Lets go. I hope, Im ready, Andrea whoa, all that torque, oh wow. I mean just so fast exactly what you would expect from any other EV yeah thats, the beauty of EVS. All right were in soltera, which is the Subaru version of a shared platform. More on that, in just a moment, whats under the floor of this thing, a 72.8 kilowatt hour battery with 360 kilometers 228 miles of range, it has 215 horsepower and 249 pound feet of torque standard all wheel drive. This is a brand new electric model for Subaru. What do you get with the salterra? The saltara comes with a heat pump, a seven inch digital gauge cluster, an eight inch touchscreen Wireless Apple, carplay and Android, auto a six speaker, audio system, heated cloth, seats, manual, front seats, leather, wrapped steering wheel, eyesight driver Assist Technology and Subaru soltera connect its a Subaru. So its got X mode. Well, what else can we put it in? You got to put it in s for subscribing. If you can hit that notification Bell, youll be notified when all of our reviews drop and then you can watch them, and we do this. The couple car review twice a week, the first one drops on Wednesday – we put another one out on Saturday, so make sure you like And subscribe, but also follow on Instagram, to find out whats going on behind the scenes. Its motor mouth underscore Andrea to see whats happening for me, its motor mouth underscore Auto and the links are below the like button.

So if you follow the car business, this is a co developed vehicle with Toyota. They came out with the bzad or bz4x, and this is the Subaru version called soltera were going to answer the question: how do they differ coming up in our Hot Topic right now? What do you think of the way it drives? Well, I think that this handles really well. It has obviously a low center of gravity like all electric vehicles, but its comfortable, its smooth, the ride is refined and the cabin is quiet. Weve been driving this for hours here through California on many different kinds of Roads. Twisty roads uneven pavement and were going off roading in just a second, so stick around for that uh and you know what the seats are comfortable. Its a very comfortable cabin and all those points, Andrea made, are true for a lot of electric vehicles, but this ride quality is excellent, and this steering even feels really great. This steering wheel has a nice feel to it. I think its that its not too big like Im just driving along and Im thinking the maneuverability is great. The steering is precise, Subaru and Toyota have done a really good job with this. Now this is a shared platform with Toyota and theres a common complaint about both, and that is the range isnt as strong as some other competitors, and it has a much slower charging time. This is not going to be for everybody.

If you are somebody who is going on a lot of road trips, has a long commute and youre going to eat up more than this range, and you have to stop at a DC fast charger to charge up. I wouldnt recommend this vehicle. However, if you are someone who stays within this daily range and you use a level 2 charger each night, I actually think that this is a great option when it comes to range, were all worried about it with electric vehicles, but 90 percent of people charge at Home not on the road yeah people over buy pickup trucks, they get the biggest most powerful pickup truck for the one time a year. They actually tow something and people over buy electric cars, theyre buying way too big a battery for what they actually use and once theyve actually owned an electric car. They realize you know what its charged almost 99 of the time. When I wake up in the morning and thats going to fulfill your need, Subaru has is going to an off road area in an electric car, its true so stick around for that. We want to let you know that this video is brought to you by carmigo. So how would you like to be able to sell a vehicle easily within 24 hours, and you set the minimum price with carmigo? All you need to do is upload your cards, details and pictures. It takes about 15 minutes, and then you set your minimum price.

Then carmico collects offers from a nationwide network of buyers. Carmigo will collect 350 dollars from you as a selfie. After your vehicle sells at the price, you agreed to click on the link in the description below go on. There check it out and you can sign up and save fifty dollars its a great deal, so both of us have never taken an EV off road, of course, weve been in the Forester and the Outback, but never an electric vehicle. We were on this off road route, with lots of ruts its pretty amazing, and if you told me that that I was in an Outback or a Forester Wilderness, I would say: oh yeah, I am, but I wasnt we were in an EV. The ground clearance is only 10 millimeters lower than the traditional SUVs, its usually 220 millimeters. This is 210 and its got a perfectly flat floor. Its got no low hanging fruit underneath like an exhaust, pipe or a differential, and the other thing is that it has all of the AIDS. You expect from a Subaru, so youve got X mode, which is their low speed, traction and stability program, and it also has the low speed cruise control that you can utilize and we kind of set it and drove down slowly. It was fantastic, yeah and anytime. You put on X mode Hill, descent, control comes on right away and the 8.3 inches of ground clearance that this solterra offers is plenty for what we went on.

