That has all changed, however, and these days theres a greater variety of EVS than ever and theres loads to choose from, and these are three cars that currently appear in the new EV market. Now we know that these arent direct Rivals and that isnt the point of todays video. No, these show the kind of variety that you can currently get in the EV market and if you are looking for a family friendly battery powered car, why should you be looking at these and what kind of positives do they have lets find out? Just what each of these cars has to offer lets kick things off with the mg5 now mg has established a great reputation in recent years for creating value for money, focused EVS that really dont break the bank, and the mg5 also manages to claim to be one Of the few estate electric cars on sale today, that means from the offset its got a slightly more practical Focus than other cars on the market. This new version has got a fresh design with a Sleek front end, which looks particularly futuristic, but youve got to remember that the fundamentals of the mg5, such of its spaciousness and practicality focused, were present on the previous generation. So you can still get great used examples that have the same core ethos as this new one. Next we have the skoda enyak, which is already proving a firm favorite in the UKs car market. Its got all of the features that youd want from a skoda: solid, build quality, loads of standard equipment and a really large boot.

But, of course, it throws in that EV powertrain too, with a decent amount of range and the option of all wheel drive in certain models. And finally, we have the Mercedes eqa, which takes the place as a smallest electric SUV in Mercedes lineup, as youd expect from Mercedes theres a premium feel both inside and out well theres loads of stunning equipment with some really cool technology features to check out inside. For a value orientated model, the mg5 is really impressive inside, I think the fit and finish is excellent. Actually and all the materials are by and large, very good. There are some scratchier Plastics here and there, but they are hard wearing and theyre going to stand up to loads of abuse. All cars get a standard screen in the middle and its got all the functionality you could want, as well as Apple carplay and Android auto. So, if youre not too happy with the way the screen looks just connect your phone and relay your smartphone. That way, I think the ergonomics are good overall and the rotor controller for the gears is actually quite simple to use. I, like that youve got a storage area, and here with a rubberized mat on it, so it stops those loose items from rolling around. The only thing that has stuck out of me is these blue accent, points which I get are meant to be kind of EV. Ish, but I think they look a bit like that plastic trim that you have to pull off before you use a new piece of technology like a camera or a smartphone.

So I keep thinking that its going to come off my hand. But apart from that, I think its a very pleasant place to be particularly given that, as Ive mentioned, it is value focused in terms of overall spaciousness. The mg5 does brilliantly too theres plenty of space in the back and though the seats are quite flat and quite deep. I think theyre going to be comfortable for long Journeys. Headroom is also really good, as is knee and feet room so for larger families. I think you can have plenty of space for everyone inside then, when it comes to the boot, it might be down on capacity of some of its larger Rivals, but its nice and square and easy to access, and you get some netted sections at the side, plus Its worth remembering that the mg5 also features vehicle to load technology, which means that you can open up the port at the front and with an adapter, you can charge up your domestic appliances. So in theory you could make a cup of tea with a kettle up. There or plug in a television, if you really wanted to – and it just runs off the cars inbuilt battery, the interior of the skoda. Enyak – is one that Ive got quite up to speed with, because Ive actually been living with this car. For a couple of months now and the things that stand out to me are just how simple and easy to use everything is, I was still like physical controls for heating ventilation on the middle screen, and I havent had too many issues with flakiness of the technology, Because thats been reported in other Volkswagen group, electric cars, the screen has faulted once or twice, but I havent really had any major issues whatsoever elsewhere.

Its the build quality that shines through this really solid materials throughout Everything feels really nicely and steadily put together, and I particularly like all the heated elements, so youve got a heated steering wheel and heated seats and you can pre condition them via a smartphone app. So you can get the car up to temperature before you even get in on a cold down. I think thats really useful theres plenty of storage options too theres, some nice sections in the middle and some deep door bins. Although I would like the cup holders to be a little bit larger because you cant get a full size cap in there, when youre on the Move, theres loads of space in the rear, too leg and Headroom, both excellent and again, that sense of build quality is Carried through to the back too and in terms of boot space, the enyak does excellently its nice and square and of course, you can extend it by folding down the rear seats. But if you want to have a little bit more of an in depth, look at that sort of thing. Then you can head over and check out the full review on the skoda enyak, as Ive already mentioned, the eqa is the smallest SUV that you can get from the Mercedes range and, as a result, it does feel a little bit more snug in here than the Other two, but again this isnt a direct comparison. This is more of an example of the types of family cars that you can get now.

Of course, this does command a slightly higher price tag, and this one in particular goes to around 45 000 pounds, and you get a sense of that with the large screen and the high amount of technology that you get in front of you. But I will say that some of the material quality isnt what Id quite expect. So some of these materials down here are quite scratchy, as Ive mentioned in the full review, and you can check that out on the YouTube channel. But the practicality is good. Youve got cup holders here, nice, deep door, bins a deep bin in section there, and the same goes for the rear seats. I mentioned in full review that the seats here have been given a quite cool concave design, which gives you more space for your knees, and I think thats going to be particularly useful if youve got larger or grown up. Kids, that youre going to be transporting in the back there. The boot is a nice size and its reasonably Square. However, theres a small load lip which may make getting heavier items in and out a bit tricky, which is something definitely worth bearing in mind, Ive, actually been really impressed by the way that the mg5 drives. I think that its really nice, because it feels like it knows what it is, its comfortable, its relaxing, its nice and easy to drive and actually, if youre, coming out of a petrol diesel car youre going to find this one feeling less alien than you would with Another EV on sale today, you should get about 250 miles from the long range versions and that feels like more than enough for average commutes daily driving and its only really those longer distance drives.

