It sucks man theyre, either broken or other people are using them or people are parked in the space and theyre, not using them its really the equivalent of using public transportation. If youre trying to charge your electric car out there with public Chargers, it sucks. So I finally decided to get my own charger at home, where I rent and I was actually surprised at how easy and inexpensive it is and so Im going to do a little bit of an unboxing and a product review on the one. I got because Im surprised at how easy it is and well I dont know why Ive waited so long, because I am testing more and more electric cars about one of every five press vehicles. I get like many people with an electric vehicle. Ive just discovered that, depending on public Chargers, just doesnt work and yes, most cars, come with their own level, one 120 volt emergency charger that works, but its too slow for a full charge in a hurry, and recently even some cars have stopped coming with that Im. Looking your way, Kia yeah, the ev6 didnt come with a charger. How about that? So I finally thought it was time to do something about this first world problem of mine, because I live in a rented townhouse. Ive often thought that the prospect of getting my own charger was a non starter. Well, I was wrong. A quick look online showed me that I can get a home charger thats, not only affordable, not thousands, but for hundreds.

Furthermore, there are so many solutions that I could even get one that offers multiple plug Styles and charging levels to meet my needs, even in a rented townhouse. In my case, I found on Amazon on the electron level, 1 level 2 portable charger. It has dual charging plugs that work with both level 1 and level. Two in such, it allows you to plug into a conventional household Outlet or a 220 240 volt Outlet, such as in my garage perfect to keep in the trunk of a car. When you dont really know whats going to be awaiting you at the other end of your journey opening the box, I found that it came in a molded black canvas carrying case that zips open and shut its got a semi hard shell, so it keeps its shape. The charger itself comes with a pretty heavy gauge: 21 foot cable and a universal charging plug compatible with all j1772 standard EVS thats most cars, except for some Teslas. What allows it to do both level one and level two is that it has two separate attachments for plugging it into your power source. The first is a Nema 515 plug for connecting to a 110 120 volt household outlet, and it operates at 16 amps. You will want to make sure that the circuit has a minimum of a 20 amp capacity for this. The second is a 220 240 volt level. 2 charging plug that has a Nema 1450 plug thatll operate the charger at 32.

Amps youll need a minimum 40 amp circuit to accommodate this charging method. For filming this video, I use the level 1 charging. As my 240 volt 30 amp circuit first needs to be upgraded to 40 amps before I can safely use the outlet for this charger. Once connected to whichever Outlet you use, you can then plug it into your vehicle. Soon after the vehicle lit up and started whirring away on the charging unit, you can see that the LEDs light up confirming successful operation. According to the manufacturer, the charger can add up to six miles of range per hour on the level one and up to 31 miles per hour on level 2.. These metrics obviously depend on your vehicle and the onboard charging capabilities it has, but most contemporary EVS have onboard Chargers that exceed this charger speed in all Im pretty happy with this this particular unit, given it offers both level 1 and level 2 Charging in one box. At the time this was filmed the list price of this particular unit is about 350. On Amazon. Electron, however, has several variations of chargers, some less and some more one thing that did not come with. This is a user manual. However, I was able to download a PDF manual from their website once I did, I found out that there really isnt much in it, as this is ultimately a pretty simple device. Honestly Im just happy to find out. I didnt need to spend thousands of dollars to be able to charge it home and avoid the hellscape using public charging networks has become all right.

My friends there you go now. I kind of feel like Ive joined some kind of exclusive Club, its like when I first got my smartphone that had a screen on it. You know and I feel, like I kind of joined the race. Everybody else had been running for some time. Well now Ive got my own electric charger. Now there are links down below for this particular one. This brand offers a lot of different levels. You can get more expensive, faster ones. You can get less expensive, uh Chargers that that arent, quite as fast as this one bottom line is theres a lot of choices out there. You can check that out down below um. Well until I get an electric car, there wont be a review on that, but you can see our latest video right there or you can subscribe to our YouTube channel right.