0, the name given to our second full EV.. I hope youre well and want to come on a ride with us. This is an MG4. Mr B is with me to tell you about the car, as all I want to do is hit the pedals.. This is a computer on wheels.. It takes some getting used, to. The comparisons with our first EV, a Nisson Leaf are inevitable. Well find out how this one is better and where it could perhaps improve. Its an MG4., Its a Luxury edition. 204 horse power with a 64 errata kW battery.. The manufacturer claims it has a range of 450 km.. We havent tessted that yet. The car only has 406 km on the clock.. So you said it has a 67 kW battery.. How long does it take to charge? It Depends on where you charge it.. If you use a regular household charger, it charges at more or less 3 kWh, which means it will take 22 or 23 hours.. A super fast charger charges at 150 kWh the car can take 135, so its half an hour to get to the 80. They recommend for optimum battery use. A super fast charger, the ones at service stations. Yes, the ones that are outrageously expensive. At home. It all depends on your set up.. If you have a single phase installation with prices that are ok, we can charge at 3 or 4 kWh.. It will also take a while.. If you have a three phase installation, you can charge the car at 8 or 9 kWh.

. This car can take 11 kWh. At 8 or 9 kWh. You can charge it in 10, hours., 0 to 100 Yes., But thats not advisable for this car.. Why? Because its a nickel battery and not a lithium one. And the car indicates on the screen, the batterys, optimal state. Weve capped the charging at 80.. If we ever need to change it here, 60, 40, 100, … And so on.. We capped the charging at 80 to make sure the battery lasts. Longer. That is one of our aims.. We have a wall box, its the best way.. We have a wall box with a three phase: installation. We can charge the car fully in 10 hours. At 6 or 7. Kwh. Is an EV, an economical solution for someone who does not have a charger at home, or is it not worth it in this case? If you dont have a charger at home, dont buy an EV.. No one is going to charge their car using a slow public charger which are the cheapest and wait for 15 to 16 hours, while their car charges, No one will leave their car 5 km away. From home and leave it to charge overnight to then pick it up., They will have to use the fast chargers for 30 minutes.. It turns out more expensive than using petrol. Ok.. This busts one of the electric mobility myths. Electric mobility – is for those who can afford. It. Ouch., Because if you cant .

.. in my opinion, electric mobility will widen the gap between the rich and the poor.. Someone who is rich can afford an expensive EV that will go from A to B without needing to be charged.. A poorer person wont afford that and will have to charge at expensive rates. So for travelling. Someone less well off will pay more., Which isnt the case. Now., The price of diesel or petrol is the same, but someone worse off has a more affordable car and spends less someone better off, spends more. And Ive seen people with cables hanging from their balconies to charge their cars. There. You go. Someone worse off. Doesnt have a garage and needs to get creative. Now tell me about this car specifically. Im looking at this screen and have no idea what Im looking at. Do you want to give us an idea of the best this car has Navigation.? We havent used it much, but its ok., The car is beeping its the lane assist. Its ok.. What else The radio. Ive lowered the volume, so I dont have to pay copyright on anything playing.. The radio is cool, weve added, a few stations to our favourites with a heart. We can play around with it.. It has a DAB installed.. I clicked on it the other day and couldnt get out.. What is it DAB? I think its music over the internet.. I havent really focused on that bit. Yet., I pressed on it unintentionally.

This sound youre hearing is the car telling us were swerving off the lane. One of the traits in this type of car.. It has a pro pilot system right. It has a self driving system.. The one we had in the Leaf was way better than this one.. I think this one isnt quite fine tuned yet., So in terms of self driving, the Nissan was ahead of this one Ok.. The Nissan also had some features that this one doesnt, the thing you lovingly call the oh, my God., You call it something else and I cant repeat: it. Explicit language.. It doesnt have lights at the back either, which I think is a fail.. However, it has something I love., No thats, not it.. Where is the heating? Oh, it was here. In the centre of the screen. See I dont know how to use this.. Well, it has a heated seats, which is great, but it can get too hot. I need to turn it down. And it has a heated steering wheel. It has these details that I love. Theyre interesting. Im still trying to come to grips with this system.. What else can you tell us this car has? That is interesting for someone searching for an electric car, For instance, for charing at fast chargers, its interesting in the summer. The battery takes up energy much easier because it is at the ideal temperature. Manually you can start …. Where is it Im not sure where it is yet.

Here it is.? We can turn on the battery heating system, so it is at an ideal temperature.. It will be warm when it gets to the charger and can take up the energy better.. It will take less time. And wont cause the batter more wear.. What else does this have? That is interesting. Tell me about regenerative braking.. What is that Regenerative braking.? Well, when you brake the engine sends power back into the batteries.. If you want to compare this to combustion engines, it would be like engine braking.. This car has 4 levels autonomous 1, 2 and 3. Turn off the heated seats, its a bit too hot.. Im. Sorry, I thought Id turned it off.. This car has a cool feature. You can customise these buttons. For this star. We have regenerative, braking which you can see in tiny numbers on the screen which Im not fond of., Auto 1, 2 and 3.. Poor eyesight is not good here. And on this side of the wheel we have the aircon shortcut. Its there. Talk to her Ask her to turn the aircon on.. She only talks English. The Chinese havent learned Portuguese.. We press this button. Here. Air Con on Im, here. Air con on Climate control is on.. I like this, but sometimes she doesnt understand what I say. Must be my accent.. It is close to Teslas self driving system. It identifies the cars. It identifies if its a car or a motorbike. Were using 15 kWh right now.