That is going to be called into question. But what does shine through? With this car is the level of comfort that you get and, as I mentioned in our full review, which you can check out on the YouTube channel. There is a slight lack of insulation, so you are finding that road and wind noise are coming through. But considering this car costs from about 30 000 pounds and also a lot cheaper on the used Market, I think thats a trade off worth making. I just like that. Its really relaxed its really easy, the steering isnt over heavy and the suspension isnt overly stiff and thats. Something that I find with a lot of EVS. Is that, because of the additional weight of the batteries, they try and stiffen up the suspension to compensate. And in this car, youve just got a little bit of roll got a little bit of pitch and I think thats thats actually quite Pleasant. I dont mind it at all. I think as well, if youve got the family in the car and they all want to be comfortable and traveling without getting jolted all over the place, and this is going to be a very pleasant way to do it. I think the enyak isnt just a great example of a good electric car. I think its a great example of just how far skoda has come in recent years. This is a very pleasant battery powered vehicle that has loads of Premium features and feels very upmarket.

To me, anyway, the build quality is really good, and the driving quality is good too. You get a little bit of wind and road noise, but by and large its a quiet and comfortable place to be in Ive, driven this car a heck of a lot and through all different types of driving it. It feels very pleasant. Indeed. I will say that its quite spec dependent the enyak this one. That Im in right now is an 80x sport line, and that means its got all wheel drive and around 317 miles of range. Now, unless you really need that all wheel capability, I just Trump for the regular enyak 80, which brings 333 miles of range, so thats quite a bit more, and I think if you get the non sport line, then its going to be more comfortable. This Sport Line brings stiff and suspension and larger wheels, and what do they bring together, firmer ride quality and thats, just something Im not about, particularly in just a family friendly electric car. The thing that you do get, of course, with the all wheel, drive version is loads of traction and plenty of acceleration. This car feels very nippy to drive and particularly away from the lights in between zero and 30 miles an hour Id say, itll. Surprise. Quite a lot of sports cars, actually, despite being quite large and not looking like it, would do that, but to drive its super reassuring and its not going to be tricky to get up to speed with if youre not used to driving electric cars.

It feels like you could be driving a Kodiak one of the skodas current largest seven seater, albeit one with an electric Powertrain. I just think its quite exciting to think where skoda could be in the next five years, if its already making EVS as good as this one, the eqa brings a premium feel to the Driving Experience, theres good levels of isolation for both the road noise and wind Noise, so youll have to enjoy quite a quiet cabin, which is just what you want from electric car, because theres no petrol or diesel engine throwing away ahead of you and that tends to mask some of those smaller noises, so its good that there arent any of Them here, theres a slightly firmer ride in the eqa than other cars that weve taken a look at, but a byproduct of this is that you get a nice road holding and good calling ability. I will say that at slow speeds, this does feel quite firm and through potholes and other imperfections on the road it can tend to jump around a little bit. I will say that something that has impressed me in the eqa is the steering and the agility. It seems like the steering has been perfectly set up for urban or in town use and even doing something as simple as a. U turn or a three point turn is very simple, because the steering has been set up just right. Then you couple that, with the instant torque delivery that you get from the electric motors and you find yourself, youve got a car with quite an exciting Driving Experience and one which is really well suited to life in busier areas, because you can nip in and out Of traffic or gaps – and you can pull away from Junctions and youve, always got plenty of performance right there and then its backed up with that great agility, which I think is something that most people will really appreciate.

I think what our videos today shows is a sheer variety of EVS that are on offer today. Now, of course, all of these cars have a battery powered setup underneath, but the way they go about the rest of it is quite different. The mg5, of course, has a value, focused orientation, but still is spacious and practical, and the skoda is full of really cool features, but can easily slot into an everyday cars role, and then youve got the Mercedes on the end, which brings some of that high end. Finish that youd expect from a car with a three prong star on the front, but also has some Nifty features that will make it easier for family use. It just shows that, if you are thinking of making the switch to a battery powered vehicle, then your options arent quite as limited as they once were, and theres plenty to tailor to different moves. Different needs and different personalities too. And, of course, if you want a slightly more in depth, look at each of these cars, then we do have full reviews available on the YouTube channel right now. Thank you for watching this UK three car review on the skoda, enyak Mercedes eqa and the mg5. If you have enjoyed this video, please leave us a like below and let us know in the comment section what you think of these three cars and which one you would pick or, if youre looking to make the switch to an EV car now and remember to Subscribe to the most.