2 or, as I would expect, that this is the Volkswagen Polo Electric or the Polo EV., But is it worthy to carry the Polo name? Well, tell you all about the details exterior interior here with Thomas on Autogefuel in 4K. Full screen full length. Lets go In the front. We can see a totally new design, language. Volkswagen wants to go away from round shapes and say Im an electric vehicle and move towards a more traditional Volkswagen. Look more rectangular, styling, clean German design, maybe Bauhaus style.. I think thats also a good decision to bring some more true Volkswagen character back to the vehicle.. What I would have wished is that maybe they placed a round headlamp from the VW Golf, I a Golf. I EV design. Thats my wish list actually., But Volkswagen might still change that at some point., So the Volkswagen CEO is also checking out our videos., And so maybe you can put it in the comments and tell him if you want Golf, I EV round headlamps or If you are more okay with this current design, right here. And one of the most important messages for today is this – will be sold under 25000.. So this is supposed to be. Indeed, a peoples, car. And Volkswagen means peoples car., But in recent years they have become more and more expensive.. Now they want to go back to the original Volkswagen way and also sell cars for the people that are actually still affordable.

Different battery sizes will be available. Were going to talk about that soon. As for the length, its 4.5 meters or 159 inches.? That means this is the length of a Volkswagen Polo., But the interior space is supposed to be like a VW Golf offering.. That also will be very interesting.. 20 inch wheels right here and a very straight design line. This is the one key element.. The second key element for design is that you have this very strong, C pillar right here, taken also from the Golf. Solid door handles. They went for that and not for flush door handles because, as they say, they are not good in wintertimes when they move and so on. And they just make things more complicated, more expensive and no one really needs it. And its also, not that good for aerodynamics.. So they went with a lot of ideas back to the roots.. The rear door handles are integrated right here.. I think its also a good solution to keep the design clean.. It will be front wheel drive.. Why Also again, to keep the cost low. Rear wheel drive. Has an advantage that you have a smaller turning circle, for example, and it feels more agile in driving. Front wheel, drive they can put all the components for the electric drive all in the front and not so much in the rear. Also, the charging port and so on. Everything can be put in the front., And this is just easier for the whole production process and once again brings the cost down.

And there will also be more space underneath the rear seats and in the lower trunk. Area. Were also soon going to take a look at that. Acceleration in 7 seconds with this front wheel drive., But I heard there will also be a GTI version later on, for this very vehicle. Horsepower figure at this moment is 230 more then, of course, for a Possible GTI version. Top speed will be 160 kmh or 100 miles an hour., And you can see this rear design is what I meant with German Bauhaus once again straight line cut off., And this also brings so much space on the interior. Indeed, while keeping the exterior dimensions rather small. – And you can see here a very straight line for the lamps – this is small – then again inspired by the older models. Illuminated VW logo here in the rear in red thats, pretty cool. And a sportier lower end.. This already looks almost GTI style already., Or what do you think Im really looking forward to your comments about this new design? Language. Tell me in the comments: if you agree. On the interior, which will optionally, have a panoramic roof, we see a very clean layout, modern styling on the one hand, but also retro elements. Here once again, thats the interior. Everyone would have wished for in the ID.3.. Now it will come for the ID.2 or, as I expect for the VW Polo EV. And well, the exterior dimensions are like the Polo, but the interior dimensions are supposed to be like in the VW Golf.

. We can see the use of microfiber. The whole interior is animal free., And this extensive use of microfiber and also, for example, fabric on the dashboard, really leads to a high quality, impression. And thats really astonishing. Because, as we said, this vehicle is supposed to be under 25000 or under 25000 approximately., And it is really cool that we can see a high class interior at that price, point. Very important back to roots also for the user interface.. There are, for example, jog wheels on the steering wheel. And inside the doors we see yes, indeed, four window levers so not two anymore, like in the ID.3. Once again, four window levers for the front and for the rear. More microfiber at the inside of the doors. And also fabric coverings., So were also getting rid of high gloss black piano, lacquer here.. Finally, they are listening to the customers and not giving us what we never asked. For.. The seats have a very sporty look indeed also a fabric, microfiber mix., And they have this integrated head restraint style.. At the same time, they look pretty cozy indeed. VW has had software problems, and the current software is not that good., But now theres a completely new software, also with new animations., Really nice here, also with the typical Wolf style.. Why not be a little bit joyful but at the same time, this interior is not too playful actually.. It is serious enough, but has some joyful elements indeed.

. As for the screens on the left side, you have an 11 inch digital square, styled instrument, panel. On the right side, a 13 inch big infotainment screen., And you also get a head up. Display. The gears are being shifted with the right store column behind the steering. Wheel. – And you will also have a separate AC unit in the lower part where you control the seat heating, the temperature and also with a separate volume jog in the center console, which can be accessed by the driver and also by the passenger.. We can also see the use of ambient lighting. In this case, then, the blue styling, fitting, overall to this Thomas, Blue, exterior and interior.. I think this is exactly the interior we need in the modern vehicle.. We have the modern elements and, at the same time, we have old school elements just that we hit the right spot between a good classic user interface and also a modern offering.. Talking about that, you can change the styling of the digital instruments and the infotainment system to this more analog old, school styling being inspired by the Golf I for example., Also here with this City of Wolfsburg logo., And you can change this mode actually with this central Vw knob in the middle console. In the lower console the VW Polo EV lets call it that way. Just has also two inductive charging pads. And they have this magnetic lock that the smartphones dont fly all over the place.

