This is the Tesla Model y performance, and it should be easy to make a performance, SUV shouldnt it you just up the power of the motors and give it a high enough output battery and call it a day, and the answer is well yes, thats most of It but theres actually quite a lot more going on with this car under the skin. The question is: is it worth a significant amount of extra money over a base model wire thats? What were going to find out – and this is not a cheap Tesla – to give you an idea – the base model y costs around seventy thousand dollars, but this performance version crossed over a hundred thousand dollars. Once you add on road costs and thats, because its so expensive, it no longer attracts EV discounts; instead, it adds luxury car tax, so the price just keeps heading in the wrong direction. Now, on top of that, it doesnt really look different from the base car from the outside. Nor does it feel different from the inside from the outside youll notice. The enormous 21 inch wheels with performance tires. If you look closely, you might notice the little carbon fiber lip spoiler and if you look even more closely, you might notice that its slightly lowered compared to the standard model y inside, though the standard stuff applies. Vegan leather trim a big 15 inch, all encompassing tablet screen with integrated nav and always online services.

Dual wireless chargers, panoramic glass roof, its all very slick and modern, but theres, no apple, carplay Tesla, expects you to use inbuilt versions of all your favorite apps. The real sell for me, though, and for a lot of other buyers, will be the software as though to proved Tesla is more a software company than a car company. Its got by far the best software in the car, but its also got the best phone app for a deeper dive on all. The pricing features for the model y range check out our full reviews over at and its true. It might disappoint some buyers that the Tesla Model y performance doesnt set itself apart with different bumpers or a big Wing, or anything like that. But it does stick to Teslas minimalist design, aesthetic like many models of smartphone. The changes here, arent meant to be seen just felt those Uber turbine wheels, are of course a highlight, although they are the only option on the performance so too bad. If you dont, like matte black on the inside, there are no surprises if youve seen or sat in a model 3 or a model y before theres, the same minimalist, aesthetic taken to a fault, I feel like Im sitting in a rolling Apple Store with the big Floating tablet screen and lack of decoration, although I like that our test car, has the wood look trim instead of the Naf white plastic option, which only serves to cheapen the space.

The minimalism in here should help it age pretty. Well, I would have thought, but, as I usually complain about with these Tesla designs, theres no dash cluster or even a head up displayed, which feels like a bit of a strike against the practicality. Youll have to look over to the center screen to keep tabs on core functions of the car like how fast youre going on the topic of practicality. The model wire feels much more expansive than the model 3.. Everything in here feels bigger and further away, even though the design isnt that different. But this minimalist sort of aesthetic does leave room for some nice big door, pockets for your bottles and some expansive storage down in this center console, which is truly enormous because of that flat floor design its premium, but not too premium with a few little towels like This synthetic leather seat trim, it looks nice and its pretty comfortable, but Im just not sure how well its going to age. Now, if youve watched any of my other Tesla reviews before youll know that were not huge fans of this Center screen its such a shame to complain about it, though, because it does look beautiful, it really works with this design, and it really does have the best Software in the business, its super smooth and its backed by great Hardware, too, all the Transitions and the screens are really fast and it really suits the car. It is just a shame that a lot of these little touch areas are a little bit hard to press and concentrate on the road while youre on the go, and you do have to control everything through the touchscreen as well its not just the navigation, its the Air conditioning its the radio system, its all the little things that youll need to use to operate, the cars functions thats just a little bit of a shame.

The back seat is such a big win in the model wide. Its still got that flat floor from the model 3, but I feel, like I sit a lot lower and hence had a lot more Headroom too thats a real win for this car over its smaller sibling. Look at the amount of leg room, Ive got theres just heaps in here: theres, controllable, air vents and theres, two USBC ports as well. The seat room continues and, of course, youve got a big bottle holder in the door and two more in this little drop down. Armrest as well its a nice touch, but there is one thing missing that Id like to see and thats a full size power outlet, theres a lot of EVS that are starting to include these either under the seat here on the back of the center console theres. Just one thing that the Tesla is missing: in fact, the model Y is missing: v2l thats the ability to power external devices via the charging port, all together its possibly the only key EV spec item. The Tesla range is missing right now: handing a small advantage to its Korean Rivals like the Kia, ev6 or Hyundai ioniq 5.. The boot is massive. It has 854 liters of space, which is heaps for a midsize SUV, with abundant underfloor storage for things like charging cables and a front too again, Tesla is famously a bit shy about sharing harder power and torque specs for any of its models, simply relying on the Zero to 100 kilometer an hour Sprint time, which, in the case of this one, is a very trim 3.

