We dont have many disagreements, but Tommy and I have come to the launch of the Volkswagen id.2 all and we dont actually have the same opinion. Yes, but before we find out about who thinks what lets find out more about the car first, Volkswagen says this is a car for the people, just like the original beetle. In this case, that means the car will be cheaper. It will launch in 2025, with a price of less than 23 000 pounds, which VW point out is the price of a top Polo these days. It will also film the basis of a new small SUV inevitably and a Cupra, and a skoda too rumor has it that the companys new buses order this concept to be created in just eight weeks after the previous design, which looks like ID life concept, the id2 All is a fraction over four meters around the same as a Corsa or Polo, but inside it has a space of a golf bigger. Actually, the storage volume is a generous 490 to 1 330 liters thats more than a Qashqai weirdly, its switched to being a front wheel drive unlike the ide3. This is mainly, I think, because its cheaper to make as you dont need to run wires all over the place, but it also frees up the back of the car for all that Luggage, in fact, were not quite sure where the battery is going to go. There are huge storage cabbies under the back seat and the boot floor too, its not short on power either.

The id2 all has a claimed power output of 226 horsepower, which is 25 more than an ID3 or Cooper born. The range is impressive, too: VW claimed 450 kilometers, which is 281 miles, theres no news on the battery size, but itll have to have some sort of new tech or witchcraft to meet the range performance charging and packaging promises the 10 to 80 charge time, for example, Is just 20 minutes thats the same sort of speed as the keery V6? As far as Tech goes, the entertainment system seems to have been fixed too. Volkswagen specifically pointed out that he has classic volume, control and a separate air conditioning controls its even got four electric window switches again Rejoice but feel for the person who has clearly been sacked. As a result, the interior design is the most interesting part of the car. By far, the screens can be tailored to be look like the dashboard and radio in a classic Beetle or Mark 1 golf now, weve got a bit bored of being elbowed out the way by the worlds, most amazing people and come to where its a bit calmer. So we can have a reasonable conversation about this car and what we think of it, because we did kind of disagree didnt we when it first came on stage. Yes, you liked it. I loved it love the first sight, because I kind of like the story about the car being the car first and then, once the people come into play, it becomes Volkswagen, which is for me when I go back to Old School Beetle thats, where the story comes From thats a love story about this guy, so that brought me back – and I was like you know what I love the look of this guy, I kind of see where youre coming from, but theres retro and the interesting old style cars.

But this just looks like something from the 90s. It looks like a design that theyve taken off the shelf because I didnt stop now the rumor is new. Vw design, boss came in looked at the design for what was meant to be this car and said I dont like it right and ordered it to be changed, and this car was made in eight weeks now. Thats impressive, but it just looks as though some design has gone how about this one we had in stock right right from like five years ago. I mean this is a concept car its not due for two years. If you saw that on the street now wearing 15 inch steel wheels with gray bumpers, it wont be the same. You wouldnt look twice. I I hear that, but its a concept car at the end of the day and the whole point of concept car, is to put your best foot forward like what can we do with this, and I think the whole thing about familiar familiarity and old school stuff. I think theres nothing wrong with that. You want people to see it and love it straight away, rather than think what is this look at BMW, big grill on the front people are like what is that it went too far, so theres a thin line between keeping it true to their DNA design, DNA And still making it look good, so I like it, I I can see that people do like designs which make them feel comfortable, and this is a design which isnt going to make.

You stand out its not going to make you interesting, no ones going to look twice at you and some people like it that look at all the people who buy fiestas and yeah and golfs and cars like that. That are just Street Furniture yeah. But I really hope theyd do something interesting. The ID3 is an interesting design. Yeah, there have been some great Volkswagen designs, even things like the up its a great design, but the interior is nice. Theyve listened to the people. I think one of the things that the guy said on the stage is we want to listen to our customers and I think theyve done that. I think one of your favorite is the bottom. Ive actually got buttons, oh yeah. Well, yeah I mean I, I drive a ball and theres all these haptic buttons, and this has proper switches and buttons, which is lovely, but also that bit within the dashboard, where you can change to make it look like the radio and the instruments from Marvel is Really cool thats, the kind of thing that people will really love but theyll probably make you pay 15 quid a month for it on the subscription Volkswagen. Please well thats how theyll get the price down thats it thats! So true, because what was the price like? Twenty? Three thousand pounds which is interesting, and I also love the little bits that theyve done in it like the back seat, opening up where you store your charging.

Cable Ive not seen that in any car at all any electric, no thats, very cool and the being so big and theres that big thing – 50 meters, underneath there yeah Im a bit confused, though, because there might be some witchcraft going on, because the the charging speeds Theyre saying and the range theyre saying and the performance and the price and all that space Im not sure where the battery is going to go because youve got this big storage thing under the boot yeah yeah and under the rear seats so wheres. The battery. Where was it mounted on the ID3? Well, the battery goes underneath yeah yeah balance as well yeah, but you think the rear seat thats, where the the battery would be the bulk of batteries, is going to be. This hasnt got that and its not in the boot right. So where is it its gon na be interesting, Im placing bets tonight its not going to be a front on the final version? No, I dont think there will be.