First, look at the updated 2023 Kia Niro inside and outside the compact electric crossover no longer looks like a modest Budget Car. The updated Nero has become more daring, modern and expensive. The restyling was a success. We are sure that many people will prefer the new design of Nero to what it was before. Of course, you should meet the close before the restyling, but there are some more serious changes which are not really there. It is not that the previous Nero were bad and they urgently needed to change something. They were comfortable in quiet car, for a quiet ride. Just now, against the background of competitors, characteristics of updated Kia, Nero ebb, does not look so attractive among Nero hybrids and plug in hybrids. It is the all electric models that are considered the best the front wheel, drive transmission with a single speed. Automatic transmission is the most powerful and smoothest compared to the hybrid and plug in hybrid Nero. This is still true for the 2023 model, with a difference that it doesnt accelerate. As fast now, the peak power of the electric motor Remains the Same at 201 horsepower, but the torque has dropped from ‘5 to 255 in asterisk M. The difference is quite significant and it is especially noticeable when starting off and accelerating the updated Nero AV is now one of the few electric powered cars to which the combination, instant torque, does not apply. The reduction in torque has had an expected effect on tester results.

2., the 2023 Nero F takes 0.3 seconds longer to reach 97 kilometers per hour than the 2019 model, even though its 86 kilograms lighter. The new Nero F takes 6.5 seconds to accelerate, which isnt too bad plus the rubber will last longer. Since the crossover almost never slips when starting off, however, buyers of electric cars are usually more concerned about range, and here the Kia Niro F has a positive change. The battery capacity of the electric car is almost unchanged, but now on a single charge, the crossover can travel 407 kilometers instead of 383 kilometers heat charging capacity has increased from 77 kilowatts to 85 kilowatts, and here Kia is lagging behind progress as most 2023 model year. Electric vehicles support at least 150 kilowatts of charging power. The Nero AV looks like something in between a station wagon and a crossover with a slightly elevated seating position, but the car itself is low and therefore hardly lops in Corners. Its light and responsive, steering and well calibrated and smooth brakes provide Pleasant handling in and out of town. The Nero evs biggest drawback is not good enough. Damping on bumpy roads. Kia has made huge leaps in handling and suspension performance in recent years, but Echoes of their older cars can still be felt in the Nero F. The crossover visibly bounces and shakes when hitting potholes at speed it Smooths out and becomes less noticeable, but for those who drive mostly in the city, its very little consolation.

According to Kia Representatives, the cost of Nero f2023 model year will start at forty thousand dollars and the top of the line wave will cost forty five thousand dollars. These prices are virtually unchanged from last years model, seemingly no problem, but earlier this year Chevrolet announced price reductions for the bolt Ave and bolt youth, which will start at 2, 695.28 195 respectively. The Nero F could be forgiven for its slow charging and stiff in some situations suspension if Kia followed, Chevrolets lead and made its no longer state of the art electric car more affordable. The Chevrolet Equinox app will go on sale next year for about thirty thousand dollars, which will be powered by the LTM battery offer a roomier cabin and more advanced technology. It looks like Chevrolet intends to strip Kia of the title of the best brand in terms of value for money. The Nero also competes with kiazone ev6, with a starting price of dollar: four comma 29695, offering 500 kilometers of range and fast charging to add 320 kilometers. To its range in just under 20 minutes, the longer lower wider and more stylish ev6 rides as well as it looks and is offered with all wheel, drive and increased range sitting in the older Nero. You could see and feel that the trim materials were greatly spared. The interior design in the new Nero EV is more stylish and modern, and overall the cabin looks more expensive. This does not mean that all materials are of higher quality.

There is still enough hard plastic, but due to the better design and finish of this plastic, the shortcomings are not conspicuous. The main attention in the cabin is attracted by the two 10.3 inch displays placed behind a single, solid glass panel. The picture on the displays looks great, but some of the cars functions are harder to use than an older models. Kia was once a leader in the usability of the infotainment system and other car functions, but in the pursuit of fashion The company took a wrong turn under the center. Deflectors is a narrow strip with a scattering of touchscreen icons, pressing one of them. You switch between climate and multimedia, I.E, the same knob as responsible for temperature and volume control. It can be difficult to hit the small touch sensitive buttons, and you have to take your eyes off the road to do it. It can happen that when you receive a call, instead of turning up the volume, you will turn up the temperature in the cabin most drivers will quickly get used to the peculiarities of the controls and wont encounter such problems. But you could have made it so that these problems didnt exist at all. You can get around some of these problems by using steering wheel buttons, voice commands or by connecting your smartphone wirelessly via Apple carplay or Android. Auto. The Nero EV in the basic wind trim has heated front seats, an electric drivers, seat, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring and USD connectors in the back of the front seat, so passengers devices are always charged.

The more expensive package adds wireless phone charging, an electric front, passenger seat, front seat, ventilation, heated steering wheel, an upgraded eight speaker, audio system and the ability to power almost any Home Appliance through the charging port. The Nero Eva the 2023 model year has a luggage compartment under the hood, but it can only hold a charging wire, so it is of little use. A slight increase in wheelbase length, overall length and width of the new Nero Avis had a positive effect on interior space and trunk space compared to the previous Years, Nero F when choosing between the Nero Evony V6, its worth. Considering that the ev6 is slightly more legroom and the cabin feels slightly wider, but taller drivers and passengers may be more comfortable in the Nero F, which has a slightly higher ceiling in both the front and rear. The rear seat cushions in the ev6 are quite low to the floor. The rear seats in the Nero EV are slightly higher and more comfortable to sit in Kia and its subsidiaries. Hyundai and Genesis constantly surprise us with original and excellent designs of their cars, and the new Nero ebb is no exception. Looking at this electric car, you know right away that youre looking at an updated model. The only disappointing thing is that some other manufacturers have updated their cars more significantly than just in terms of body and interior design, thats, not to say that the Nero f is a bad car, but in order to compete and stand out, perhaps the company should follow.

Chevrolets example and lower the price of the car to encourage buyers with limited budgets to switch to their electric car. Thank you for watching. If you enjoy my videos, please press subscribe to my channel click the like button and leave a comment. This is my motivation for recording new videos: Music, Music, Music.