Why do they do this to us? Thats, the RZ in the US lets go for a drive, oh yeah, great power, more power than the Toyota and the Subaru that also share this platform were going to get into that and more. But right now what is under the floor of this Lexus? It comes with a 71.4 kilowatt hour battery with up to 354 kilometers 220 miles of range, 313 horsepower and direct for all wheel drive. So this is a shared platform with Toyota, its a Lexus. It must come with more stuff right lets, get into it with our key standard features. This Lexus comes standard with a heat pump, a seven inch multi information display a 14 inch touchscreen Wireless Apple, carplay and Android, auto at 10 speaker audio system, a wireless charger, heated steering, wheel, heated, front seats, new Luxe interior trim, eight way, power, driver and passenger seats And Lexus safety system plus 3.0 in the U.S, the bass trim also comes with ventilated front seat, seats, driver seat memory, a panoramic glass, roof power, rear door with kick sensor and a panoramic view monitor my least favorite thing having to go in the screen to select Modes: yep, oh the struggles, I tell you and what else can we put it in Andrea? Got ta put it in ask for subscribe, and if you can hit that notification Bell youll be notified when all of our reviews drop and then you can watch them, and we do this.

The couple car review twice a week, the first one drops on Wednesday. We put another one out on Saturday, so make sure you like And subscribe, but also follow along on Instagram its motor mouth underscore Andrea, to see whats going on behind the scenes. For me, its motor mouth underscore Auto and the links are below the like button. Just two days ago, we drove the non lexis version of this and now were driving the Lexus Andrea. Does it feel better than the non lexis version it does feel better? It really does. I feel, like the steering, is a little bit more precise, its heavier. Even this suspension is different. This has a sportier feel to it. I think its got because of a larger electric motor. Maybe theyve got a firmer shock absorber and you do notice it. I noticed a heavier steering and also this ones the base model, which we never typically get the base model and its got the smaller wheels, and I really like this combination. I probably go for these wheels. We all know when you drive an electric vehicle. You get that instant acceleration. That quick feel, but this has gone just a little bit more snap than the Toyota and the Subaru. What do you think of the way? This one looks I like it. You know I dont know why you guys have got to type away and tell me if you see the same thing, but I really see the sharp angles of the Toyota CHR.

I just cant stop seeing it on this side, its a good company, Andrea. Overall, though, I think that it looks really good, I like it better than the Toyota without the cladding and the Subaru. I think that Lexus did a good job on this. I especially like the light bar in the back okay, so I would rank them. Lexus number one just look a little classier, then number two is Subaru. I think they did a pretty good job of the styling on that one and the Toyota is the stepsister really its not the best. Looking of the three I didnt say: ugly stepsister Andrea. I just said: stepsister, be nice, be nice with the Subaru. Well, we kind of expect the cladding dont we yeah outdoorsy, all that kind of stuff. This Lexus gets 7.9 inches of ground clearance and it comes standard with LED headlights, LED rear combination, lights, roof rails, 18. Inch wheels, which we have on our test model available 20 inch wheels and guess what the Lexus emblem in the front heats up and lights up. Well, the reason why it heats up is because thats, where all the forward Collision warning sensors and everything are so you get snow and ice on there. It heats up, so it can continue to function in cold weather. Now there is a trim, you can get with the dark roof and the dark Hood yeah. It looks I dont know I I dont want a black hood on a different.

I think it looks better with a unibody color, but that is something that you can get. Some people will go for that. Just not my thing. I dont think same here. I just like it clean the one color, but this look is not going to be for everyones looks, are subjective, as we all know, we got the base model, we never get the base model and Im going to show you one thing: you do not get a Power operator liftgate at the back: oh poor, old, Zack, first world luxury problems again, but this is this is a Lexus and in my opinion it should come with a power, lift gate at the back yeah. That is true in the U.S. You do get the power liftgate as a standard feature, but were going to get into trims a little bit later on in the video. They know how to sell a Lexus. It should come with that all right. We switch our attention to the inside and, as I mentioned, we just drove the non lexis version two days ago and they have lexified it and really it comes down to the placement of the instrument cluster and the big screen here. This part here is whats different. So this comes standard with a 14 inch touchscreen and it is tilted towards the driver just like in the Subaru and Toyota. I, like that, a lot its intuitive to use this Lexus interface and its easy to access.

As we see more, things are being done in the screen now, although this does have climate knobs as well as a volume knob which is nice, you know what having just driven the Subaru version. Ive come to realize something. The actual usable part of the screen for readout for your radio and your navigation and everything is really the same size. They have it listed as 12 inches right, 12.3 12.3, and this is 14 inches. But the actual usable part is about the same size on those products they have physical keys and buttons. This is in integrated into the screen, its really a roundabout way of the same thing. Its close, very close one thing I like in this Lexus that the Subaru and Toyota dont have is a regular digital instrument cluster. I do not like the look of the instrument cluster in the other two. I cant tell you how much happier I am with this. I disagree with Andrea. I really like that sort of Quasi head up display for functionality, as I find it very comfortable to drive, but I do like this looks better. That is functional, though so type below again. Do you like the outside of this thing, and what do you think of the Lexus updated interior? This steering wheel feels so good. It feels like neoprene. Oh, I just love the material on here, its soft, its smooth. It feels like a sportier steering wheel as well. Its heated all the way through and the button is at the center console, theres a tab that stays on the screen at all times for heated and ventilated front seats as well as that heated steering wheel, you ever felt a wetsuit thats kind of what that material Feels like I love it, a major upgrade over the other two, the Toyota and the Subaru is the fact.