, Even more space. Underneath this unit. And once again here, you can see the dashboard covered in fabric and microfiber.. I really have to say from these first pictures we have for you. I am really impressed once again. And it has been a long time that Volkswagen has impressed people. And I think they are back on track with this interior. In the rear seats again its not a big vehicle. But you have a lot of space. And this really cool space underneath the rear bench. You can fold up the bench. And then there is this hidden space, which also can be locked.. So, for example, you can charge your laptop in this compartment.. At the same time, it is safely stored when you are away or something. In the trunk. You will have 440 liters of space., Underneath there is another big space, for example, for these water boxes or maybe for a suitcase.. The maximum space is 1330 liters.. The really cool trick is, you can fold down not only the rear bench but also the front passenger seat., And then you have a long area of 2.20 meters or 87 inches like in a huge sedan.. Oh and one of my favorite playful elements is, you can once again see here this Wolf, animation. Yeah, why not doing that with software? Oh Hes also going to sleep at some point.. We also have to talk about the electric effects of this vehicle., So we dont have a battery figure yet, but there will be two different battery sizes.

. Of course, there wont be too large because they want to keep the price low.. Recharging is supposed to be from 10 to 80 state of charge in about 20 minutes., And I heard a 125 kilowatt charging figure.. This could indeed be a problem, but I also heard that they want to improve on that. So because, when this vehicle will be launched in 2025, you need better fast charging capabilities indeed.. They tell us about the range of 450 km., Not really sure, if thats realistic, maybe more like 350 km or 220 miles, because these official figures are not always very true because they do these testing cycles, which are not representing real world situations.. So I think exterior wise interior wise this works so well.. This is what people have been waiting for. What I personally also have been waiting for., Yes, maybe like a Golf, I front headlamp that would have been cool. But other than that Im, really amazed by the exterior and interior of the car.. I think this will really work very, very well., But the electric figures like battery size range and also charging speed. I think they have to do better there.. They still have some more time until its finished until it will reach the market., And this is actually where the focus should be going on to now. Now were joined by Thomas Schaefer, CEO of Volkswagen.. Do you want to take the brand back to the roots? Not really taking it back.

, I always say its not about warming up the ashes and a little glow. Its about taking the fire into the future., And I think this company has a lot of fire.. A lot of great stories of the past will work very well in the future., So our DNA of Volkswagen has always been it suits. Anybody like the GTI, for example, Golf GTI. Anybody can drive it whether youre, a worker or youre, a CEO with a custom made suit. It always looks good on anybody. And we need to get back to that.. We need to get to cars that work globally that are real icons in their segments., And I think, if that connects back to the past, then itll probably do so.. Will this be a car that is launched globally on all markets? Well, its not a car for China and its, not a car for the US., Its pretty much a European and then non US non Chinese market.. China is not a hatch market. The US, its obviously too small for now. The US is also developing, but for now its going to be Europe focused., So we heard that it will be under 25000.. How do you achieve that? Because at this moment, EVs are not that affordable for the average income.? How can you bring the price down? Look? The key here is scale., So we scale in two directions. We have on the one side. We do on that platform.

Four models, two Volkswagen one Skoda, one Cupra., And with that you have enormous production scale.. We also because the battery is about 40 of the value of the vehicle, the battery system. We have a battery factory now in Spain, close to the factories where the cars will be built. And that battery factory will produce a unified cell from Volkswagen.. Weve got our own power core on company, and that gives you enormous scale. And well bring it into the range that we needed for making it feasible. Its got to be feasible. Its, not a charity project.. This is supposed to earn money. Personally, Im really happy with the design, exterior and interior.. One thing I would have maybe wished is like a true Golf. I EV like with round headlamps and so on. Any chance for that still Well, not at the moment.. This is a big step for us in design language, as I said, clear lines, strong, stance., Its everything that Volkswagen stood for like positively like lines that connect from the back to the front and all that.. So I think its a great first step., The connection to the history is on the display. The interior, display. Thats, a cool touch., But going too retro is not necessarily good for us because were serving a broad segment that goes across people.. So our vehicles are always more neutral, not extreme.. You cant have a vehicle that looks angry totally and this dividing in society.

Our vehicles are friendly and appeal to a broader audience. So to everyone. I talk to everyones really amazed by the exterior interior., But about the charging facts. All the EV hard facts is there still something I mean where the hard is not that impressive honestly.. Is there still something until 2025 that you will maybe improve that it will have faster charging and so on maybe even more range Look technology is evolving rapidly at the moment.. Now we are updating our MEB platform to MEB plus.. That vehicle will get MEB plus. That gives you faster charging times more range and so on., But its got to be price competitive. In this segment. You want to stay in this. And I think the values that we saw on the screen are very reasonable. For that segment. Going forward. Will they develop Yeah sure., But for now I would say theyre well competitive in their segment. And also something thats really important to me with USCO will all cars remain animal free on the interior, Yes. Sustainability and having broader responsibility is super important to us., And I Always say what Volkswagen does and where Volkswagen looks the world looks. And we have a role to play in this., And I think this is definitely the right move to go.. So we will go well beyond that. First step. Thanks so much for the insight.. Is this the right way for VW, Tell me in the comments.