We will mention everything related to the car performance and specifications, a comprehensive review of the car stay with us and do not forget to subscribe to the channel and hit the like button to encourage us to publish more videos in the future. The Hyundai ioniq 5 is one of our favorite electric cars to recommend even a couple of years after launch. It still looks as sci fi cool as when it first arrived in 2021, like a concept car that broke out of the motor show Hall stand, the ionic sub brand is shorthand for the Koreans. Ev movement and the choice of models has been settled for 2023. theres. A new range topping Namsan Edition, with a smattering of extra equipment, a bigger battery for more range and a juggling of spec levels across the board, keep reading for our full Hyundai ionic 5 review on one of the best looking EVS on sale in 2023. Indeed, it is Hyundai says the design was inspired by the pony Coupe of the 1970s, but, unlike so many car brands looking to the past to guide their future design wise, the ioniq 5 is no slavish Pastiche. Instead, we find an eye popping piece of styling shaped as a super sized family hatch, with crisp lines, surprising dimensions and modish, pixelated lighting, front and rear for a retro, modern Vibe. The ionic 5s dimensions are much larger than the you think from the photos. This design Master stroke masks the cars size its actually longer than a VW ID .

4, both physically about 40 millimeters taller than a Jaguar. I pace and boasts an unusually long wheelbase for extra cabin space inside speaking of the ipace and ID range we conveniently manage to park next to jagsyv in an ID .3 during our road tests. Both look instantly dated compared to this inside. The cockpit takes full advantage of the egmp platform that lies underneath its the same Hardware that underpins the excellent Kia. Ev6 sister car a flat floor means no fixed Center tunnel with a movable center console that provides cup holders Cubbies and a wireless phone charger. Youre. Also greeted by thick padded seats, two massive screens and a kit 2 spoke. We like the Helm of a Honda ease. Thankfully, Hyundai hasnt gone overly techie in the 5s interior design like Mercedes or Ultra minimalist, like a Tesla Model, 3 theres, a balance between large useful screens touch panels and physical switch gear and solid materials on all your regular touch points. The gear shift stock, for example, is on the steering column, with a simple to use, chunky twist, action to select gear and the door inlays complete with eco friendly paper inserts feel solid, with a tactile thunk when you pull the door handles its a lovely cabin that Feels special without overwhelming you, the new for 2023 namsen Edition, adds a panoramic glass sunroof with a hand, clap lined its a neat addition bathing the cabin in a soft diffused light Music.