Theyve gone with a sort of a matte gray here and I think just definitely looks scale. So everything is is similar, but its just kind of a Twist slight turn on what the other two have done, and this is new for Lexus having a dial shifter, something that you can get used to Im sure I mean I do like a traditional shifter, but This is easy enough to use, as promised were going to get into the trims, which do you think, is the right trim. I like this one, except for the fact that it doesnt come with a power liftgate at the back. I could be swayed to getting this one okay, so lets start with Canada. You can add the luxury package for 8 600, Canadian, and it comes with so many more features. You get drivers, seat, memory, ventilated, front seats, a panoramic view monitor panoramic moon, roof radiant knee heater ambient lighting. You get those 20 inch wheels and parking assist. Now, if you move up to the top trim thats, where youre going to find the head up display the 13 speaker Mark Levinson, sound system, Advanced touch, Steering Wheel, a dimmable, panoramic moon, roof, Ultra suede seats, heated rear seats and front and rear acoustic glass. And the answer to the question: nobody was asking a yoke steering wheel now in the United States, you can add a technology package to the base trim and you get some nice features like a 10 inch head up display an advanced Park.

If you want features like a digital rear view, mirror and the radiant front knee heater, those are out of card items. The US top trim gets similar features to the top trim we get in Canada. So what the heck is that radiant heat thing all about? Well, this is available on the top Trim in the Toyota models not available in the Subaru models, but it is in the Lexus model, as well as an option in the front here, theres a radiant heater that puts heat on your feet. I, like that were in Canada, it gets cold. There are two things that are missing in the Lexus, as well as the Subaru and Toyota, and that is a glove box, but youve got a floating center console with some storage underneath and, of course, the storage pockets. In the back, you could put your insurance papers in there to hide away or in the center console storage and guess what this also doesnt have what a rear wiper. Oh, I noticed that I picked this up and it was raining and I did notice the visibility of the back, so heres me getting in the back seat. Yes, there is plenty of leg room. The Headroom isnt massive, but one thing we noticed, is that you dont have haul it out seats at the front to slide your feet underneath them, which limits the amount of leg room you get, comparing the Lexus to other competitors like the Tesla Model y Cadillac, lyric And Genesis gv60 front row legroom and the Lexus is very good at 42.

1 inches, but its the lyric with the most at 44.3 inches. Second row legroom falls short to these competitors at 37.5 inches its the model y with the most at 40.5 inches. Now lifting the tailgate at the back, as we mentioned on the base model, its manual operated in Canada power in the United States. How does this compare space behind? The second row is very good at 34.9 cubic feet, beating out the gv60 lyric and model y. This Lexus does not have a front trunk. All right lets get into the questions. Time now for questions, coffee and cars, your questions from Instagram does the headliner color look out of place in person in relation to the rest of the interior colors. It looks terrible in the pictures thats why Ive always preferred BMWs method of a black headliner when choosing an M sport version package. Well, I just want to say I never noticed the headliner never and all the cars Ive been driving for years. I noticed this headliner in particular only because this base model in Canada doesnt come with a panoramic sunroof in the U.S. You do get a panoramic sunroof on the base trim and, I think, actually going with a lighter headliner looks better its brighter. It just feels more open and Airy to me. What do you think Zach its nothing? I ever think about ever the only one that I think about is when they have the beautiful Alcantara all through the roof.

Yeah that looks good eh. I love the futuristic. Look of this vehicle, I would definitely have to choose the larger wheels and I hope the interior comes in different colors. The solid black is a bit blah, but being a luxury brand. The price is not surprising. I like the way this drives with the smaller Wheels me too, because weve driven the Toyota and the Subaru with the bigger wheels and now were with the smaller wheels, and I think its pretty nice. Actually I mean I like a big wheel Im like you. I want a big wheel on my vehicle because I just think it looks better sportier right, but this does, for an electric vehicle going with a smaller wheel, makes a difference. As for colors, the pictures look black youre right on Instagram, but this is actually a dark gray, almost like a charcoal, the 70s called and they want their vinyl interior back. I love the way car companies nowadays, yeah, oh its environmentally, the its a vinyl interior vinyl seats, vinyl on the doors, its a vinyl interior. What happened to leather? But what about Corinthian leather in the Chrysler tradition of luxury? Yes, even rich Corinthian leather Cordoba with a real Corinthian leather, you know what real Corinthian leather was. Oh, what was that final yeah thats called marketing as for colors, the bass drum in Canada comes with this gray. But if you go with a higher trim, then there are different colors, its kind of like uh.