With a 60 kW battery thats 400 km. More things.. It comes with an induction charger. The cables are hidden on the side and they connect to the USB jack.. We put the cables here, dont, forget to say that. Theres a hole on the side., So an induction charger Apple Car Play Android, car or Android, Auto whatever.. It has all the works, bluetooth, connection.. It has two cup holders at the bottom. Ive used them. For my coffee cup. This compartment. – And this is what the key looks like., But you can unlock the car using your phone.. You can unlock and start the car using your phone, the app lets you do that. It has an app.. You can turn on the aircon remotely. The app helps you manage the car so to speak. Driving wise when compared to our previous one, I find it more solid.. You can feel this car much better on the road surface. It has a better grip. And the 200 horse power with rear drive … with a 5050 weight distribution means its fun when doing a roundabout.. You can turn off the traction. Control. Dont even think about it. Youre egging for it. In terms of design. In my opinon, its super sleek super clean. The air vents are super discreet. You can barely see them. A typical glove compartment. Design wise. They really pulled it off. I find the car very attractive with interesting details with the gear. Stick .

..! Well, its not a gear, stick anymore, its a transmission now. For speeds., A gear selector. Thank you., Its floating, and it lends the car a very sleek look., The stitching in blue, which the Nissan also had.. This is faux leather., Its not animal leather anymore. Manufacturers have gone for faux leather. And the space.. This is a very roomy car.. It looks small, but it isnt at all.. It is quite wide.. It is also quite long., Im, not sure of the measurements but Ill look them up and add them to the descriptions. Box., Its a pretty big and solid car, as my husband remarked. It responds, you can feel youre driving it.. I like it its a great driving experience., Its also pretty roomy. At the back. We have our sons, seat here.. We have our sons seat at the back and theres plenty of room.. In fact, the person recording this … youre comfy arent, you, Yes, Im, great. comfortable., The boot is smaller than the Leafs. Were not too fond of that. But in any case, we didnt buy the car to fill up the boot we bought the car, so we can be comfortable. Very important. What about the price Right? The price was within our budget., Unfortunately, for the country, our budget isnt, one that would fit everyone. This car was below 40 thousand euros., That was, the aim. Were actually paying a smaller instalment on this one than we were on the other.

Exactly. I havent figured out why.. We were able to make the most of inflation for second hand cars and got a really good deal on the Leaf.. The downpayment means we were able to have a much lower monthly instalment … well, not much lower but lower nonetheless.. It has this cool feature for storing sunglasses. Its great for me as I like to leave a pair of sunglasses in the car.. As for the cars outer design, its pretty aggressive Weve noticed that every time we drive by people stop and stare at it., It draws attentione because, although its a hatchback, it has a super aggressive design and looks sporty.. The coolest detail is the spoiler a feature of the luxury edition. This was the first luxury series to be sold in the Lisbon area, or at least the first to be delivered.. It was the first one to be sold right. It was the first to be delivered. If Im not mistaken. The MG4 comes in three different editions. In Portugal, Basic Comfort and Luxury.. What changes The range? The range the type of battery, which is something important., The range, the type of battery the engine … and the cool features. For isntance, the fact we can customise the buttons on the wheel …. When we went for a test drive in the Basic edition. It was not possible to customise the shortctut for regenerative braking on the wheel. Ok. Plus the spoiler, which, as I said, is a really neat feature and the lights that extend along the entire back, which gives it a gorgeous effect and makes it look more.

Aggressive. Recap: time., Give me a quick summary of this car in 30 seconds.. You have 30 seconds to sell it.. If you want a good car thats affordable. This is it. Thats. It Yes. Its the truth. Until new models hit the market a car with this range and all the features wont cost you less than 50 thousand euros. In Portugal.. This one was below 40. MG came in for the kill. Yes. MG is originally British and has been bought by the Chinese. Next year. They will be releasing their iconic convertible in full, EV mode.. I wouldnt mind having that one. Just saying. MG. If you want to lend it to us, … Thats it. MG – if you want me to take it out for a test drive when it comes out, … Im not Super Car Blondie, but I can be Super Car Curly. Guys. I truly hope this video is helpful.. Esoecially, if youre curious about electric mobility and want a true idea of what it entails., If you cant charge your car at home, forget about it., It wont work and you risk hanging cables from your balcony.. It will be much more expensive if you have to rely on public paid chargers.. The car has amazing extras.. I dont think electric cars will be the future.. The way things are at the moment. The electricity system wont be able to handle it.. We can pick what we want to see. Now we cant because its reversing.

, But we can pick the camera, we want to see. Side front and the visbility and screen sharpness is outstanding.. It also tells us how far away we are from the obstacles in cm. Ill. Now say goodbye., I hope you found this useful. Any questions.