You joined me in Tallahassee Florida at, of course, a Starbucks just over here, where Im meeting up with my good friend, Dominic Yoni, who has just purchased this Tesla Model 3 long range rear, wheel drive. I actually think this is the best model 3 variant to ever. Go on sale, I used to own a 2018 long range rear, wheel, drive and what were going to be doing in this video is taking it for a drive and evaluating it and see if Dominic made the right purchase the announcement that Dominic is now on YouTube Drive electric with Dominic hell be documenting his experiences with this electric car, as well as others that hell be testing and experiencing so Ill leave the link in the description and the pinned comment. So you can follow along, and here it is my friend, Dominic Yoni owns this car. He and I do a podcast every Friday morning called the inside EVS podcast and he had been looking for a used car for some time and we were looking at maybe even a new Chevy bolt or you know I dont know this really seemed like a better Purchase to me, so I encouraged him to look at used, Teslas and uh. I actually found this car in Ohio on an online website and suggested hey Dominic. You should get this one and thats exactly what he did and so far I have to say its looking really nice. This was actually the least expensive, long range, rear, wheel, drive or, I should say, just long range in general Tesla for sale in the entire country, and it came with FSD, and I should make an asterisk.

It was the cheapest one with under. I want to say 70 or 80 000 miles something like that. No accident history, car is clean and it only had 40 000 miles on it and came with FSD included. The original owner purchased it when they bought this car. Few little modifications or some carbon fiber wrap. There were some things to indicate that maybe an Enthusiast owned, the car, the charge limit was set low. You can see just a nice little wrap here, so we know whoever owned this car probably took good care of it. Thats, just my impression all around you can see you get the glass canopy early model 3s used USB a instead of USBC. Just like my model 3 is the same way, but the shut lines, The Body Lines its really not looking too too bad here. So what do you say? We jump in this thing: weve driven model 3 long range, rear wheel, drive on this channel, actually, maybe never on this channel on out of spec motoring back when that was our only Channel. When I used to own one of these and um, you know I really love the way. These things drive. You get the bigger battery about 75 ish kilowatt hours. It doesnt have the new big model 3 battery, but its still good still charges at 250. Kilowatts very efficient with the rear wheel drive, although Dominic drives pretty hard, so hes telling me its not as efficient as I may have let on, but lets see how its actually doing and uh generally just go and experience this thing as uh as a used model.

3 and talk about the purchase experience so lets. Do it well welcome to the inside of the model 3M with Dominic and K? Hey guys, hey! Well, thanks for letting me drive your car. Thank you. So uh tell us about dude. Dude dude is Drive electric with Dominic thats, the acronym, I guess uh um its. My new YouTube channel, which I created to help me pay for this thing. Thats right, maybe thats the stupidest plan ever, but it should work thats the plan and uh yeah, but uh. So lets go for a drive you can see. You have all of your visualizations. This car, like I mentioned, has FSD FSD beta, looks like engaged and well have a separate video on your personal Channel, yeah dude uh, trying out FSD beta for the first time. Yes, so I just activated this yesterday, okay, I mean Ive had it for like a month now and its been using the regular autopilot from time to time, waiting to do a special, video and and then youve said youre showing up, and so oh thats. The perfect time to do a special video right, perfect time to try and kill me with FST thats right, so uh yeah, I mean were just gon na – go out drive around no particular roads. I know you said you wanted to turn right here. Well, we couldnt couldnt do anything else, so lets see how it feels. Normally, I mean overall model three.

