. Well, it might not look new because not much has changed on the outside, but this is the 2023 update and there have been plenty of changes underneath the skin, and this is the new top spec model, its called The Epic and its got more power and torque. Just like all the other models in the range and a higher price, too stay tuned and Im going to tell you all about it thanks for watching, I hope you are enjoying what youre seeing so far, please do hit like And subscribe. If you are – and let me know what other EVS you want me to review Id love to see what I can do for you thanks, the 2023 ioniq 5 range now starts over 70 000 for the rear wheel, drive entry level model which is called Dynamic. Its had a new name and so have the rest of the models in the range. The Next Step Up is called the Technic and it is all wheel drive only and it costs a fair few thousand dollars more and then youve got this one, which is the bells and whistles version for now its called The Epic pretty good name for it. I reckon thats epiq, they all end in IQ and this one. You can separate from the exterior by the fact that it comes with these digital rear view mirrors, so they basically project onto little screens inside the car, and they show you a view through a camera.

Rather than through a mirror just hate to think what happens if they break or if someone sideswipes you and knocks one off whats that going to cost to repair anyway, you can also tell it because its got a panoramic roof and it can also pre prime, the Battery for faster charging, when you get to a charging station, theres plenty of other Tech stuff that you can read about theres a good story at car expert. If you want to go and hit that link – and it tells you all the details about each of the variants Im – also going to do a review for car expert on this grade so make sure you have a read of it. There are some pretty obvious alternatives to this car when it comes to EV SUVs. I dont really think of this as an SUV, I think of it as a big hatchback, but then again, I also think of the Tesla Model y as a bit of a big hatchback too, even though it is an SUV but its a really great alternative to This its cheaper and its roomier and arguably its probably a lot better value so yeah. If you are focused on value – and you actually want to be able to get one of these cars because getting an ionic 5 could actually be a bit of a challenge. Yeah Tesla Model y could be the best alternative, I think, and then theres the Kia ev6, which is also a fantastic electric SUV again more like a hatchback but its a fantastic car.

It goes really well. Its got really nice driving Dynamics and really roomy too pricing is about on par with this car, maybe a little bit less unless you want the GT version, which is the really fast one, its really good review coming soon, like I said I think of this. As more of a big hatchback than an SUV, because it doesnt really have SUV ride height and it isnt really that big its 4.6 and a bit meters long. So it is larger than a regular hatchback, but its not huge. Its 1.9 meters wide 1.6 meters tall. So its not necessarily imposing it just looks a bit bigger than it actually is Ill. Show you the back seat soon, but I first want to show you the boot, namely not just those lights, but they are fantastic. They make this car stand out in traffic, so lets have a look in the boot were talking 527 liters of cargo capacity, which is definitely SUV like in terms of the space available. Now under here youve got an extra storage section. There is no spare tire as youll see theres only a tire, Mobility kit, which is just something that you might want to keep in mind. If you are buying this car, and particularly if you live in the country, it could be a buying consideration for you, but lots of EVS only have well a tire repair kit and no spare because it helps save weight which improves driving range.

So that might be something you need to also consider if you are looking at an EV now theres a little parcel shelf cover here. The seats do fold down but weirdly. Unlike a lot of other cars, there are no remote releases in the back, so you actually have to shop your way around here to the side and lower the seats like so then again, thats, not that big of an ask anyway, we should check out in there. I remember when the ioniq 5 launched in Australia and everybody was just blown away by this massive dual screen layout and its been mimicked so many times since this car launched that now it isnt as wow factor as it was, but it is extremely usable. This screen itself is high definition, its very easy to get used to, and I love the fact that there are still buttons below youve got buttons for your stereo controls. The climate controls are this touch sensitive screen here its going to get a lot of dirty fingerprints on it. I hate that, but you know, Brands persist with it, so theyre, obviously not listening to me now. The steering wheel is also an interesting talking point because it doesnt have a brand on it. Its just got the four dots which is Hyundais ionic branding, if you ask them so, the dots are basically representative of the pixel headlights and tail lights, which they associate with their EV models. Weirdly though the Hyundai stereo van has those pixel lights and they were like yeah whoops.

We we did the wrong thing there anyway, it is a very interesting cabin, but the most interesting part, obviously is this thing here. This is another screen that tells you whats going on behind you. As I said, this is the Epic model, and so it gets those digital camera mirrors mirrors, and they do give you a view of whats going on behind you. I do find them a little bit difficult to get used to and also like. I said, I fear what happens when someone accidentally knocks one off when youre parked in a in a city, suburb um. It could be a real problem now in terms of storage. In the front seat, theres heaps youve got this amazing, open Center storage section here, a little covered section here, a couple of cup holders a wireless charger down here, some USB ports, another USB port down there to connect to the screen and also youve got this glove Box, like a drawer glove box, which is really really neat, this seat also can be set up for reclining. If you are charging, so you can basically lay back and have a look at the stars, because that panoramic roof is something to behold. Another thing I just found it a little bit hard to get to terms with is the gear selector phallus, I guess youd call it its a stalk that sticks out off the steering column and you have to twist it forwards to go into drive and backwards to Go into reverse now, thats the opposite of what you would typically do.

