The model X and the model y. Each is fully electric practical enough for families and gives you access to Teslas supercharger Network. For recharging the battery before getting to our topic, please make sure you subscribe to our Channel and hit the like button. It means a lot to us and if you are interesting in reading such insightful content about electric cars so visit, our website, link is given in description. So our first model is Tesla Model y, its advertised as filling the space between the model 3 and the model X, the model y retails for around 53 000, which is about ‘ 000 pounds. The performance model has a range of 326 from fully charged and has a battery of 75 kilowatt hours. Stop speed is 135 kilometer per hour, acceleration 0 to 60 mph in 5.4 seconds. Second, car is Tesla Model X. The first thing to notice about the Tesla Model X is that the dose open like the car in Back to the Future, the official term is Falcon dose. The model X is an SUV style car capable of seating. Seven people, the huge touchscreen inside, really does give it a futuristic feel there are two models available and the model X retails for 90 000 pound brand new. It has a battery of 100 kwh with range between 238 to 335 miles. Third car is Tesla Model 3. launched in 2016. The model 3 was built as the affordable alternative to the model is, it is a photo sedan with three versions: standard range, long range and performance.

You can expect to get about 263 miles per charge of the standard version with it reaching 60 miles per hour in a little over 5 seconds. If you ask us, it looks a bit like a sports car at the front and a Toyota prize at the rear, but we digress. The model 3 retails for around 40 000 pound brand new and fourth and last is Tesla Model S. The executive Salon offering from Tesla the model. S is all about the style it initially launched in 2012 and was the driving force behind Tesla going mainstream. As a credible car manufacturer today, the model S has evolved to offer long range plus and played the latest models all come in all wheel, drive AWD and the long range plus option does a whopping 400 into miles per charge. The starting price for a Model – S is around 80 000 pounds, which Tesla has the longest range. The model S has the longest official battery range in the Tesla lineup. The latest version has a 375 mile range and there is also a played performance version, thats faster, but has a slightly shorter range of 348 miles, pre 2021 versions of the model, as include a Long Range model that can go up to ‘3 miles between charges. The official maximum range for a model 3 is 360 miles, while the model X and model y SUVs can go about 330 miles on a full charge. Whats the fastest Tesla Tesla cars are known for being very quick and the model is played.

The high performance version of the model S is one of the fastest Salon: cars in the world, its mind, blowing stuff, with a top speed of 200 miles per hour and the ability to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than two seconds faster Than any Ferrari whats the most affordable, Tesla, the most affordable new Tesla is the model 3., its a family, friendly Salon with great range and amazing Tech that will cost you about the same as a petrol, BMW 4 Series with similar features and performance. The model Y is basically an SUV version of the model 3 offering very similar features and a touch more interior space for a higher cost, which Tesla is the most luxurious. The more expensive models – the model S and model X – tend to be the best equipped, although it depends which options are fitted to the car youre. Considering that said, in every Tesla you get cutting edge technology and an impressive infotainment system with a huge touch screen in the center of the dashboard that gives the interior a real wow factor, while the Tesla Model 3. Why s and X have a lot in common theyre, very different when it comes to pricing? In addition, they each work to appeal to different people. However, you need all the details before you can make a confident decision about which model is best for you, thats it for the video. Thank you for watching and dont forget to subscribe, our Channel and like the video.