5 years now: yes, the bike is pretty good in terms of performance and reliability, but there are few things which completely irritate me. I hate those things about this bike, and this video is everything about those things which I absolutely hate about. This bike first thing is a charging infrastructure. What Ather has the best charging infrastructure among the rest of the EVS right? It has fast charges across the city across like multiple cities in the country, but its not the complete story. Yes, they have the fast charges, which is a good thing, but I feel its not complete. The reason is that there are few things which completely irritate you once you start once you start to use. That first thing is that every charging station has only one charging point you see. We all know that they have been selling this bike Ather some thousands of units every month, so which means thousands of bikes, are coming right onto the road every single month. I personally faced it multiple times. I mean this fast charge right closer to my house. There was no time when it was vacant, except in the early mornings or in the late nights. Rest of the days there were at least two bikes, three bikes waiting for the charger not plugged in waiting for the charger and the maximum that I faced was. There were five bikes waiting for the point: five bikes each bike will take close to 45 minutes or one hour to get charged.

So no one wants to take away the plug until there is some 90 of charge because it is free. You see the charger is free. Unfortunately, if you have someone plugged in when you reach it there do you have to wait that one hour along with that, the app the app integration of your fast charger? Yes, there is an app integration, but that isnt good. There is no transparency of a charger, it says if a charger is awakened or if it is being used by someone, but it wont tell you: when will that be awakened just assume the scenario? Okay, you are riding your EB, assuming it is an Ather and you have close to five percent or ten percent of charge. Only left on your bike and the place where you have to reach is somewhere on 25 30 kilometers away. You want that charge for 25 to 30 minutes assume that you check the status of the charger right before reaching that spot. It shows that the charger is in use by someone, but now you dont know: when will the charger be available now you dont know, should you go there and wait for some time when you have the charger or if there are two more people waiting and you Have to skip the plan of charging, and the third important thing is that there is no particular time slot that you can book on the charger you see. There are just hundreds of bikes which charge in these fast charging stations.

I am pretty sure these bikes will absolutely feel this, that there is no control on the fast charger. You just go there randomly. If it is there youll get it. If not, you wont get it. I mean it would be great if they had this reservation thing. Something like what Charzer does. It is a three pin charger where you can, where you can schedule your charging time the battery regeneration. It is an absolutely cool feature that we have it right now in 2023, but it is frustrating because you dont know if it is working see on your 450X Ather. This regeneration works. If you turn the accelerator knob up to the opposite and the usual one cool, but would you know if it is working? No, not even the dashboard will tell you and not even your app will tell you you have to assume that it is working by listening to the motor Zone. If it changes, I mean: how good is it if you dont know if the feature is working or what is the impact that this feature is creating? If you do it, I personally tried this regeneration for a stretch of 9 kilometres from top of the hill to the bottom. It gave me 2 kilometres extra. Yes, two kilometres is a very small number, but you at least got two kilometres which I didnt know. If it is working all through the way, I believed that it is working and I had to hold the accelerator knob to the other way for nine kilometres, which completely hurts my finger joints because thats not it because thats, not the natural turn.

You have to push it. You have to apply Force constantly for the nine kilometres which will just put a lot of load right on your finger joints, which is fine. I did it, but you dont know if it is working. I really wish. If there is some icon that you can put on the dashboard, that tells you if the Regeneration is happening or if there is some change of colour on the dashboard, which indicates that regeneration is happening or if its possible. It will be a huge, huge, huge benefit. If there is some transparency that conveys that we have regenerated 500 meters, a kilometre or two kilometres increasing us to regenerate more, this takes me to the next point that irritates me to the core, with regeneration that it is manual Ather. Im not sure why you did that if you have this feature, if you have this engineering that has been done where you can regenerate your charge, why its not automatic, I would love it if it were automatic and putting it just manually, just killing me that extra Charge which I can make use of these two kilometers, which I got by writing the nine kilometers from top of the hill to bottom. If it were automatic, it would have been much more efficient. I would have got some three kilometers or four kilometers, and there is one more thing about the 450×8, which I absolutely hate the dashboard. Have you also faced this that the dashboard of 450x Ather has been sorry for the word, but it has been very bad lately.

Right after the update that you got in January, it has been lagging stuck in. The screen turns black suddenly, and the navigation has a lot of books. It wont recenter, it will just turn around somewhere. I was very happy that they moved from the tab just to the swipe gesture, because the tap itself was very bad. I had to type it three times four times to make sure that I have tapped on the screen with the swipe. I was extremely positive and extremely happy that this problem will be solved, but I never expected this gives me this new problem that the swipe never works. It works, but it has some 2 3 seconds of lag. It takes a lot of time for some response on the dashboard, which is extremely bad, its as bad as the dashboard, not working its been close to 3 months. Since we got this update and I have stopped trusting this dashboard – I have started using my smartphone for my navigation. I think I think the simple reason for that is the processor on the ram I mean in 2023. We are using Snapdragon 212 if Im not wrong. Please correct me if the browser name is wrong, but in but in 2023 we have this very low performing processor, with 1GB RAM in comparison, the S1 Pro Ola it gives a ram of 3gb, but it just functions extremely smooth. The navigation is just as smooth as your smartphone navigation and the new bike, the Hero Vida.

I love that dashboard, its extremely responsive. I very much want the 450X Ather to be that way.