. Are you ready to feel the vibe of the new Hyundai KONA? That would be the all new 2nd generation KONA. Arent, you excited Absolutely., Introducing a new upscaled multiplayer for all lifestyles. The all new KONA Lets take a look, The all new 2nd generation, KONA Electric has a completely new, futuristic design., Just look at it., Futuristic, upscaled, commanding. And its not just in the looks either. Weve upscaled the length, the width and the wheelbase for a more spacious Interior and trunk space and theres the gorgeous pixel graphic design as well. Now lets, take a closer look at the car exterior.. As you can see, the 2nd generation KONA is quite a bit longer. And the rugged wide body design gives the car an unmistakably upscaled SUV. Look. Just look at these pixels. When I was a kid. This is exactly how I imagined a car of the future would look like. And these pixel graphics on the head and taillights intake, grille and bottom rear. Bumper are exclusive to the electric model, which I think complete its futuristic look.. Now the pixels form a lamp design called the Pixelated Seamless Horizon DRL that emphasizes the width of the vehicle while embodying the KONAs futuristic design philosophy.. This sharp connecting line catches the eye and complements the beautiful side profile of the car. and complements the beautiful side profile of the car. And check out the wheels.. Normally you dont really notice the wheels when you get in a car.

, But the new KONAs, unique wheel design is definitely a head turner. And just look at this awesome blue accent.. It still has that unique vibe of the original KONA, but with a more bold and futuristic look. And heres a feature you dont, find too often. The KONA Electric comes with a special V2L Vehicle to Load feature. Using V2L. You can plug your electronics and home appliances directly into the KONAs power pack, with an output of up to 3 kW., Its really convenient. Hows it going out there. Martin Theres a lot of really cool features on the inside as well Come and have a look.. The cutting edge exterior is complemented by this equally futuristic interior.. The centerpiece is this great Panoramic Display And the AVNT and cluster have each been upscaled to 12.3 inches.. The black bezel in between gives you the sense youre working with one giant screen.. Now, just look at the size of this console.. The gear knob has been moved to this right hand, side of the wheel to a column, type shifter, freeing up so much space.. The cup holders can fold or come out entirely. And with the cup holders out theres enough space for a large clutch or even a small bag, which is perfectly convenient. When someone is sat in the passenger seat. And since everyone needs to charge their phones, weve got a wireless smartphone charging along with two USB C type charging ports both in the front and in the back.

. This is a feature you wont want to miss.. Just at the press of a button, the first row of relaxation seats can be switched to relaxation mode.. I think this may well be my favorite feature., The KONA isnt, only about comfort for the driver. Back here there is so much head room and leg room than before. Im, 170 cm tall and theres still quite a bit of space left.. The KONA also has the use of slim seats, which is 30 thinner than before, creating a more spacious and comfortable area.. The use of the flat floor here as well also contributes to the spacious comfortable area., Its almost like being in your armchair at home.. The inside also has V2L ports, which is so convenient meaning you can charge your laptops and tablets on the go.. Alright lets move to the back.. We all know good trunk size is crucial for an SUV.. The KONA provides best in class trunk cargo space enough to fit two full size. Golf bags or three 28 inch travel suitcases. And if you lift this luggage board here, youll be able to fit even more items. Inside., Its pretty clear this car prioritizes practicality. And the KONAs rear seat backs fold almost completely flat, which is great for camping or travel.. So wherever you go, the KONA has you covered. And lastly, take a look at this smart power tailgate., You probably didnt notice, but I set the trunk door to open up to my height.

And you can actually adjust the height and opening speed according to your preference. And if you want to close it just push this button. Easy as pie.. I hope youve enjoyed our tour of the dynamic all new KONA., But, in addition to the Electric you just saw, the KONA lineup also comes in more flavors., The Hybrid and the N Line. Lets take a look.. Now. What you see here is the N Line model.. The N Line incorporates sporty track driving fun, making it a very visually appealing, car. Exterior design elements setting the N Line. Apart from the Electric and this N Line logo at the front.. We also have a specific grille design and then around the side we have more logos. And then down here you have a specific wheel type for this vehicle. Around the back. The N Line also has this twin muffler. Interior design, elements that set the N Line apart, include red accents that give it a stylish dynamic, feel that is characteristic of this model. Now over here we have the Hybrid., The KONA Hybrid has a normal engine. In addition to electric motors., In essence, it is an electric vehicle crossed with a normal engine, powered car. Design elements setting this vehicle. Apart at this stylish SUV, upscaled armor., An optimized hybrid system controls and coordinates the engine and the motor, depending your driving situation for optimal efficiency.. Now we dont have the gasoline model at our venue today, but it is 100 identical to the Hybrid making sure that you get the full futuristic feel of the KONA Electric.

. So what do you think of the all new KONA? Well, its definitely a smart way to upgrade your lifestyle. Im, looking forward to seeing just how multi talented the KONA really is. Me too.. I cant wait to be wowed by this true upscaled multiplayer.. Well now its your turn. Choose the life you want with KONA.