The Kia ev9 Im getting a sneaky first look before it gets revealed to the public in April, and here are my nine things that you need to know about the nine Music so lets get one thing cleared up straight away. Remember the doors yes, those doors cool werent they, but sadly, although probably not surprisingly, they have gone men away for something a little more traditional with lovely pop up handles Im a little bit sad about that, but it just wasnt meant to be so. Instead, we get nice practical, Wide Doors which actually arent too heavy and open up to a really good angle, which is going to make it easy to get everyone in and out, which is exactly what you want when you can fit up to five adults here in The back Music Applause bacon here, isnt it, but then youd expect it to be because this is a six seater, but there is also, of course, the option to configure it for seven, you get a bench seat in the middle row. Now one of the questions we get us loads at is which seven seat electric cars do you recommend until now, weve really only been able to suggest the model X, which tops a hundred thousand pounds and is virtually impossible to get hold of or the rivion R1S, which, of course, you have to be in the US to buy theres, also the Citron berlingo, which, though, is basically a van with Windows and will not make your children happy or the Mercedes eqb, which has a back seat, thats, really only suitable for younger children.

Unlike this back seat, which is actually really comfortable with decent Headroom, I know Im quite small but Ive. Just sat in the back with three six foot. Colleagues – and there was room for all of us in here, so the ev9 definitely feels a void in the market, and it also has a party trick. Look at this if youre up for the two individual seats as you can see, they rotate. So all the passengers in the back can face each other, its absolutely brilliant for family days out it doesnt quite have a table for you to use for picnics, but this center console down here, if I reach in it, has a little table that slides out in The middle, its just a fantastic feature behind the back row of seats youll find an okay ish sized boot, but the seats do all fall flat, but it also does have a front large enough to carry more than just charging cables. So it is very practical too and yes, I know the interior is very gray, but I have been assured that there will be some more interesting color palettes to choose from when it goes on sale, of course, its different in here to the concept again. Not surprisingly um it doesnt have that full on floating Dash that the concept had, but it does have a really modern spacious feel in here, and I do really like the flat floor with this useful storage bin down there and this Central console foreign steering wheel from The concept, but you do get a nice new one which houses all the driving modes, exactly where the driver needs to be very sensible and will be seen across all of Kias.

Electric models going forwards and in keeping with that sustainable, feel the interior is vegan and leather, free and, in fact, leather wont be used on any of Kias models. From now on, the Plastics in here are mainly used from recyclable plastics from things like plastic bottles and old fishing nets, whilst even the foam inside the seeds, which, incidentally, are really comfortable, is made from oils using natural products. Now it might not get the doors, but the production version does keep the sparkly Stars officially called a star map. The LED design, which can be changed from the interior is something new thats going to become a familiar site on other models going forward on the production versions. It will feature here. We havent got it on this one, because this is a pre pre production version and the lights will be little LEDs behind laser cuts into the panel here. They can be operated from the interior and change to suit your mood and theyre. A really nice feature, also carried over to the production model, are the distinctive pixelated lighting patterns on the front grille and those vertical Matrix headlights. Now the roof line is now lower than the concept which does make it more Aero friendly. While the front end has Kias signature tiger nose, graphic – and I love the fact that there is no fake Grill, just solid color, while those vertical headlamps and the slim daytime running lights, make it seem wider than it really is.

The massive 22 inch wheels of the concept have been swapped for a rubble or modest 21s, but the design of the rims does reflect those on the concept and the rims will be once again on all electric models going forward and will help to enhance Aero and Efficiency now we have a charging port, but Kia is still being a little bit Coy when it comes to batteries, but Ive been doing some sums and Ive worked out the size. I think so, given that it will apparently take six minutes to add 60 miles of range at a high speed charger, similar to the four and a half minutes. The ev6 takes to do the same at a 350 kilowatt charger. That would suggest that this car will have a battery capacity of around 100 kilowatt hours, and I dont think Im far off the mark to say that well see both two wheel and all wheel. Drive models in the UK so in terms of range here, is aiming for 337 miles slightly more than the rear wheel, drive 77.4 kilowatt hour ev6, which gives 328 miles efficiency its going to be an interesting one, isnt it given the fact that this is a big Tall load lug up but Kia does make pretty efficient cars and it will be interesting to see what theyve managed to do with this. As Ive mentioned, charging will be fast if you can get the right charger and thats thanks to Kias 800 volt electrical system.

I drive around the UK and my electric cart loads and often use the public charging Network, and I know that the ability to add ranging quickly is just a Saving Grace at times its a feature that I really like and I think its a real strong selling Point for this car now the nine is also capable of receiving over the air updates, which is a first for Kia, and it also gets something called feature on demand services. So this basically means that customers can choose the features they want and have them added remotely to their car heated seats or parking sensors. For example, everything will be fitted, but you have to pay to activate the services you want and the really interesting thing comes when you want to sell the car you see, they might not be transferable in the new buyer may have to pay for them all over Again, theres been loads of talk about this in the industry, so Fisker are going to do the same with its cars and BMW said last year that it was planning to charge down the line for things like automatic main beams or heated seats. Now its certainly controversial and it does divide opinion. So what do you think are you with the 85 percent of visitors who absolutely hate the idea, or do you think its actually quite cool to spell to pay for what you want? Do let us know in the comments below foreign this is the most technologically advanced Kia ever built and its going to get something called auto mode, the companys upcoming autonomous driving system.

Now that combines a range of driving Technologies and smart safety systems that include something called highway, driving pilot that works by itself. Without driver intervention, it will all be improved as technology develops via over the air updates, but it does seem like its going to offer level three self driving capability, which is currently an offer from only a couple of Brands. Tesla being one of them. The ev9 may be large, but it will be no slouch when it comes to Performance, nor to 60 will take around five seconds, not dissimilar to the ev6 all wheel drive, which takes 5.2 pretty good for its size. And yes, for those of you that love those two letters, there will be a GT version around a year after launch no figures on that one. Yet, oh, I cant think why you would want a family car like this to go any faster than five seconds to 60., and so we come to the big one price. Now the first customers will get their cars at the end of 2023 in the UK and they will come with Kias brilliant seven year, one hundred thousand mile warranty as standard. So what will they cost? Not quite 10 000 pounds a seat not for the entry level model. Anyway, you can expect that to start in the low 60 000 pound bracket more for the dual motor, all wheel, drive version and more. If you want all that Cutting Edge autonomous Tech.

However, Im going to caveat that by pointing out, but although this is New Territory for Kia, I do think they are going to win over customers who may have been in the market for a larger Audi or BMW SUV. And I do not think those customers will be disappointed and then there is the fact that cares do hold their value well and like some Brands, yes, Im looking at you, Tesla Kia does look after its residual values. So its going to be very interesting to see how the monthly payments Stack Up so thats, my nine about the nine. What do you think about the Kia ev9 any surprises, or is it just what you were hoping for? Do let me know in the comments below and of course like And subscribe, so you know when our first drive video of this car has landed and if you want to know more about going electric, please head over to electrifying.