This one in particular, will appeal to the go fast crowd. More than just a different face. The GT is tweaked to attract enthusiasts. The standard makkies are great fun. This one UPS, the power and cornering Talent, it has everything, Mustang fans love, except for the Symphony of a V8 and two extra doors, a base, rear drive Machi. With a 70 kilowatt hour standard lithium ion battery pack starts at around forty eight thousand dollars before tax credits. The extra 23 grand for the GT buys the 91 kilowatt hour extended range pack mounted low in the floor, then theres e, all wheel, drive the dual motor setup, delivers 480 horsepower and 600 pound feet of instant torque. The performance model would add, 34 pound feet. The suspension is Sport tuned. That means firmer GTs cabin is a better place to spend time than noticeably improved. Materials like synthetic suede and aluminum are reason alone to upgrade from even the premium model. Machi. The startup tone is a subtle Cube: Music like most EVS theres, a drive selector, but no transmission. The aggressiveness of the regenerative braking can be set for those who do or dont like one pedal driving the tires. Get more grip, Wheels grow to 20 inchers, and if you look inside them, youll see upgraded brakes brembos up front, because sometimes performance means better. Stopping right Drive modes make a big difference here. Unbridled is the most aggressive setting in most machis the GT and GT performance turn it up to 11, with unbridled, extend, essentially a track mode that relaxes traction and stability control, reduces regen and optimizes the batterys thermal management.

To turn off all the nannies push the button on the far right here, but wise drivers understand that 600 pound feet of torque can get you into real trouble real fast. Without them, the GT is quicker than the standard Mustang Machi. All wheel, drive 0 to 60 happens in 3.8 seconds. With this one thats about a second quicker and 3.8 thats Mustang Mach 1 territory, man. It really pushes you into the back of the seats and theres. No sound it kind of takes a second to get used to that dynamic Music to protect the drivetrain GT is limited to five seconds of Full Throttle acceleration. That could be an issue on the track on public roads. It would mean closing in on a hundred miles an hour in the right drive mode. Its easy to kick the tail out for a rear, drive bias, Dynamic 600 pound feet of torque is something to behold. One thing about electric vehicles: Instant Power, uh its really fun. No sound but lots of power. This is a true drivers. Car with steering weight, thats, not too light or too heavy. The only two EVS Ive had more fun in are Porsches, tycon, turbo and a first generation Tesla Roadster and those are pretty much made of unobtainium. For most of us, the performance is up there with my favorite gas drinking car. So, yes, that means a Mustang GT coupe, but Maki does ride a bit higher so theres that its always hard to capture sounds in a car but heres the propulsion sound of the Maki dont know if that translates or whether you can hear it.

But it is subtle with the weighty pack in the floor, the center of gravity is as low as a villains intentions and the GTs Performance Suspension lowers the Maki by 10 millimeters. This might be sold as an SUV, crossover of sorts, but its not meant for off. Roading monkey being an electric car is very quiet, but since there is no engine sound to mask anything, you do hear different noises like if you hit a bump, theres kind of a drum like when you hit bumps that happens in a regular car, its just more Noticeable in an EV one advantage to the Silent Running is being able to hear when the tires are reaching their limits in hard cornering powering. Through the turns the GTs solid structure stays flat, theres little to no body roll. The brake pedal feel when transitioning from regeneration to the physical disc brakes is pretty much seamless. Gt stops right now and gets back to speed right now, too. The GT sport, suspension and performance tires do make a difference. This handles noticeably better, but it does feel heavy because all the mocking is the GT weighs nearly 5 000 pounds. Batteries are heavy and the firmer suspension is felt on rough or choppy Pavements. The GT bucks passengers around a bit its not a deal breaker but pay attention on the test. Drive the display by the wheel is small, but at least theres one in front of the driver in the past Ive been able to meet the EPA rated range of the Mustang machines that Ive driven.

This one is rated at 270 miles, but its cold out this morning it was in the high 30s right now. The low 40s and temperature affects all electric cars, so Im guessing Im going to see 210 215. Here much of my driving was on the highway, where EVS are less efficient standard Ford, copilot, 360 2.0 has active. Electronic safety features like automatic emergency, braking blind spot warning, reverse braking, assist and Lane keeping upgrade to the 1900 copilot 360 active 2.0 Tech, and it adds an automated parking system, plus blue cruise and extremely good hands free highway driving system. A quick word about blue Cruise, which is Fords semi autonomous driving system similar to GM supercruise. Now it has a camera that makes sure that youre paying attention and it only operates on mapped highways, but Ive been driving along actually riding for the last five minutes: hands off the wheel and its very secure good stuff. Mockies can juice up using 150 kilowatt DC fast Chargers using one. This pack should go from 10 to 80 percent in around 45 minutes or for a quick top off 50 miles in some 10 minutes at home, using 240 volt level. Two, a full fill takes around 14 hours like range EV charge. Time depends on temperature and how spent the pack is so those numbers are squishy. I firmly believe for the best EV ownership experience. You really need to be able to charge at home some 80 to 85 percent of it is done there for one thing, its a lot more convenient to juice up, while youre sleeping and its much less expensive than public charging.

Now for traveling. The infrastructure is, of course, very important. Tesla has the single largest network, but Ford has something interesting called the blue oval Network, which takes a whole bunch of popular networks like chargepoint and Electrify America and effectively treats them as one you plug and charge. You dont need a separate account or a credit card. You get one bill at the end of the month from Ford, no matter how many networks you use its really pretty cool. Now to find this station, I use the forward pass app its for iPhone and Android. It does all sorts of things you can remotely lock or start the car in the morning when its plugged in so you can pre condition the cabin using the power from your house, not the battery. That gives you more range. Also, you can make it phone as key. I dont have a fob on me Im. Only using my phone left, the fob at home, dead phone use, a code to open the car and a separate one in the car. To start it, by placing the battery pack flat in the chassis Engineers gave Maki a roomy interior, though its taken up by a traditional type of center console theres loads of space for convenience. There are no button blanks. Those can give a car a budget look. The shape of the top panel is a nod to the Mustang coupes dual cockpit. Look the fabric is like a sound bar, you might have for your TV GTs standard bang Olufsen system is loud, Punchy and accurate, copper accents are a GT exclusive like them or not.

This is a much better cabin experience than other makkies right down to the heated seats covered in ActiveX material with grippy Nico inserts. Nearly everyone that sat in them commented on their comfort. The wheel is Hefty and heated. This enormous tablet runs Fords, sync, 4 user interface, which is great. I dont, like the giant iPad, look. Well, I cant help you there other than to say response is very good and its well laid out and easy to navigate. Leave your phone on the charge pad standard Wireless, Android, auto and apple carplay are energy vampires, Im five foot nine and have enough head knee and leg room for Comfort. Foot room is a little tight. At least the floor is perfectly flat: no separate climate zone back here, but people can charge phones, three adults will be snug, two will be comfy. The load floor has room underneath for hiding small things near the charge, cord storage slot or drop the panel. All the way down from Max cargo room notice that theres no spare tire just a repair kit, the Privacy shade, is light foldable and easy to stash away. Small helpful touches are here, but no remote releases with the backs up its 26.6 cubic feet, dropped theres, a solid 55 cubes, so Maki is useful and yes, it does have a frunk 4.7 cubic feet is enough for a carry on suitcase more and more electric vehicles. Keep popping up, they just keep getting better and better.

The Kia ev6 GT is quite the competitor to this Ford. The Maki GT is great fun, adding to the engaging goodness the standard Machi offers for Ev Universe.