car world, where even a VW polo starts at just under 20. 000 pounds these days and the Fabia has not been immune to these price hikes as well, but in the context of the cars that its up against it is still reasonably good value. The trouble for the Fabia, though, is the Honda Jazz its more expensive, but the jazz is a very economical, hybrid car, thats, even bigger inside its more comfortable on the road. So that is the small car champion at the minute and everything else compared to it. Now. Just feels a bit old school, the single best thing about the Fabia that really stands out from its Rivals. Is this big boot, if youre after a small car that can still handle some holiday luggage, then its pretty much impossible to find anything that can match the Fabia? Even still, it is a shame you can no longer choose to have a Fabia estate, like you could with previous versions of the car, but the worst thing about this Fabia is probably the fact that the interior isnt, particularly plush, so the skoda Fabia is a practical And comfortable small car that might not be a bargain these days and it might not quite match the all round package of the hybrid Honda Jazz, but if youre looking for a small car, this should definitely be on your shortlist for much more information on the Fabia And to save more than 900 pounds on one go to whatcar.

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