Prices to Aussie buyers, size wise, is a natural competitor for Tesla Model 3. However, its closer in price to the byd 803 that it competes directly against Chasing Cars, honest reviews of your next car, brought to you by byd and mg, have been fighting it out for the title of the cheapest EV in Oz, a mantle most recently held by The mgzsev midsize SUV, which starts from around forty six thousand dollars, drive away in some states. However, the mg4 is the first model to be built off the modular scalable platform. The mg4 has been on sale in the UK since last year, where has been available in a number of different powertrain geysers, and it looks highly likely that Australia will get two different powertrain variations in its most basic form. The mg4 is single motor rear wheel, drive offering 125 kilowatts and 250 newton meters of torque thats no Powerhouse by todays, EV Benchmark. So, of course, its not meant to be, and the entry car fits a 50.8 kilowatt hour usable battery that promises a range of around 350 kilometers wltp. It has a peak DC charging of around 117 kilowatts. The long range version uses a 61.7 kilowatt user for hour battery and it outputs 150 kilowatts and 250 newton meters for a peak range of around 450 kilometers wltp and its claimed to be able to hit an 80 recharge in around 40 minutes. Its three phase, AC charging – is claimed to be around 6.

5 hours at 11. Kilowatts performance for the more powerful version is a little under 8 seconds for the Sprint to 100 kilometers an hour. There is a twin engine version that has been revealed overseas, that outputs 330 kilowatts and 600 newton meters. Although Australia has not confirmed that it will be coming, we havent had a chance to drive it yet, but the stats for the long range version are quite enticing. Aside from the appealing redrive format, it gets 50 50 weight distribution and five link rear suspension. There are four different Drive modes available and three different modes of brake regeneration. So how does the mg4 fit the bill as a price busting EV? Well lets start with styling in the hero orange paintwork. The hatchback is clearly going for a bit of a crossover Vibe and its certainly become trendy for what were calling attainable. Electric cars, its certainly a fresher and sharper look than its electric Zs SUV stablemate, and you dont have to squint hard to see that the ng4 promises a bit of fun in metal. It looks good sitting on 17 inch wheels and framed by this Sharp LED headlights and strong character lines, its a bit of gray paneling aside to give it that sort of crossover, lift thats a bit trendy with EVS right now, the so called floating roof. On the two tone, paint Scheme is also quite cool with this rather novel split, rear wing and these slim tail lights, lower down the comprised of 172 different LEDs so far, so good, so lets check out the interior inside the mg4 certainly lays on a lot of The design elements theyre quite trendy in EVS right now, you get this hexagonal shaped wheel, that sort of Apes BMWs IX, and it is a two spoke designer, but it is actually quite racy and fetchy.

You do get this simple neat clean, horizontal Dash with this garnish that actually hides the air vents. You also get this quite sharp and bright 10.25 inch multimedia screen, which also gets some Nifty shortcut buttons. But, unlike something like the Tesla, which puts a lot of the drive information in the infotainment screen, the mg4 gets a seven inch digital drivers display, which is becoming increasingly trendy with EVS as well. This is really clever too. So youve got your drive selector and your inductive charge pad thats kind of floating, with plenty of room down below for cup holders and ottoman storage. Just why mg hasnt moved the selector to the right side of the console is a bit of a head scratcher. The mj4 also gets vehicle to load functionality so that you can power up appliances while youre out and about it, does look pretty slick, but it does get fairly Hardy cloth trim and this particular variant does seem like its built to a cost. However, it does feel fairly roomy and quite modern in here, so lets check out row two. The second row is a little bit, but you can tell from the back seat that the cabin is extremely long and theyve made good use of packaging. However, it is pretty slim on appointments. I can only see one USBC Port here, although I believe that this is the basic variant again. The trims pretty Hardy and rudimentary in here – and I wouldnt be surprised if this particular variant when it does come out, is pitched to be the most affordable EV that you can buy in Australia.

The size of the boot does vary depending on the variant, although this one gets 363 liters with a rear seats in play or 1137 liters with the second row folded. Added to this some ng4 variants fit a solid array of active safety features as well as niceties such as adaptive cruise with stop and go first. Impressions are, is that the mg4 does offer a lot of the elements that buyers of affordable EVS want. Indeed, both on paper and in the walk around experience, it appears as if mgs first properly dedicated EV looks on the money.