If you were driving an automatic car, you go down to go into drive and up to go into reverse when youre parking, for instance, so that can take some getting used to. But you do get used to it. All right lets check out the back seat. Backseat space in the ionic 5 is exceptional, theres plenty of room for someone, my size back here. Im six foot 182 centimeters. This seat is set for me heaps heaps of foot room. Well, it could do with a little bit more foot room headrooms great panoramic roof is fantastic. Kids are going to love it back here, theres, just so much Sky to see above you, and in fact there are isofix points on both window seats. Theres. Also three top tether points. The outboard seats in this car also have heating, which is nice, theres little buttons on the doors and kid friendly features like a little sun shade on the window on both sides, which is nice theres. Usb charging theres also rear seat air vents in the pillars, so theyre a little bit higher and they actually get to the little childrens faces a bit better. My little girl was in this spot and she thought that it was a bit better than usual in here, because mainly The View, I think theres also a pair of cup holders and these flip down armrest and little mesh map Pockets with hard kickable back plates on The seats yeah nice back here under the Bonnet of the ionic 5 youve got a massive storage section, well its not massive, but it is big enough to store your cables underneath there is the electric motor youve got a few other things in the area here.

So thats, where you fill up your washer fluid dont touch those and theres the 12 volt battery as well. They have been power and torque improvements for both versions. The rear, wheel, drive numbers are on your screen. Now they are pretty good, theyre, not huge. So its not the fastest version of this car that you can get if you buy the all wheel, drive you get a lot more power and torque more than 600 newton meters of torque, which is quite a lot now not to 100. Youll see that on your screen now as well, and that is very quick but theres an even faster one, coming as I said, the ioniq 5n is going to be blisteringly fast now when it comes to the battery pack, its now about five kilowatt hours, larger so 77.4 kilowatt hours for the battery pack, that lies underneath the body of the car, and that means its now got longer range youll see the range figures for both the rear, wheel, drive and all wheel drive version on your screen. Now. Do you reckon its good enough? I reckon it is Hyundai says it has updated the ride and handling tune for the 2023 and Beyond ioniq 5. to offer a perfect balance between ride, comfort and body control and that sort of thing in the last version it was a little bit soggy and sloppy At times – and that was just because it was quite softly tuned – but with this updated version, theres a bit more of a firm footed feel on the surface below, and it does definitely feel improved for the most part.

If you drive over a road that does have some uh, I guess pock marks or unpleasant surface areas, then you might find that it is a little bit bumpy and the body doesnt feel quite as controlled as it could. But it is definitely an improvement on what it was, but it does still handle itself very well and the fact that it is all wheel drive just does give you a little bit of extra Peace of Mind, especially if the roads wet and this all wheel drive Model obviously gets the dual motors, so its very quick, very quick youll only use that acceleration in some situations, if you do use it a lot. Youre gon na eat up your battery pretty fast, and it does make a nice party trick to show your friends, but do it responsibly now, Ive already mentioned these digital mirrors a couple of times. I just want to call out a few things about them right, so they are a bit distracting because theyre sort of closer than your peripheral vision and when you are trying to do say a reverse parallel park Ill just do one, for example, here put it into Reverse – and it is a bit harder to judge the depth perception situation because its just not a natural reflection, its sort of like its got lines to help you see where youre going, but they just arent as accurate as a real mirror. I personally dont love them.

You might, though, lets talk, efficiency for the ionic 5 and just remember like a petrol or diesel Carver lower the number the better. So if were talking about the ionic 5 rear wheel drive, the number is lower 16.8 kilowatt hours per 100 or the all wheel drive is 19 kilowatt hours per 100 KS. Now that is still very efficient. A pole star will do something in the region of 25. For the all wheel drive same with a Volvo EV, so 19 is very impressive if youre wondering what Ive seen during my time in this car well youll see that figure on your screen now, and I was very impressed with that. Okay lets talk about charging next, so if you go to a very fast 350 kilowatt charger, you should be able to get between 10 and 80 percent charge in just 18 minutes according to Hyundai, and if that charger is 50 kilowatts, which is still a pretty quick Charge you should be able to do that same 10 to 80 percent charge in about 70 minutes, so yeah spend an hour and 10 minutes go, get yourself a coffee, an ice cream and relax and enjoy the sights if its only 50 kilowatts, if you are considering Buying one of these cars do get a wall box for home, so you can charge it when you are at home. Seven kilowatts is the typical speed that youll be able to draw in terms of thats what youll be able to add back to the battery in an hour, so youre looking at something in the region of 11 hours, 45 minutes to fill it up from empty.

Still pretty good, the Hyundai ioni 5 managed the maximum five star and cap safety rating against the 2021 criteria, so its still got heaps of active safety, Tech included as standard like autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist and Junction detection. Evasive steering assist so itll actually help you steer out of a potential problem, theres also Lane keeping assistance blind spot monitoring, re cross traffic alert and a 360 degree surround View Camera on all variants, as well as front and rear parking sensors. So it does come very comprehensively equipped when it comes to Tech. Its also got seven airbags, including dual front front side, full length curtain and a front center airbag. So if things go right, you will be theoretically very safe in this car. The Hyundai ionic 5 comes with a five year, unlimited kilometer warranty just like every other Hyundai, but an eight year, 160 000k warranty for the battery pack. Now, servicing intervals are much longer these days for the ionic 5. 24 months and 30 000 kilometers, which is twice as lengthy as the existing service intervals just means you have to spend less time at a service center youll see the prices for the servicing costs. On your screen now, theres also roadside assist included with every Hyundai for life. If you make sure that you get your car serviced at Hyundai and Id recommend that, for me, the Hyundai ioniq 5 is still one of the best EVS on the market.

Although I dont think Id spring 85 grand for this epic version, I dont, like those side mirrors, and I dont need that sunroof. So I probably wouldnt bother spending the extra six or seven thousand dollars over the Technic. All wheel drive thats the one Id probably choose.