Cars are hard to come by and those that do already exist. For instance, the Fiat 500e or the Honda e come with compromises, whether that be space range or equipment, but gwm Aura are here to change all of that by wowing customers, with their first UK, offering a no compromise electric car introducing the aura funky cat. A compact, practical fun, fully electric vehicle, packed full of equipment and a great EV driving range. You may be wondering who are gwm aura. Gwm stands for Great Wall Motors, founded in 1984 theyre, the eighth largest auto manufacturer in China. The brand Aura was officially launched in 2018 and after their success in China, gwm wanted to share their fantastic cars with the rest of the world. Lookers are proud to be one of the first to offer two gwm Aura dealers, one in my hometown of Braintree, Essex, where I am today, one in Wolverhampton and also dealers confirmed for Charles Hurst in Belfast and hopefully many more to come. Hello: Im Tish from Auto social UK, a local, Independent Car, reviewer and Ive, been invited by Lookers to tell you everything there is to know about this exciting New Brand and model, and if, at any point you have any questions or queries about anything that Ive covered, Then feel free to pop them down in the comments down below where Ill be happy to answer. Lets talk about the facts and figures. The first edition Aura funky cat, comes with a 48 kilowatt hour battery pack, which gives you an official driving range of 193 miles that puts it ahead of similarly priced mini, electric and Honda ease.

The battery can be charged from 15 to 80 in just 42 minutes. Initially its going to be offered with this single 48 kilowatt hour battery powering a 171 brake horsepower motor, which is driving the front wheels with a longer model due in due course claimed acceleration is pretty nippy naught to 30 miles per hour, comes up in just 3.8 Seconds with the naught to 62 time quoted at 8.3 seconds, maximum speed is also limited to 99 miles per hour. The aura funky cat isnt just fun to look at its also fun to drive with its well weighted, steering and rewardingly firm chassis, which is amongst the best in its class. If youre looking to stand out from the crowd, then the aura funky cat has you covered with its retro futuristic styling inside and out with 18 inch alloy wheels LED headlights, integrated, rear light bar and plush premium interior. The aura, funky cat is sure to make a statement wherever you go. It can also be had in some pretty quirky color combinations, including nebula, green Aurora, green Mars, red or, if youre feeling a bit more classic. Then, how about this Starry black interior quality is one of the, if not the best in its class everywhere. You touch has some really high quality materials which make it feel very premium for this price point, youve got a lever, wrap steering wheel. Youve also got a lever wrapped armrest and youve got these part leather part suede seats youve also got the same suede onto the dashboard, with this blue, contrasting stitching along the dashboard and then nice Chrome details across the air vents below youve also got some heavy weighted Buttons for shortcuts to your climate control, the interior inside this car is finished in a black leather and black Alcantara suede with contrasting blue stitching.

But if you wanted something which is going to brighten your day a little bit more, then how about this? You dont see many Interiors like this. Nowadays, this color combination with the contrasting steering wheel, contrasting suede, red dashboard and matching quilted door cards, can be specified on Mars red cars and is certainly going to put a smile on anybodys face equipment inside the aura. Funky cat is extremely high. Youve got a huge level of safety equipment which Ill talk about in a moment, but youve also got automatic lights, automatic rain sensing wipers a 360 degree parking camera with rear parking sensors. You get a satellite navigation as standard wireless charging. In your center console – and you also get a very handy Voice, assistance system, which is one of the best in its class, it goes a bit like this hello, aura, yes, Im here, Im cold, okay, Ive raised the temperature in driver area to 25 degrees, or how About hello, aura, Im listening Im hungry, which do you want Subway, Okay, subway having an intuitive system like this, is really handy, especially when getting to know a brand new car, reliability and safety may be a query. You have for a new brand, but rest assured gwm Aura offer a very comprehensive five year, unlimited mileage warranty, and they also cover the battery for up to eight years and a hundred thousand miles thats much better than most of its rivals and as for safety.

Well, this is the aura funky cats trump card. It was awarded the safest small family car by the end cap testing scoring full marks in the Euro safety test equipment includes adaptive cruise control, which will stop and start in traffic lane keeping assist Lane centering and auto emergency braking theres. Also, a very clever facial recognition system, which has a variety of functions for one. It will keep an eye on the driver and display a warning if they look drowsy or if theyre not paying attention, for example, if theyre using their mobile phone. It can also recognize between different drivers and then load appropriate settings such as their favorite radio station or their destination of work into the sat. Nav gwm Aura has prioritized rear space over boot space, but that being said, theres still an impressive 228 liters thats more than in the mini electric, the Fiat 500, and also the Honda e theres, also some useful underfloor boot storage to be able to put away your Cables despite being a compact looking car from the outside, the Anki cat is actually rather a spacious model. It can compete with larger models like the Volkswagen ID3 or the Cupra born inside youve got lots of storage solutions, including nice big door cards. Ive got a nice big, full size, glove box, Ive got two cup holders as well as some storage up front and Ive also got some storage inside this armrest, but space and quality isnt only reserved for front seat passengers in the rear of the aura funky car Ive got a ton of room its one of the best amongst its Rivals: Ive got loads of leg.

Room plenty of Headroom and Ive also got a decent sized middle seat as well on that middle seat. When Im, not using it, Ive got a pull out armrest with two cup holders. A rear, USB charge. Port and Ive also got pockets on both of the rear seats. If youre looking for a quirky high quality electric car with plenty of range equipment and most of all one thats going to make you smile every time, you drive it, then look no further than the aura funky cat. I know that so many Lookers customers are going to love this car just as much as me. If you had any questions or queries about anything that Ive covered today or any further questions, then you can either pop them in the comments down below or for any inquiries like booking a test drive, then you can do that by following the link in the description Box, thank you so much Lookers for having me today.