I think its a European debut for at the e car Expo in Stockholm and friends. Arena made by in Austria weve got the illuminated Fisker the badge of the front got that light bar with the word ocean and Im, not sure. If this is going to make some of the Americans just based on the actual um light pollution side of things going on, there, weve got kind of a radar down here. Reflectors really cool tri spoke composite Alloys with the discs in it charging port. Here, no flaps. Actually, after my survey on my YouTube channel there, whether you need flats or not need flaps coupled handles, you can see there, you can see screen up above the screen. Wheel, youve got tactile buttons, the large portrait, and, if I remember correctly, this rotates. If I am right as well lots of stuff this rotates yes, this gentleman is going to show me that it rotates now over the middle button, the fiscal button – okay, perfect nice for around three seconds and when driving its default, horizontal yeah. Exactly so when youre stationary or when youre searching, you can just press this and it will go into Hollywood mode, nice very good. Thank you flat floor behind. I got the. What was it? Oh, you can see the solar, and hopefully you cant, see the solar panels. Ive got your oh youve got some thats a like a display for heating and your climate control and your seated seats very cool, see the solar panels on the top there.

This has got the ski wrap on it. Its a really nice design. Details are lovely as well Im, not sure I presume they illuminate they look like theyre, almost but its Coast to Coast nearly Coast to Coast bar in the back with that Fisker ocean reversing camera in underneath toolbar, very important in the nordics yeah very cool. Oh, he put down the whats what he was doing so he put down this window, so you can have access into the bush good yeah. It opens all the way up as well, when I say its good actually its hard to look at kind of stuff. At the trade shop, if you want to see the window – yes, yeah thats, a really nice design language in my design, details out so brakes are gone ignition and oh, you can see that indicator light up here on the C pillar, hes gon na put up the Window for me here now: oh cool nice and you can see how it fits into the seal there as well. Really nice, really nice blind spot there with the indicators built into us yeah. Will we ever get in Ireland, hopefully Little Sweets, tons of sports uh, 255. 45 22 inch wheels. 22 is really for a while its saying up to 630 kilometer range, if youre interested in all things, EV and youd like to support the channel, hit the Subscribe button and hit the Bell icon. So you dont miss any future updates.

Similar stats about the Fisker ocean comes in three sorry, four different trim levels. It has the extreme the ultra the sport and then the Fisker one which is really is the extreme ranges are the extreme and the one. With the 100 kilowatt hour battery 630, the ultra trim with that hyper range battery, which is a 100 kilowatt hour battery 610 and then the 75 kilowatt hour battery, which is the sport trim, which is the entry level, is coming in at 440, kilowatters wltp prices start In the UK – and I only have UK prices of just over 35 000 pounds for the sport and then jumping up then to the first one: 59. 900. The ultra is 45 sorry 49 and then the extreme is that uh just under 60 000. So the extreme and the one seem to be similar prices. Uh battery sizes, weve talked about 75 kilowatt hour and 100 kilowatt hour wheel sizes. In the video I saw the 20 two kilo inch, but theyre actually coming in 20s as well. Colors initially are going to be very much Blues: Grays whites and blacks.