What do you want me to do? Okay and well turn the left of the first light. Okay, we can do that so um model 3 rear wheel drive. What was the EPA range of this car rated? When new? Do you remember 310, 315, somewhere around there? I think it was 310.. It was up there which it seems like pretty high for what I was getting: okay, yeah and um. I havent done the complete 70 mile, an hour Highway range test, yet thats coming up right, well, Im curious to see how your battery health is looking because at 85, youre showing 238 miles on the uh displayed range here, the rated range. If I go to your car, its a model 3 long range right, um, you know its a 2018 model, 45 082 miles on it, and nothing um here would indicate that the car feels old to me other than just the greasy steering wheel so other than that. It feels pretty good terms of power and performance feels just like a model 3 rear wheel drive should just nice strong, sustained power, as you would expect, do a little brake test. Everyone holding on yeah, okay, so ABS working great brakes feel strong. It can smell them. A little bit but yeah I mean, like the bones, feel good. The thing feels nicely screwed together right, no squeaks or rattles. Like my model three, it feels way better than that. Yes, that car, as you know, because you just had it for I dont – know a Rattle Trap yeah that was before you swapped the suspension, though sure so, the new suspension, but even like interior components like the rear seat Clips are creaky in that car and, like Just doesnt feel that good right, this really feels good and um whats funny about not having the front motor in these and Ive driven them back to back plenty of times and made videos about this.

They actually turn in a bit better than the all wheel. Drive cars notice that yeah so youve really noticed the lack of I dont know 200 pounds up front or something it just loves to get into Corners. Yes, very much so the other thing is early model 3s were on stiffer suspension than newer ones. Okay, so it rides probably a bit further. We havent hit any major bumps yeah, so its pretty firm right – and I remember you saying that too yeah and I was like thinking about and I remembered uh yeah early model 3 had stiff suspension and I believe they offered a free retrofit to softer suspension. Oh really yeah in period I dont know if they still would do it, but I think that was the thing you could change out either the spring or the damper. I forget which okay and Tesla would upgrade you to the Comfort suspension. This was like very early days of model three right um, I kind of like the stiffer suspension. Personally, I think it handles better and you know, theres no major twisty roads here in Tallahassee. You got to go North to the North Georgia Mountains or something to find some good driving roads, yeah or down to the coast. Theres a nice road down there. Oh good theres, the odd you know, Country Road here and there. Actually, this is kind of nice in places when you get out in the country, even yep yeah.

No, this is beautiful around here kind of actually reminds me of Raleigh North Carolina in places where I used to live its a beautiful city, its very nice yeah. So what should we say about model? Three, I mean it does um uh the the specific, the long range rear, wheel, drive variant, and so why did you end up going with this particular configuration because theres been a bunch theres been you know, standard range, standard range, plus right, mid range, long range, long Range all wheel, drive, stealth performance and performance and Im sure I missed one somewhere right yeah. What made you choose this configuration? Well, I mean a lot of it has to do with range and budget and uh and and power really to be frank, because standard other standards are a little bit more affordable, yeah generally, but kind of you know. Long range is so nice in them, but if you go standard you get less power as well or if any neighborhood Sheriff right. I see that I was about to do some skids around here. I know traffic circle straight on yeah. Really nice, though its pretty sure it feels good, and you can hear the motor yeah, you can hear the the motors. Definitely yeah, yeah audible sounds great and if you take the rear seat out, itll sound even better so yeah. So this configuration sorry right. No, its all right, um yeah, so just let me know, is what was available for one thing, you know just trying to find something in the right budget area and going with real rare roll Drive, really helps that consideration would have been nice to have all wheel.

Drive just for the extra the power, but its you know pretty quick, its its pretty fun its its nice and, like you said, without the water on the front, wheels it kind of turns in noticeably nicer its really interesting, actually to throw it in the turns yeah. A little different from all wheel drive for sure. I totally agree, and you know we were looking because you originally its been a long thing on the inside. Even the podcast. This is once a month. Have you had your spark EV thats right and then it was. You know the market was so strong. You decided to dump that and you were driving. Your old was a ranger that you have 1988 Ford, Ranger STX yeah, which is a cool truck and very desirable. You know whats funny is I see so many people comment that they want to buy it off. You right feel free its 30 grand yeah, yeah and um. You know, overall, I think you know you went from the spark. It was time to get another electric car. The bolt was a real consideration right and I almost bought a boat that is so close. You were like a day away from it about a day away from buying a boat. We all just wanted you to buy something. We were all getting frustrated that this has gone on for six months and you couldnt buy a car. So finally I was like I gave you a call and I was like Dominic you here are your choices.

