But I did promise the guys I will give them my honest. Electric van man opinion on this vehicle so were gon na get The Good the Bad and the Ugly about the 4D Transit lets get right into it. So the 4D Transit hit the market earlier on this year in 2022, about 18 months ago, or even two years ago, I was lamenting the fact that Ford were taking so long to come to Market and actually citing other Legacy or non legacy. Players, players that were coming in from the ground up, but they havent made it and the 4D Transit has and is it a good vehicle lets go and have a look. So the only recognizable feature of an electric Transit is these blue lines across the grill? Its all intents and purposes, everything else is exactly the same as a van that youre very much used to so that, for me, is really good news. Theyve produced this vehicle in 25 variants, giving you a variety of Vans and even a chassis cab and a double cabin van to be able to meet just about every need that you could possibly have. Youve got a large side loading door with around 1300 millimeters aperture youve also got a nice helpful, handle to get you in and out, because the step is a little bit higher than you might be used to so, whilst were here at the back of the vehicle Lets just consider a few of the stats that are really important, so in terms of space inside the vehicle you can get up to 15.

1 cubic meters starts at 9.5 cubic meters, and this is the L3 model and gives you three and a half meters at the Base, but there are wide varieties weve already mentioned, of options for you: 951 kilos payload, but going all the way up to 1700 on the 4.25 ton variant now, youre thinking hang on, the cutoff is three and a half tons, but with alternatively few Vehicles the government Have allowed a dispensation allowing you to run a vehicle at 4.25 tonnes, but what that does mean is that you cant tow with the vehicle at 4.25 tons. But one of the things that gets up my nose is that there is no towing with the transit electric version, so whether you have the 3.5 ton or the 4.25 ton it doesnt matter, you cant tow the doors at the back, hopefully will open all the way Around so that you can pull up to your delivery Depot right up to the bumper and use a forklift to get the goods in and out nice and easily. One final thing about the inside of the back of the transit is that you can actually get 2.3 kilowatts of power being delivered on the 230 volt system right in the back there its an option, but it shows that actually Ford have thought about working people getting It on site and having power to be able to power their tools or make any work that they need doing so.

One of the important measurements, of course, is the distance between the wheel, arches, and you can get your 1200 millimeter pallet well within that area. Youll see it nicely protected. This is an additional wood floor, but the standard does appear to have a solid plastic lining plenty of lashing points and when you stand up, youve got 1786 millimeters to stand within, so most people should be able to stand up comfortably in this vehicle. So we do have parking sensors at the front and at the rear, but one thing I think is definitely missing. Is that reversing camera now the screen does show how close you are, but theres, no real substitute for me than that camera for me Id make it standard for everybody, so under the Bonnet of the Ford E Transit and you can get in nice and easily, there Is quite a lot of stuff that needs to go under there, but one of the things that Ford have done is actually move the spare wheel to the front here. So you can release the spare wheel without having to access your load area. So before we get going in the 4D Transit youve got three Drive modes now were still in that sort of cold snap, and there is ice on the road that I live on. So Im going to go into features, driver modes and then Ive got normal, which gets the full 184 brake horsepower that this vehicle has or Eco, which limits it and limits the top speed to 68.

or slippery. This is a rear wheel, drive vehicle youll know that these vehicles are like Bambi on Ice unless youve got some control over those rear. Wheels. Slippery mode gives you that, and now, even though Im on pretty much see ice Im able to pull away easily and effectively so one of the things about electric vans is theyve, got this regeneration. What that means is you take the foot off the brake pedal, the the vehicle automatically slows, and that puts energy back into the vehicle, and if you hit L mode, you can almost come to a complete halt without actually touching the brake, making best use of the Energy Efficiency and also making life just that little bit easier. Another standard feature on the trend model is cruise control, cruise control and a 20 mile. An hour. Speed limit is brilliant because of course, 20 miles. An hour still feels pretty slow right, but just set it and Away you go and youre doing a steady 20 miles an hour. You can also set the vehicle to be limited as well so inside the cab of the 4D Transit. You have got a comprehensive selection of equipment. One of the things that I love in particular is, of course, the armrest always forgetting to set it. Though there we go. Another important thing is a mobile office, so youve got a hard seat back there, which allows you to tape in things additional cup holders. Although there is a plethora of cup holders in this vehicle, but useful for being able to get work done on the road on cup holders, weve got one on either side of the cab.