But I think most people will never go on a road like that, except for possibly a Cottage Road to the cabin it was pretty gnarly in spot. So congrat! Congratulations! It did it no problem by the way. If you got the Toyota, it could do it too. Yes, but you know what well done all right lets get into the way this looks. I think this looks better than the Toyota cousin same. I like it better as well its the front and the back. I think that Subarus done a really good job with this, and it kind of looks like something you would get in a Subaru with all of the cladding all right from a distance, though the way the front looks with the blue oval. Well, who else has a blue oval Ford? It does have a bit of a forward vibe to it, but you know what Ill give it a pass and because of the plastic cladding with this Bluey gray color, I think it looks pretty smart whats missing on the back, Andrea, no wiper, no wiper, no wiper. This color is called Harbor Mist if youre interested in it and the soltera comes standard with LED headlights LED rear combination lights. You can get a matte black hood or gloss black that you see on our test. Model comes standard with 18 inch wheels available 20 inch. There are two new features available on the salterra and its actually new to Subaru, safe exit and emergency driving, stop system yeah.

So if the car, the car, is watching you and it can see, youre, not attentive and it thinks youve passed out, it can keep you in the lane and itll bring you to a stop in the lane and put on the hazard lights yeah. I want to try it out, Andrea. I said to Zach, if youre going to try it out Im, just gon na exit the car Im going to safely exit the car okay. So this has what they call eyesight marketing. It is not the traditional, no dual. Stereo cameras: this is a shared uh safety system, thats used with Toyota, so it is the same kind of Technology, but its done differently. Moving to the inside, like we said earlier, very comfortable driving position, the seats are extremely comfortable and I think the layout in here is very good. One thing I dont like theres just too much piano black in here for me yeah. I agree with you and you know what were doing all kinds of different things like off roading and now that weve been out for a big part of the day, theres lots of dust and fingerprints, its a trend that we see in the Auto industry. I dont love it. I do like, however, a couple of things I like the fabric on the dash pad thats, something that they were seeing more and more in cars. I think thats a great feature and I love the Quasi head up display behind the steering wheel, Andrea, not so much, but the seating position is fantastic.

This does not come with a glove box, however, there is a floating center console, so youve got storage underneath here and also youve got storage pockets on the back of the seat. If you wanted to put your insurance papers in there to hide them away, this is the first time Subaru is using a dial shifter. You know it takes some getting used to its, not something I see in Subaru vehicles, but over time. Its just becomes second nature. Lets get into the trims in Canada. There are packages that you add to the base trim and in the U.S you actually have trims so the way it works in Canada. The luxury package is equal to the limited Trim in the US. They have the same features. They get the 12.3 inch touchscreen a panoramic view monitor a wireless charger, the 11 speaker, Harman Kardon, sound system, StarTex, faux upholstery, a power, dry, Diversey drivers, seat memory, heated rear seats, a heated steering wheel and a power tailgate. You also get Advanced Park, but thats. Not what were in were in the top dog and were going to tell you the pricing in just a little while it starts to get spendy. So what do you get with the Top Banana? Well, the big features that you get in this trim panoramic sunroof as well as ventilated, front seats. This also has a sun shade, which is nice if it gets bright and weve, been using it today, because its because, unlike Canada, its sunny and warm here, weve been enjoying it with this shut and by the way its a fixed panel roof.

So on the outside. This is the same length as a Forester, its the same height as an Outback, but the wheelbase is the same size as the Subaru Ascent. So its got a very long, wheelbase heres me getting in the back seat. It has a lot of leg room. However, the way the roof is cropped for a taller person, not a huge amount of space, but you can do anything you can recline the seat backs to give you a little bit more Headroom, comparing this Alterra to other competitors like the Kia, ev6 Hyundai, ionic, 5, And Volkswagen id4 the soltera offers 42.1 inches of front row legroom, which is great. The ev6 has the most at 42.4 inches. Second row legroom falls short at 35.3 inches compared to these competitors, its the ionic 5, that has the most at ‘.4 inches when you lift up the cargo space at the back, and then you lift up the floor underneath that there is no spare tire. However, there is a little storage space underneath space behind the second row, for the Subaru is 23.8 cubic feet, which is smaller than all these competitors. The id4 has the most at 30.3 cubic feet. Overall, cargo space for the Subaru comes in at 63.5 cubic feet, which is only a little bit less than the id4 at 64.2 cubic feet. Theres a couple of boneheads. We forgot to get coffees time now for questions, coffee and cars, ready your questions from Instagram.

I think the range is subpar for the price of this vehicle. The range is less than some of its competitors equal to other competitors like the bz4x, where its based on the same platform wait a second, its got the same range as the Toyota, thats, crazy, Andrea. I mean shocking price wise to be honest with you, its very competitive. This is an all wheel, drive only model. So, sometime times you are looking at pricing like a starting price lets, say the bz4x its a front wheel, drive model the Volkswagen id4 is a rear wheel, drive model once you get up to all wheel, drive theyre, pretty close and the other thing you got to Remember is that for this brand, and also for Toyota who co developed it with a Subaru, is their goal. Isnt just about everyday range, its about long term, reliability, Im sure they could get more out of this battery pack yeah, they dont want to tax it and they want to have it last for a long long time. So you always have to remember that that theres, something going on with this car and its about managing the battery over a long period of time, yeah and Subarus Target, is to retain 90 of the batterys capacity at the 10 year mark. Other manufacturers are coming in around 70 75 percent at the eight year mark. One of the biggest problems is a DC fast charger and every manufacturer will tell you to limit your time at them level.