They call it thunderstorm blue thunderstorm anyway. Its kind of has a blue tinge to it, looks pretty good and then the tan. I love a good tan interior, so you can get that in the U.S. You have more color options on the base trim. You know what I like Andrea. I, like a deck chair by the pool with a tall drink thats the kind of its kind of tan. I, like cant, wait till summer right. Are we all struggling here? You dont want to see Zork now Im a very pasty, white man. We put on a lot of content each week on the motor mouth YouTube channel and its super easy to find all you do is go to the YouTube search bar and type in motor mount the name of the channel, then the brand youre looking for in this Case its Lexus and all our videos pop up its that easy love the interior much better than the bz4x or bz4x oh its annoying, or they must just do it to Annoy Us lets pick a name of a car thatll screw up the Canadians. Okay, keep going. I agree this is a much nicer interior youre, also paying more money for it, of course, but you know I kind of expected something to be a little bit more upscale in here for Lexus uh weve been in the Toyota, weve been in the Subaru, and there Is a whole lot of piano black in there a lot less in here? Well, I like the fact that theyve gone with matte black on or Matt Gray, I should say in the center console and on the door handles now we dont have the top trim.

Well have to wait until we get our hands on the top trim, but this one is marginally better than the Toyota and Subaru. I think its nicer without the piano black, because theres less dust, which is helpful, the dust is still here. You just dont see it as much and now its time for our Hot Topic, whats this one Andrea. I still dont see why anyone would buy this or the bz4x or saltara over literally any other EV on the market for the same price or less. You can get more range from other brands. The resale value on this, despite the Toyota attacks, might also not hold up as well. Given the limited range Toyota really needs to step it up to be competitive in the EV Market. I would disagree with that and Ill tell you why. The focus of the engineering of this electric car is to have longevity something Toyota and Lexus are known for right Vehicles. They make you buy them. You keep them for a long period of time. Dont have to worry, Subaru, Lexus and Toyota are focusing on a target of 90 percent battery retention at the 10 year. Mark I mean that is Best in Class compared to the others. Yes, it doesnt offer necessarily the horsepower the range or the charging capability of other EVS on the market. However, ninety percent of people will use a level 2 charger at home to charge this vehicle and DC fast Chargers are not good for the battery.

Even if you are compatible with an 800 volt charging infrastructure, you can talk to manufacturers who offer that, and they will say, use a DC fast charger sparingly. Okay, so you mentioned that this wont be worth anything as it gets older. The actual opposite might be true. If you think about it, if this battery is maintained at a much higher standard than the competition, when the cars get to be six seven, eight nine years old, which one are you going to take a flyer on the one that has been managed for longevity or The one that has been managed for super fast charging and I hear from people all the time as de Zach. One of the main concerns is battery life when theyre buying an EV theyre worried. What am I going to have to replace this? I think the focus of Toyota, Lexus and Subaru is great. Unless you are somebody who is taking road trips every single weekend. I think that this Lexus is just going to be fine for you when it comes to range. So what are the official charging times for level two level three lets get into that with our vital stats lets start with pricing. Well, do Canada first and then move on to the U.S. The base trim starts at just under 65 000 and the top executive is just under eighty one thousand dollars in the U.S. The base trim starts at just over fifty nine and a half thousand dollars, and the top trim is just over sixty five thousand dollars.

This Lexus comes with a 6.6 kilowatt onboard charger, which is weaker than many of its Rivals, and its DC fast charging capability is limited to 150 kilowatt connections with a DC fast charger. It is capable of an 80 charge in about 30 minutes and with a level two charger about nine and a half hours, Lexus and Toyota say the RZ and bz4x will retain 90 of its charge after 10 years. This Lexus does not qualify for the federal rebate. In Canada, five thousand dollars or the tax credit in the United States, Lexus offers a warranty of four years. Eighty thousand kilometers or fifty thousand miles in the United States. Its maintenance is covered for one year or ten thousand miles, so you got ta, have a luxury or an expensive anyway EV. What else can you buy for your consideration? Four vehicles for you to consider up. First is the Audi Q4 e tron, with 295 horsepower and 388 kilometers 241 miles of range. It has a starting price, just under 60 thousand dollars, the Tesla Model y long range with 384 horsepower, 531 kilometers or 318 miles of range. It has a starting price, just under seventy thousand dollars, the Cadillac lyric dual motor model with 500 horsepower 494 kilometers 307 miles of range. Canadian pricing has not been announced yet for this model, but in the U.S it starts at just under 65 thousand dollars. The Genesis GV 60 with 314 horsepower, ‘9 kilometers or 248 miles of range and a starting price just over 71 thousand dollars.

So there are four luxury electric vehicles for you to consider lightning round two things. We like two things we like to see improve. I really like how Lex this gave this a bit of a sporty feel for an EV. I think its the best looking of the three. I think that there needs to be more standard features in Canada like a power tailgate on this model. For the price point, I want some real Corinthian leather between the three Toyota Subaru or Lexus.