The ocean is Making a Splash in the automotive world, so buckle up and join us as we put this revolutionary vehicle to the test in our latest car review. The Fisker ocean is an all new electric SUV in the first vehicle from Fisker Inc. The second firm to Bear Henrik fiskers name, even though the designer began his career, designing exotic sports Vehicles such as the BMW Z8 and the Aston Martin DB9. He is now best known for his work on the DB9 going into the specs of the Fisker ocean. We will begin with the performance wouldnt you want to know. If the car works, the standard ocean is front, wheel, drive and powered by a battery and a single electric motor with 275 horsepower. There are also two Drive modes Earth and fun which promote either efficiency or performance, except for the base. Sport trim all, but the base Ultra feature a battery with dual motor. All wheel drive that produces 540 horsepower in the ultra and 550 horsepower in the extreme and one this powertrain now gains a new drive mode, hyper for even better performance. One of the most notable aspects of driving an EV is its acceleration. This is because torque builds slowly in a gas powered vehicle, but is delivered all at once in an electric vehicle, even in Earth mode. It allows for quick acceleration. The ocean mixes power with responsive handling that responds rapidly to driver inputs. It cant match the mock.

Powerhouse ease but its more powerful and exciting to drive than other small electric SUVs. Almost every EV has a lot of torque, but not all of them enjoy driving on twisty roads, front wheel, drive models can tow up to 2040 pounds, while all wheel drive trims can tow up to four thousand pounds moving on to the cars range and charging time. The ocean has not yet been raided by the EPA, but Fisker has provided us with expected data. The sports standard range battery provides approximately 250 miles per charge. The ultras long range battery increases that amount to 340 miles while the extreme and one both Peak out at 350 miles per charge with that range. The Fisker is ahead of the competition. The Volvo xc40 recharge has a range of up to 223 miles, while the Hyundai ioniq 5 has a range of 303 miles, and the Mustang Mach e has a range of up to 312 miles per charge. The ocean is an excellent alternative for reducing range anxiety. The speed with which it charges has yet to be determined, weve raided the ocean fairly conservatively so far, but well reassess our review following consistent, real world charging experiences next up is the safety and Driver assistance Tech. We would want to know if it is safe to drive despite an abundance of standard and available safety features. The 2023 Fisker ocean has not yet been raided by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety or the national highway traffic safety administration, which has a major negative impact on its safety score automatic emergency, braking blind spot monitoring, Lane maintenance, assist and emergency Lane departure avoidance, traffic sign And traffic light recognition, intelligent speed, assist driver, sleepiness and attentiveness alert, parking, assist and automatic high beams are among the standard safety features front and Side Collision warnings are expected in mid 2023 with a rear view monitor arriving by the end of the year.

Evasive steering, assist and rear cross traffic collision prevention will be available on higher models by mid year. How would you like your car Comfort to be, and how spacious should it be? The oceans interior is comfortable and spacious, with unique features throughout that you wont find in the competition its minimalist interior features, speakers hidden behind fabric Trims and air vents operated via the infotainment screen, rather than knobs and dials on the dashboard. We love the oceans, unique design decisions that make it a more passenger friendly area. This contains a taco table, which is a small table that deploys from within the center console to hold items, while the car is stationary, as well as a second table hidden in the passenger side dashboard despite the lack of leather in most luxury Vehicles, the materials are Of high quality, instead recycle and environmentally friendly materials Adorn everything from the doors to the seats, theres also lots of space, though full internal Dimensions arent yet available. Instead, we looked at the wheelbase, which is in the distance between the centers of the front and rear wheels. The ocean has a 115 inch wheelbase, which is a few inches shorter than the Maki and ionic 5.. It is, however, approximately 9 inches longer than the Volvo xc40 recharge. Another spec you should watch out for is the cargo space and storage. The interior of the ocean is pleasant and spacious, with unique features that you wont find in the competition.

The interior is simple, with speakers hidden behind fabric Trims and air vents controlled via the infotainment screen, rather than knobs and dials on the dashboard. We appreciate the oceans, distinctive design choices which make it a more passenger friendly place. This includes a taco table, a small table that deploys from the center console to hold objects, while the car is immobile, as well as a second table hidden in the passenger side. Dashboard. Even though most luxury Vehicles lack leather, the materials are of high quality. Instead, everything from the doors to the seats is made of recyclable and environmental. Only beneficial materials theres also plenty of room, though the exact internal measurements arent yet revealed. Instead, we looked at the wheelbase, which is the distance between the front and rear wheel centers the oceans. Wheelbase is 115 inches, which is a few inches shorter than that of the Machi and ionic 5.. However, it is around 9 inches longer than the Volvo xc40 recharge. We cant talk about the Fisker ocean and leave out the style and design the Fisker ocean combines minimalism and elegance, with an emphasis on sustainability. There are no flashy metal or wood accents. Only soft suede materials that are visually appealing. The designers strive for Simplicity, a kind of unfussiness that creates a peaceful and pleasant environment without the minimalist appearance of a Tesla, because the speaker, grilles are hidden under fabric surfaces, they are not apparent. There are no controls for the air vents either.

Instead, they are contained within the infotainment system, its fresh sleek and very premium. This is not a luxury vehicle that follows the tried and true path of classic luxury: automobiles. Instead, its a new creative perspective on luxury, you dont need actual leather or unique materials. When there are gorgeous ecological Alternatives, its an aesthetically beautiful vehicle on the inside and exterior demonstrating where automotive design is heading rather than where it was years ago, this delivers a new level of luxury for todays Automotive consumer is the 2023 Fisker ocean worth it, which Fisker Ocean is the best value. There are many options for electric SUVs, so the Fisker ocean offers many characteristics that set it. Apart from the competition seating for five people is provided in a stylish modern interior with features not found on other vehicles. These include a revolving infotainment screen for relaxing and watching a video while waiting for the battery to charge. There are also reclining rear seats, as well as Taco trays for Refreshments for front passengers. These characteristics arent required, but they help to create a more passenger, focused environment. How much does it cost to ensure the 2023 Fisker ocean? We dont have insurance pricing for the 2023 Fisker ocean because it isnt currently available, but it should be comparable to other electric SUVs. According to our statistics, a typical 30 year old female driver with a clean record may expect an annual premium of roughly two thousand seven hundred dollars for the Volvo xc40 recharge, albeit this average applies to all 50 states.

The Hyundai ioniq 5 May cost two thousand two hundred dollars per year, while the Ford Mustang Mach e might cost up to 2 680 visit our vehicle insurance calculator for a more accurate picture of your possible Insurance costs. This is where we conclude this video. Let us know what you think about the Fisker ocean in the comments section thanks for sticking with us to this point, remember to like share subscribe and turn on your notification post.