2 2. Charging is better to save the battery. The gauge cluster on the cell Terra seems awkward to view around or over the steering wheel. What are your impressions? I love it. Andrea does not hey. This is what Andrea I will say when we were driving here. To do questions, coffee and cars like she just likes the seating position, its fantastic, so this quasi head up instrument cluster. I really like it. I liked it when we drove it in the Toyota version. I think its great, and you know what you can see, the the actual readout is at the very top yes, so this screen at the bottom of the screen, theres no information. But for me the way Im sitting in my seat, the top of the steering wheel, Falls just under all the information and it I dont really do anything, but it it bothers my eyes problem solve you just drive like this. Oh, I can see it perfectly now. Could you imagine love the look wondering how the famous Subaru symmetrical all wheel, drive, feels and handles on an electric engine? Well, that my friends is marketing symmetrical all wheel, drive its been a Hallmark of Subaru and the real way it was explained and designed? Is that the the output shafts from the differentials are the are equal length and thats why its called symmetrical? And you could argue that this has the same length shafts coming out of the electric motors to the two front: wheels and the two rear wheels.

However, theyre not connected at all front to back its all electronically controlled, so I guess anybody now could say they have a symmetrical all wheel, drive system, sure now the vz4x and the soltera have the same. All wheel, drive system identical. You could argue that this system in an electric vehicle is even more precise than the symmetrical all wheel drive system in the end, theyre, both very good and now its time for our Hot Topic. Whats this one Andrea, having driven the bz4x of which the soltera is based on what has Subaru done to differentiate, create the driving feel from the bz4x. Well, the short answer is there is zero difference mechanically between these two theyre, both made in the same Factory. This looks like a Subaru that looks like a Toyota, but you know what they were. Co developed Subaru claims that they worked on the all wheel, drive system um, as that is their area of expertise, and really it comes down to packaging. It comes down to exterior, looks although similar they do look a little bit different. So do you prefer Toyota, do you prefer Subaru put it this way? Youve got two vehicles that handle really well as an option, and you know what pricing is about the same on both of them as well. You know what Andrew you know, the one that I like, the one that I can get yeah and thats. A big problem is such limited availability of EVS in the marketplace.

In light of high fuel prices, people are clamoring to save money on fuel, so you know, Subaru obviously wants you to buy theirs, and Toyota wants you to buy theirs youre going to buy the one that comes comes in first. One thing Im not fond of in both models is that youre paying on that top trim over sixty thousand. This one is Canadian and there is a manual passenger seat. Yes, there is a manual height adjustment. I just think at that price point. You should have a power passenger seat as well. Now some of you might be thinking Zach. Can that thing tow, maybe not well get into that and more in our vital stats lets start with pricing. Well, do Canada first and then move on to the U.S. The Beast trim is just over fifty four thousand dollars in Canada, and the top technology trim is just under sixty three thousand dollars in the U.S. The premium trim starts at just under forty five thousand dollars, and the top touring trim is just under fifty two thousand dollars. U.S the soltera comes with a 6.6 kilowatt onboard charger with a 240 volt Outlet. It will take about 11 hours to fully charge your soltera and, with a DC fast charger, reaching an eighty percent charge at a Mac. Maximum charging speed of a hundred kilowatt is 60 Minutes in Canada. The saltera qualifies for the federal EV rebate of five thousand dollars and any rebates in participating provinces in the United States.

This EV does not qualify for a tax credit. The soltera is not rated for towing. Subaru offers a warranty of three years and sixty thousand kilometers or thirty six thousand miles, so you want to buy a compact SUV crossover thats electrified. What else can you buy for your consideration? Four vehicles for you to consider up. First, is the Toyota bz 4X. All wheel drive, it has 214 horsepower with 367 kilometers 228 miles of range. It has a starting price of just under 55 000. The Hyundai ioniq 5, all wheel, drive long range, 320, horsepower 414 kilometers or 256 miles of range. It has a starting price at fifty five thousand dollars, the Volkswagen id4 all wheel, drive model has 295 horsepower and 410 kilometers 255 miles of EV range. It has a starting price, just under 53 thousand dollars, the Kia ev6 all wheel, drive with 320 horsepower, 454 kilometers or 282 miles of range. It has a starting price of 57 and a half thousand dollars. So there are four electric vehicles for you to consider lightning round two things we like two things we like to see improve. I really like the Comfort level of this saltera. I actually really like this head up display. What Id like to see is faster charging capability, and I want this shiny, hard plastic replaced with something better. What a day weve had with the saltara we spent eight hours in and out filming driving. We went from Dana Point to Palm Springs and we have a 140 kilometers 87 miles of range left and the more we drove this.

The more we came to appreciate the finer points, the suspension, the Comfort, its a great vehicle to drive for a long period of Time.