But the problem is, you cannot determine the value of something. If you do not know the price so Ill, just get it out there. This new mt4 is a competitor to the Volkswagen ID3 and Nissan Leaf, but it will cost you the same as the Vauxhall Corsa e or Peugeot e208. So review done. That sounds like extremely good value right hold on not so fast, not so fast lets find out if this car is worth the price or not hello, there monsters and men. Ladies and people, this is the new mg4 and welcome to recharging. Thank you. Lets start with the easiest part of this review: the specifications there is a mt4 with a 51 kilowatt hour battery pack and you have the version that I am driving right now. The 64 kilowatt hour battery pack, the 64 kilowatt hour battery pack has more power, but because it is also heavier. Both versions do 0 to 100. In around 7.8 seconds, all mg4s are limited to 160 kilometers an hour and all mg4s have rear wheel, drive Hallelujah. The mg4 is not a crossover, it is a compact hatchback and therefore, as already mentioned, it is a competitor to the Volkswagen ID3 and Nissan Leaf. Is the mg4 recognizable as an mg, though? Well, I would say luckily not because lets be honest, have a look at the zsev and mg5. They are kind of boring, and this mg4 it is a good looker. The mt4 stands on a new EV only platform from Psych and in the basis it is rear, wheel, drive, so rear, wheel, drive, EV only platform.

A lot of room under here lets have a look if it has a frunk foreign lets open it up. No, there is no Frank. There is a lot of plastic on the here, though, but there is room for an extra engine on the here, because there will be a hold hatch version of the mg4. A trend with modern cars are big alloy wheels, and that is because big alloy wheels make a car look good, starting at 19 inch going all the way to 21 22, but big alloy, wheels means big, tires means expensive tires and therefore, as a more affordable car. I am happy that mg has gone with a more sensible 17 inch, and also these alloy wheels are easy to repair if you hit a sidewalk, and that is because these are not alloy wheels. Damn demo effects. No, as you can see, these are fake. These are Arrow covers for the alloy wheels underneath it do. I like the rear of the mg4, to be honest, Im not sure yet, and it is mainly because of this huge rear light spoiler over here on this luxury version. The rear light stretches over the whole rear, as with many modern cars on the less expensive models it does not. What all models are missing, though, is a rear wiper. If I open up the boot of the mg4, you will see a boot space of 366 liters comparable to the Volkswagen ID3. If you put down the rear seats, you will get a boot space of 1177 liters.

If this boot spray is not enough for you, when you go on holiday and you want to expand your storage space by putting a roof box on top sorry, you cant, you cant, fit a tow hook, though, on the mg4. What mg has done with the driving Hardware of this car is really impressive. It is night and day compared to the zsev and mg5, where those cars are really comfortable and have no excitement at all. The mt4 reminds me a lot of how a German car drives. It reminds me a lot of the Volkswagen, ID3 and Cupra born and trust me. That is a compliment. The suspension is comfortable but feels planted. The steering is direct, but it doesnt get nervous on the highway and the traction control. The traction control is more exciting than the Volkswagen ID3 and Cooper born. If you want to you, can let the rear brake loose a little? Yes, that is fun again. This is a really good driving car, a really fun driving car and again it is really impressive. What mg has done here? Is it the most quiet car? No, it is not. It is a quiet car. It is quieter than a Kona, but it is not as quiet as that. Id3, for example. What about your driving position itself then? Well, the seats arent good enough. They are not the best seats in the world, but again they are good enough. They dont have lumbar support, though, but besides that theres plenty of adjustability and also you can set the seat nice and low in the car.

For that sporty driving position, if you want to the steering wheel again plenty of adjustability – and it is nice and thick the 51 kilowatt hour version of the mg4 has a wltp range of 350 kilometers 64 kilowatt hour version that I am driving has a wltp range Of around 440 kilometers, let me start by saying that the mg4 is not the most efficient car out there. The United Kona, for example, is more efficient than this mg4, but I have to say that the mt4 sits on the efficient side of the spectrum. During my test period, it is winter at the moment the sun is shining luckily, but it is between 2 and 6 degrees Celsius, and there is quite some wind when driving on mixed roads. I get a range of 380 to 400 kilometers. That means that I expect that in summer, yes, you can get the 440 kilometers at MG. Claims that this car can do when Im driving on the highway around 100 to 110 kilometers an hour. The range is more 350 kilometers and when you drive faster and the absolute maximum here in the Netherlands is 130 kilometers an hour when driving 130 kilometers an hour, I get a range of around 250 kilometers. I have to say, though, that this is the luxury version and the luxury version of the mg4 gets a heat pump. So therefore it should be more efficient in Winter. The other versions of the mg4 do not get a heat pump, so your mileage may vary in Winter or during colder periods.

