The latest addition to the ever growing electric vehicle Market, this game, changing pickup truck, is taking the industry by storm with its cutting edge technology and Sleek design, making it a formidable contender in the race towards a sustainable future join us as we explore the exciting world Of the ram Revolution, 1500 EV and if you are ready to enjoy this video dont forget to hit that like And subscribe button for more electrifying car news and updates stellentis unveiled this large high tech, EV pickup truck at CES 2023, a projector bed cup holders and Third row jump seats. Stalantis wont build this Ram. 1500 Revolution BV concept by 2024.. Later this year a refined production version will debug, it shows Rams goals for its upcoming truck and how it plans to compete in the EV truck Market. Its redesigned body gives the ram Revolution an aggressive stance. It resembles a Dodge muscle car and a pickup which most car enthusiasts like a redesigned phase with an illuminated Ram logo, an animated LED tuning, forked lamps, the B pillarless design allows for a large Saloon style door. Opening the design makes the large interior look even emptier. This new evs cabin is four inches longer than Rams gas powered trucks, saloon doors emphasize that to reduce, drag and improve aerodynamics Ram vehicles have smaller side view mirrors than other models. 3D printed side view mirrors to capture the trucks surroundings with a digital camera. The truck concept has a backup, camera and rear view, mirror that communicate with biometric cameras that monitor its surroundings.

Lets examine this trucks EV Motor Performance, Rams, 1500 EV will have front and rear motors for all wheel drive, although its too early to provide a detailed breakdown of Powertrain options and total horsepower output Ram has stated that the trucks new chassis is designed to support larger Capacity batteries suggesting a lineup that will most likely include models ranging in price from affordable to expensive, with total power and maximum ranges. Targets Car and Driver predicted that the Ram 1500 EV would surpass the Ford F series, 580 horsepower and the Lightnings ten thousand towing capacity. Four wheel, steering at least in dual motor configuration, will improve Road and parking lot turns in the Ram 1500 EV IL have an adjustable air suspension like the current truck raising it for off road use and lowering it for Highway efficiency and loading next range charging and Battery life Rams have ton Ram, EV will have a range of up to 500 miles 200 miles more than the F 150 lightnings estimated range battery size and charging time are unknown Ram claims. The electric truck can add 100 miles of range in 10 minutes using 800 volts DC. Rapid charging and 350 kilowatts Ram did not specify the maximum towing rating or cargo capacity for the Ram 1500 EV. But the company claims that its all electric pickup truck will have more pulling power than its EV competitors. The ram should exceed the F 150 lightnings, 10 000 pound towing capacity.

The ram Revolution concept has an electrochromatic glass roof with roof rails. The overhead console lets passengers adjust cab lighting, Rams, haptic swiping technology lets them customize, the sun, visors and electrochromatic roofs opaqueness, two 14.2 inch touchscreens Siri and Alexa control. The Ram 1500 EV Concepts, Entertainment System, a heads up display and 360 degree camera are available. The 2024 Ram 1500 EVS price trim levels and standard and optional equipment are unknown. The F 150 lightnings, 58 thousand dollars starting price, suggests that the electric Ram 1500 will have a similar price according to car driver, the base Chevy Silverado EV cost forty two thousand dollars and the all in Long Range model costs 107 thousand dollars. In conclusion, the ram Revolution – 1500 EV – is an impressive feat of engineering thats sure to make waves in the industry so give this video a like and stay tuned for.