You can go for a new bolt or you can go for a more expensive used model, three right and um. We actually worked the numbers and some spreadsheet magic that this was the cheaper vehicle to own than the bolt because of resale value. Was the big component yeah theyre, going to sell a ton of bolts at you, know 18 Grand after tax credits, whatever its going to be or 20 grand after tax credit, so therell be worth 10 grand in just a couple years, especially if the economy goes right. Those incentives so lets take a big chunk out of your resale value when you know when they come into the market like this yeah. Those incentives help you get in, but they also lower the resale value in theory that same amount right, and so, if you went for this car, which had already taken a big depreciation hit, this was almost a 60 000 car went new, especially with FSD and all The other stuff on it right, um, you know you were able to buy this car. What did you spent roughly for it uh? I think it was 31.9 before the tax and title and all that kind of stuff. Okay, thats amazing deal so like 33 34 out. The door or something like that: okay, so youre, but youre in a long range rear wheel, drive with FSD for 35 Grand right right, which is you know, right thats. All the dealers didnt really understand the you know the SSD thing they didnt know at all.

They had no idea what that was, so you got locking because they were lucky valued, the car to have it without FSD, basically and uh I can see I I think it would be. You know boost the value, but three thousand dollars Im thinking the used marketing used Market yeah totally, and if anything, I think it just makes the car stand out against others its true, especially with so many model threes out there. You know if you needed to get out of this car and into something else right having FSD is certainly a selling point, especially with the beta software on now, and all this talk of you know, maybe improved logic well see in your video if its gotten any Better, since the last time I used it but um, you know, I think you settled on a pretty good choice and we were actually looking. You know, coming into a little bit of long range. All wheel drive was kind of not too far out of the budget. Yeah, its just a matter of finding the right deal, really, you know right, but this one just kind of fit the bill was a clean car. It had the mileage. You were looking for 40, something Thousand Miles. I was kind of telling you not to worry about the miles, but you were worried about worried about the miles. You know why Ill take a toll. Eventually, you know like if you notice theres, like some issues with the paint that just happens right right right, but so that happens less fewer fewer miles, less chips.

I think its more like how someone drives, if youre a Tailgater for a hundred thousand miles, your pain will be gone right, but if you leave a lot of space, maybe not so much well, this was up in Illinois. I guess too right so right, Im just going to kind of meander through these neighborhoods here and then Im, not sure. If these are the neighborhoods, we should be Meandering through theyre. Not okay! Well, well, go back when you start seeing bars everywhere: yeah, no thats! Okay! Well, go back on that that road was pretty good and um. You know, I think, overall, you really settled on a pretty good platform here, no Creeks, even going lots, lots of the wheel well go straight through that sounds good um yeah, so I mean drives great its got the power suspensions definitely firm, but not unlivable, right and Uh overall, I think you, you really got yourself a solid vehicle here. There is one problem, though, which is your charge situation right right? Your AC charger has a limited performance, thats, true, so theres a thing in the back called the what they call PCS. I believe its or yeah PCS board or something like this. Yes, right something system, power, control, Power, conversion system, yeah, something um right and thats its in the penthouse of the battery, so but its not included thats part of the battery warranty right, which seems a bit fishy, which is which sucks, because they have to take the Battery out and if I was like, if the battery was gone because the battery is still under warranty, is it better to put they would swamped up the whole thing they wouldnt take out the time to fly the battery to 100 every day right, uh yeah.