Weve also got one just underneath the gear stick, which is additionally helpful. Ive called it the gear, stick its not really a gear. Stick its a rotating function that allows you to select Park, reverse neutral and drive. There is also an L function too. The L function allows you to increase the amount of regeneration and therefore the braking that the vehicle does. When you lift your foot off the accelerator and allows you to put energy back into the battery, turn to the steering wheel and youve got all the key controls on there, including cruise control the volume settings being able to answer the phone. But you can also do that with voice activation too. You have a great 12 inch touchscreen with all the controls for temperature and clearing the windscreen and, of course, the Beautiful bum warmer brilliant. We like that in the cold temp in the cold temperatures, but, of course in the hot temperatures, youve got air conditioning as well. One of the good things about the 4D Transit is that youve got this preconditioning function where you can set times where youre going to be departing and when its cold, you can have the windscreen cleared and all of the carb warmed and in the summer, when its Hot you can have the air conditioning full blast to cool you down. So as you get back in the vehicle, you are ready to go on the left hand, side of the screen.

When youre in this setting the you can see some driver, Behavior statistics. You can see acceleration, deceleration and speed, and that just gives you some hints and tips on getting the very very best from the vehicle. You were also able to access the satellite navigation, which is optional, and you can also connect up your apps and phone and apple carplay, Etc. From this screen, as you can see, it is a comprehensive infotainment system that gives you some significant advantages, so the 4D Transit has been well thought out with enough cubby holes and storage spaces, with all the controls that you would like at your fingertips to minimize the Need to take your eyes off the road, its also worth pointing out that there are a couple of hooks here, which is where my hive is neatly stored. Now this feels like a place that has been well thought out, and I do know that Ford spend a lot of time talking to drivers like you and me to get the very best in their in cab area. Another feature of these seats is underneath is where your electric charging cable is kept. So lets cover off five things that I dont like about the 4D Transit. So two of those things are here at the back, no rear view camera. Hmm. I wish I had one. Second thing: no Towing permitted on any of the variants of the electric Ford, Transit and two things here at the front.

First of all, the battery and the range, the wltp and the actual reality its hard to know from just the hard numbers. So I would like to see those closer together, and the second thing is this: vehicle: has a 184 brake horsepower Id like to see that being less because actually, I think thats too much power for a van? The final thing is as soon as I open the door. I get that noise. Can somebody please tell me how to turn it off so five things I dont like, but there are lots of things I love about this, but Im just going to restrict it to five. The first is the elements in this screen that clear it from the snow and the ice that has been really helpful over the last couple of weeks. I also love the fact that Ford have brought this with 25 different variants so that you can get exactly the right vehicle just to meet your needs. Another thing I love is the smooth and effective drive that the 4D Transit gives and whilst were here. I also love the driver tips that I get down the side. Helping me with my acceleration, my deceleration and my speed, and the other thing I love is the fact that I can set the vehicle to be ready when I jump in it. It comes with all kinds of apps and connectedness, and this is one of those things that makes a real difference for you day to day, so the 4D Transit you can charge at home.

You can charge at a Depot or you can charge in the public charging. There are three effective types of charging. Charging on AC at home is typically seven kilowatts. If youre a workplace, you might have three phase electricity and therefore able to charge at 11 kilowatts. If youre out here in the public domain, you could charge anything up to 115 kilowatts, which will give you 15 to 80 percent in just 34 minutes. The battery size is 67 kilowatt hours and that will get you up to 196 miles according to wltp. Now the reality is, you wont, get that mileage and Ford themselves in America published a number of 126. so its somewhere between those two numbers in the cold. You will get less mileage in the warm. You will get more mileage. If you drive it really carefully, you will get the very best mileage, but its really worth heading on over to their website and looking at the range calculator to know the circumstances that are specific for you to get exactly how far youll go so Ive had the Last two weeks in this Ford E Transit: now, as everybody knows, I do love an electric van, but this is a particularly good one, its award winning for a number of reasons. Yes, there are little bits of challenges around the range and will it do what it says it does on the tin.