The current model, S already seems like the ultimate performance car from the EV maker and the Tesla Roadster would need to surpass its sibling first to be the Brands flagship. Tesla was initially expected to put the Roadster on the market in 2020, but the product has been repeatedly delayed now that its release is near, lets find out what it has to offer, as always stay tuned for a fun bonus fact towards the end of the video On February 9, 2022 Von hulshhausen stated in Spikes Car Radio podcast that the Roadster will be an exciting flying machine and that Defying Gravity is an interesting idea. Tesla is working feverishly on the new Roadster. The design boss added musk has stated that Tesla will offer the new Roadster with the optional SpaceX package, which includes cold air thrusters around the car, to improve top speed, braking and cornering. When the CEO announced in January 2021, he stated that the SpaceX package would allow the Roadster to accelerate. Even faster production of cyber truck is coming next year 2023. We will be in production with Roadster and with semi thats. All coming this year is about scaling up and next year, theres going to be a massive wave of new products, Tesla initially priced the new Roadster at two hundred thousand dollars in the base trim and 250 000 in the priority delivery. First 1000 units Founders series trim, while reservations are still open. Tesla has removed the prices from its website.

Tesla will likely offer autopilot as standard and enhanced autopilot and full self driving or FSD as options in the next gen Roadster basic autopilot enables the car to steer, accelerate and Brake automatically for other vehicles and pedestrians within its Lanes. Enhanced autopilot, which costs six thousand dollars across the current range, brings several additional hands free driving capabilities. It allows autonomous driving on highways along with automatic Lane change and enables automatic parallel and perpendicular parking and smart summon functions, FSD, the name of which could change by the time of the next gen. Roadsters arrival gives the car the capability to identify, stop signs and traffic lights and automatically slow down. Where required in the future. It will enable automatic steering on city streets. The all new Roadster sits on a dedicated EV platform and will maximize high performance and efficiency with spectacular figures, 0 62 miles per hour in less than 1.9 seconds wheel, torque of 7475 pound feet and a top speed of over 250 miles per hour. In addition, it will feature an all wheel, drive layout with torque vectoring. With these specifications it should outperform most combustion. Engined supercars, the Tesla Roadster prototype features a 200 kilowatt hour battery that supports charging at 350 kilowatt DC and offers a range of 620 miles or 997 kilometers at highway speeds. The longest driving range on a production, EV Tesla will deploy its new 4680 battery cell format. In the 2023 Roadster, the company has named the new format after its Dimensions, 80 millimeters in length and around 46 millimeters in diameter.

The next gen Roadster has a minimalistic interior, which is typical of a Tesla. It features a Sleek dashboard with carbon fiber trim, a spaceship themed steering yoke and a curved super slim Bridge type center console that houses. A large portrait touch screen. A hollowed section below the center console provides extra storage for slightly large items like a grocery bag or a handbag. The central armrest houses, the cup holder, Tesla much like apple, has a certain way of doing things, which is not customer friendly in some cases. Unlike other car companies that have embraced Apple, carplay and Android, auto Tesla has avoided offering integration for these platforms. Current Teslas are devoid of Amazons Alexa Voice Assistant as well. However, things are changing. In December 2022, the company introduced Apple music support for its Vehicles via a software update, in addition to Spotify and apple music streaming service options in the future may include Amazon, music, Pandora, title Etc. At least one of the Roadster configurations will have four seats and, while the rear seats might not be comfortable for adults, its a rare feature in supercars, the car has a removable glass roof storable in the trunk, while the all new Roadster continues to be delayed year. After year, the design is a crowd. Puller Tesla is taking every opportunity to remind fans and customers what its working on Twitter user, Stargazer plaid shared, live pictures above of the future Tesla Model, enthralling fans, almost five years after its premiere, a white clay model of the next gen Roadster, is on display at The Peterson Automotive Museum, in Los Angeles until October 22nd 2023.

, a dedicated Tesla section at the museum, has Teslas past and future vehicles in attendance, including clay models and prototypes, as well as the Tesla bot 4680 cells and the metal ball. That von Holzhausen flung to shatter the Cyber trunks window glass, the debut of the Tesla Roadster in 2008, marked a watershed moment in the evolution of zero emissions. Electric vehicles. It was Teslas first attempt to build an EV. It drew a massive crowd because it demonstrated that a high performance electric car could be used in everyday life. The first Tesla Roadster had a 53 kilowatt hour battery that powered a rear. Motor Tesla did not build the original Roadster on a dedicated EV platform. Instead, it licensed the chassis from Lotus and used drivetrain technology from startup AC propulsion, working around the clock on the integration and making extensive changes to the chassis, but the original Roadster was never Teslas ultimate goal. Instead, it demonstrated the ludicrous performance that EVS could be capable of Paving the way for the now successful Tesla EVS, including the models sx 3 and Y. Thank you for waiting heres. The promised bonus fact as the launch of the next gen Roadster draws closer interest in the first gen model is growing. Many potential buyers believe it could become a collectible piece in the future. In February 2022, Pete Gruber of Gruber Motor Company told electric that a first gen Roadster was sold at a record high 190 thousand dollars recently soon after a 2008 model with vin 13 and just 840 miles on the odometer went for well over 250 thousand dollars.