So I mean thats gon na be an interesting one to see unfold, and perhaps we can do a story on it and help with that or something right. I was gon na look into maybe aftermarket Solutions because theres, some of you aftermarket Tesla shops, now right, electrified garage, is not far from here only a couple hours right, so that would be great to go visit them, possibly, yes, yeah. So I think that could be a really neat situation and um yeah. Perhaps if theyre watching this video, they can reach out to Dominic and set something up, but look I think, for the money. The long range rear wheel, drive variant is by far crazy efficient. In my opinion – maybe not so much in yours – I mean yeah, they got ta, stop so everyones gon na stop and were not gon na die, so thats good um, its got more than enough power. I mean the performance on this is strong yeah thats, pretty nice. Its like a boy nices – and you know your everyday Honda faster than a bolt – would be, and the power goes to the correct Wheels. Yes, that is a big consideration, thats. What thats one thing I really didnt like about the boat, because the new bolts, the next new gem theyre, pretty nice inside yeah, but the its just that you know when you this is the front wheel, drive thing it just doesnt feel great. All right well lets send it out on the roads.

Oh a little bit. Oh, you got the slip start on okay, yeah thats, how you have to drive, rear wheel, drives or just pull a wheel, speed sensor and do massive skids? Okay, so um uh! Congratulations! Thank you and congratulations on now, officially being a YouTuber um, hey. What do you think about all of this? Oh, I think its great. I was all about the Tesla when he was having his crisis about the car situation and uh. So you were team Tesla as well, very good yeah, just just so. People will know that uh K is my uh musical partner, so we play in a band together called Firefly Rebellion, its kind of new and were growing that also a YouTube channel right right. I subscribe theres a few songs on there if you want, if youre curious, uh, yeah theyll just give you some context: yeah very good and uh yeah. Okay, I think youll have to take Dominic for some rides in his car sometime and scare him a little bit. Yeah and do some big skids and sentence hes going to get something soon really were going to do a little video to see whether so she plays a three quarter sized upright bass. So we need to see if itll fit in the back of will it fit in this uh. I dont know: okay, thatll be a good video. She has a Juke right now and a shirt fits, but all the way up to the dash and then theres a hole.

Take anyone else in the car. With me sure the base takes up the entire car. I have to lean the passenger seat back and its this big ordeal to get it in there and I kind of need something. A little bit bigger, well thats, where, like a bolt, might work with a big hatchback and euv, but it can UV, possibly yeah and uh whats funny is the euv has a listed smaller capacity storage than the regular bolts right, but it just has to do with The way they measured it its actually bigger okay, but the SAE standards for measuring interior cargo volume like make the euv have a smaller number. Oh okay, I just assume, if you put this rear seats down its going to be bigger for sure what three inches something like that. It might be even more five to seven and it all goes to rear seat room. If I remember correctly right its all. Behind the reverse, all behind the front, seats, yeah, yeah, well, uh thing seems great, keep an eye on Dominics channel for our FSD experience, which were about to do now and cant. Thank you enough for uh letting me drive your car and feeling it, and it really honestly truly feels solid. So I think you guys whatd, you think about the uh efficiency, because that was the thing right lets. Take like 274 watt hour per mile. The way Ive been driving at 259, I mean it seems reasonable weve been driving it pretty hard right uh, I mean theres a couple things you got going for youre not on OE tires right.

So your tires are not electric adapted things like that. You also have uh the 19 inch Sport Wheels versus the arrows sure, and that makes honestly a pretty big difference right, and so I think you also probably drive it 75 80 85 miles an hour down the highway, where, if youre really trying to get under that, You know 281 hour per mile. You got to be under that right. Yeah in town, I tend to speed away from stop lights, so well do a little bit yeah sure, but even over the last 30 miles average range. You know its its 270 watt hour per mile. Its just something awesome man seems really good excellent yeah. I was thinking it was 300s for some reason. Well, if you take a lot of short trips, that first hit will always to the right here that first hit on short trips will always um. You know impact your your numbers quite a bit, so you got to get the flu its going through and all that good stuff, so uh there we go thanks for watching another out of spec reviews. Video! Thank you Dominic. Thank you Kay and well see you all on another one.