Its the BYD ATTO 3 and the place its moving fastest is from the dealerships. Lets, check it out and figure out why., While many ground up EVs choose to Place the electric motor on the rear, axle the BYD ATTO 3 is front motor front wheel, drive. Power and torque. Outputs are entirely acceptable, as is the seven second naught to 100 kilometer an hour acceleration claim. Wowee, the interior of the BYD ATTO 3 really is interesting and original. Never assume Chinese. Car companies are just drab copiers of Western design and style. Its just not true. And heres. Another cool party trick., The touchscreen, can rotate from horizontal to vertical and back again of course., And the instrument panel, which sits on the steering column, is tiny.. It couldve been nicked out of a racing car.. The instrument panel looks cool, but its not that easy to use.. A lot of the numbers are small, which makes them hard to read and, against a light background, just impossible.. However, you can darken the screen off which helps a lot.. It feels a bit enclosed in the back when you first climb in but thats a bit misleading. Its really because of these big one piece front: seats.. Actually, two adults, its generous. Youll, get comfortable back here.. The ATTO 3s boot is a pretty generous size at 440 liters. And if you split fold, the rear seats that expands to 1340 liters. Okay time to hit the road in the ATTO 3 and see what its all about.

So were not off to any racetracks or Mountain roads in the ATTO 3. Were sticking to urban routes in the suburbs, because thats, what its designed for and thats, where it works at its best., The ATTO 3s been set up with a soft supple ride, rather than cutting edge handling. And that works well. For the burbs, where it copes with some pretty chopped up, surfaces. A linear power delivery and a comfy ride, really work for the ATTO 3., Its a relaxed way to get about.. But pricing is a fundamental issue for all electric cars right now.. At least this one is more affordable than most., So if you want an EV that doesnt cost the Earth and might just contribute to saving it, then the BYD ATTO 3 is the best choice in town right. Now. Thanks for watching.