7 seconds. Unsurprisingly, though, the hardware here is the same as the model 3 Performance so expect similar Thrills, if a little blunted by the extra weight of the model. Ys body, the performance is also upgraded to all wheel, drive with a motor on the front axle and has improved lower suspension as well as bigger performance brakes. So, first things: first, I would like to apologize if youre not a musk fan, because the model Y is seriously impressive to drive, especially in this performance grade its just blindingly fast. Yes, it says 3.7 seconds which compared to some EVS doesnt sound ridiculously fast, but it is ridiculously fast. Honestly. Anything below 5 seconds is already ridiculously fast, and the number sort of becomes meaningless below the that this car is fast enough to turn your groceries into a paste but theres more going on underneath as well. Not only do you get a lower ride, height and seriously large brakes to deal with this cars extra bulk and performance, but you also get a new ride. In fact, Tesla says that the rider in the performance is a new version of the suspension, which is both better for handling the serious performance that this car is capable of, but also its more comfortable foreign, and it really shows too compared to the base model. I drove just a few months ago. It seems like the sharp edge has come off the right of this car. It doesnt feel as brittle or as brutal when youre slamming over bumps.

As that base car did when it first launched its something that both the model Y and model 3 have needed for a while, its great to see it included here, even with these giant 21 inch wheels. The handling in this car is seriously out of this world. As well, even though its enormously heavy its got a kind of Torque vectoring Technology, which means it can send the correct amount of torque to any of its four wheels at any given time and adjust it on the Fly. This means, when youre trying to make this car misbehave, it will adjust things on the go. It feels really surreal when you throw it into a corner, and you can feel the computers pulling the car straight and on the Fly correcting understeer or oversteer, as the car sees fit its almost too good, its almost clinical in the way that it attacks the road And I think in some ways thats going to disappoint some enthusiasts: the computerization doesnt stop there you get three adjustable kind of regen modes, you get a creep mode, a roll mode or a full stop mode, and the full stop mode is the one which will max Out your regen and bring this car to a full hole allowing you to drive it like a single pedal vehicle. Then you get three adjustable steering modes as well, theres like a chill mode which makes it nice and light. I like that one, the most theres a standard mode and theres a sport mode which seems to make it just too heavy.

The one thing about the steering I will say, though, is its a little weird. There is a little bit of feedback coming back through it, but each of these modes is so heavily computer, assisted that it doesnt quite feel real, while its impressive that Tesla has made the ride more compliant from both a performance point of view and from a comfort Point of view, it is still a little bit busy theres just a lot going on the car Jiggles back and forth constantly even on small bumps, and that just goes to show how firm it is and also the low profile tires. Theyre, probably not helping either foreign. We dont know that either, but it is significantly larger than the one in the standard model y upping range from 455 kilometers to 514 kilometers and thats, even accounting for the higher performance and additional load required for this cars. All wheel, drive system charging is a good story as well, with the model y hitting a peak of 250 kilowatts on a compatible supercharger, meaning you can charge up to a high battery percentage in around half an hour. This places the model wire up there amongst the fastest charging EVS in our Market on the topic of superchargers, while Tesla has plans to unlock its Network 2 EVS from other brands, it hasnt yet meaning its cars can make use of the most extensive charging Network in Australia on a slower, AC charger, the model y performance hits a peak of 11 kilowatts, which is welcome.

It should add around 75 kilometers of range every hour. It sits on one of these slow charging units, which is good for longer stays at the shops. Now, when it comes to awarding points for safety, for me, it should be really difficult for a car to get a really good score, because nowadays, cars have so much safety equipment. You really have to push the boundaries and do something new, but thankfully I think thats something that these Teslas actually do really well. Theyve got an unprecedented number of sensors and cameras. I think thats best explained through the radar camera that this car has, on its main screen, its always showing you all the lane features and cars and sign posts that its picking up as it drives past, and it really gives you confidence that the cars built a Picture of the world around it and knows where potential hazards are Teslas tend to rank very highly when it comes to and cap safety ratings too, and both the model y variants have scored a maximum rating to the 2022 standard. Its got particularly highly for adult occupant protection and safety assist systems check out our full written review at for more info here. One thing I would say, though, is its probably not worth splashing out for the full self driving option it costs over ten thousand dollars and is questionably legal to use so whats. The point whats it like to own a Tesla.

Well, thats another one of these unknown questions, isnt it the numbers, dont, look too good, though this car only comes with a four year warranty. This is one of the shortest new car warranties in the mainstream space and is limited to just 80 000 kilometers. However, a separate warranty covers the high voltage battery and drive components for 8 years or 160 000 kilometers Tesla guarantees. There will be 70 of the cars original battery capacity available at that time. Teslas have condition based servicing, so the car or the app will tell you when its time to visit a workshop foreign things. For short, this is a performance car, but not as we traditionally understand it. This version of the model y really is the ultimate gadget on four wheels, its ridiculously fast, its got, superb handling and, most importantly, its got some of the best software in the business. It even comes in a slight cheaper than a lot of its European EV Rivals. So, on that front alone, its not even that bad value, the question is whether every Enthusiast will be sold, because the thing is this car is too good. Its too computer assisted its too fast its too good at attacking the road. For that reason alone, I dont think every Enthusiast is going to be sold. Thank you, foreign.