Another thing to note, though, is that the 51 kilowatt hour version of the mg4 has a lfp battery and the characteristics of an lfp battery is that it mines less to be charged to 100. So that means that, with the 51 kilowatt hour version, you can enjoy the full range more than you can with the 64 kilowatt hour version and no, it is not possible to do one pedal driving in the mg4. You do have three regeneration settings, but the car will never come to a complete stop without pressing the brake pedal. The version with the 51 kilowatt hour battery pack only gets a single phase onboard charger as standard, and if you are unlucky, charging it from 0 to 100 will take you around 13 hours. Fast charging can be done with a maximum speed of 117 kilowatts. The 64 kilowatt hour battery pack gets a three phase onboard charger as standard and charging that from 0 to 100 will take you around 6 hours, the 64 kilowatt hour battery pack has a maximum fast charging speed of 130 kilowatts charging, both versions from 10 to 80. On a fast charger will take you around 30 minutes all mg4s also get vehicle to load. That means with a special adapter that I dont have you can power anything that you want from the battery pack of this car here in the interior? You can see where mg tried to save some money and not in terms of quality of the materials, because the quality of the materials are better than in a Kona or in a Volkswagen ID3.

This is a nicer place to be in than in those cars. No, you notice it in the things you dont normally think about that are present. In a car like this car doesnt have a interior light at the rear seats. There are no grab handles at all on the ceiling. There is no rain sensor for your wipers and also like every modern car. Basically, all functionality is in the infotainment system, because developing a button is more expensive than just putting it in a screen in some software. So yes, also, the climate control is controlled through the infotainment system mg. Try to make things a bit easier by adding two programmable buttons here on the steering wheel, but still a bit more physical buttons. Car makers, that is nice, trust us, that is nice. The infotainment system itself, as with all MGS, I dont, have any major complaints with mgs iSmart infotainment system. Overall, I think it is a simple and intuitive system to use. Only the screen is a bit small and it is not always the most responsive system in the world and mg can improve this, because there are some weird ux choices like some buttons are really really small, so they are quite hard to press, especially when the screen Is in its not so responsive mode and then especially while driving, so if mg could just make some buttons a bit bigger or maybe some other design choices like here, you have an Android, auto icon.

So if I want to go to Android auto, I press on it, but you think the whole towel is pressable, but no only the icon of Android auto is pressable instead of the hotel. So so minor changes can improve the system by quite a lot. There is an airplane, I hope you dont, hear it General build quality, then its fine everything feels sturdy and solid in this car and, as I said, the quality of the materials nicer than the Kona and ID3 cubby space. Then the door pockets are of a average size, I wanted to say reasonable, reasonable, but they are more average size. You have to cup holders here in the middle. You do have a small pocket here, which has a closable door lid, or at least you can put things away from side, so that is nice. The pocket on your armrest is quite big and you also have a average glove box. Lets have a look at the rear seats. The scene in front of me is in my typical driving position. I am 1 meter and 85 centimeters and I have plenty of knee room. Headroom is okay too. At the moment I can shove my feet under the seat. In front of me, but the seat is not in its lowest position. If it is in his lowest position, I dont think you can do this. The car is quite wide so sitting here with three people is doable and also there is no hump in the floor, because this is an EV on a EV only platform the floor of the car is quite low compared to other EVs, and that is because mg Or psyc developed a Battery Technology where the battery can be smaller than normal batteries are, and the benefit of that is you have a lower floor.

That means your feet are lower in the car, which means you have a bit more support here at your legs. Besides that, there is no armrest, so there you see some cost. Saving no armrest quite odd, never seen that in a modern car there is one USB port. The materials on the door are hard plastics, but at least you have a soft armrest and you have some Pockets here at the back of the seat to store whatever magazines, mobile phones, you name it. The assistant systems in the zsev and the mg5 lets be honest. Are not great and in this mg4 the systems have improved a lot, but there are still some that annoy the out of me and the problem is you can turn them off in the infotainment system? But as soon as you start, the car? The systems are back home again and the worst of them all is the lane keeping assist, slash departure warning when you are not even close to the line it already triggers and by default it does not give you a sound or a vibrating steering wheel. No, the steering wheel gets sticky, it feels really hot and when youre getting closer to the line, the car moves the steering wheel slightly to keep you back in Lane, but the steering wheel is moving slightly, but it does it with too much force and its not Making the driving safer – I would say sometimes it is making the driving more dangerous, and this is a complaint of a lot of customers and mg knows this and they will bring a software update to fix this.

But nobody knows what the software update will be. Do they make it less aggressive and do they make it easier to turn it off in the infotainment system or my personal favorite? They have to keep. They have to make it less aggressive, but also the cars should remember the setting I have done in the infotainment system. If I have turned it off, then next time I get into the car, it should still be off, but only time will tell what mg will do and before I forget it. Yes, there is an app available to preheat the car or schedule charging so very 2023. Anyway, what is my final verdict of the mg4? It is really impressive. What mg has done, comparing this car to the Zs, EV and mg5, and I would never say you should go – buy car X or Y, because everyone has their own preferences, but it is really good value. It is a really good electric car. So if you are in the market for this type of car, you are crazy to not pay a visit to your mg dealer, and that was the review of the mg4. I hope you liked it and if you did please give a like, if you have something to say, leave a comment and it will be awesome if you subscribed and then I would like to say now. Thank you lots for watching and, as always to be continued.