Taunted next and AV is leading the way in the future of Transportation, lets dive in and explore all that Todd and necks and AV has to offer the Tana Nixon EVS exterior design that suits an era of contemporary sophistication thats, both captivating and Sleek. The latest 2020 model is a true Marvel to behold with its bold, yet elegant, aesthetic features that are guaranteed to churn heads one of the most striking features of the Nexon evix exterior is its gloss black front grille, which exudes an air of confidence and boldness. The grill is expertly flat by projector headlamps inspired by the Range Rover which feature distinctive daytime running lights. This combination creates a dynamic look that gives the Nixon EV a distinct presence on the road fruit. Bumper have been redesigned to be more muscular, giving the vehicle an aggressive appearance while retaining the Elegance thats synonymous with the Nexen brand integrated on the lower half of the bumper are TriStar elements that add to the next and Evies visual appeal. Another design element that stands out is the generous use of blue accents around the car. This feature has a touch of futuristic Flair to the next and Evies already sophisticated design. The Bonnet has also been redesigned to be flatter Landing the vehicle, an even more streamlined and aerodynamic. Look the Nexus Evies flared wheel, arches are a beautiful sight from the side, and the coupe, like roof line is equally attractive. Giving the car a sporty silhouette thats, both sleek and modern.

The Nets and Evies overall stance is full and assured, thanks in part to its 16 inch alloy wheels, which give the car a commanding presence on the road at the rear. The Nixon EV boasts a pair of triangular shaped clear, lens tail light that are sleek and futuristic. The teal lights are connected by a silver accent that runs between them: adding an extra Touch of Glass and sophistication to the next and Evies rear design. The Tana Nexon, EB interior, is designed with a focus on Comfort, modernity and functionality. The interior of the Nexon is dominated by a combination of Dome white and black colors, which give it a contemporary look. The blue highlights used in various parts of the Interior, including the upholstery, add a touch of color and vibrancy to the cabin one of the highlights of the town and Nexon EV interior is its part. Digital instrument cluster. This cluster has a color display that shows essential information such as projected battery range power usage and state of charge. This feature makes it easy for the driver to keep track of important metrics while driving the digital cluster is also a significant departure from traditional analog gauges and gives the interior a more modern. Look. The dash sport of the next and EV how the unique modern shade that it has the cars overall aesthetic the steering wheel, also complements the dashboard, and it has a more refined appearance. The quality of the materials used in the interior is impressive, with no apparent floss or rough edges.

This attention to detail makes the cabin feel premium and luxurious the rotary gear. Selector is another significant feature of the Toton Nixon EV interior, its located on the Center Council, and allows the driver to choose between Drive modes, including Eco City and Sport. The different modes enable the driver to adjust the cars Driving Experience based on their preferences and driving conditions. The front seats of the Nexon EV are designed for maximum Comfort, making it an excellent option for long Journeys. The footwell is also spacious, providing more leg room for passengers. The rear seats offer ample head and legroom, making them comfortable for passengers of all sizes. The Nexon EV have the generous boot space of 350 liters, which is suitable for everyday use. With the seats folded. This base increases to 690 liters, making it suitable for carrying larger items. This feature makes the car versatile and practical making it ideal for those who need apples, storage, space, the town and next and EV is certainly a powerful electric vehicle that boasts impressive engine specifications and performance capabilities under the hood, its powered by a permanent magnet motor that Generates 127 great horsepower and 227 newton meters of torque. This motor draws its power from a 30.2 kilowatt hour. T shaped van repack, despite the weight of the battery pack, the Nexon Ed is an actual that offers excellent acceleration and handling. When you put your foot down theres a strong surge of power, thats delivered smoothly and with Precision the throttle response is also linear, making it easy to control the cars, speed and power output.

If you want to experience the full power of the next and EV, you can switch to sport mode, this mode, optimizes the cars acceleration and makes it feel even more powerful. The Nixon EV can reach a top speed of 120 kph, making it suitable for highway driving. As well as City commuting, the next, an EB suspension system is designed to offer a smooth and comfortable ride even on bumpy roads. The softly sprung suspension absorbs most of the shocks and vibrations ensuring that passengers remain comfortable throughout the journey at high speeds. The Nexon EB remains short, footed and stable with minimal body roll one of the stand down. Features of the next abs engine is its battery pack. The battery pack is water resistant up to one meter, which means that it can withstand extreme weather conditions and rough terrain. This is an important consideration for drivers who want a reliable and durable car that can handle different environments. Another significant advantage of the Nexon EVS engine is its warranty. Tana Motors offers an eight year or a 160 000 kilometer warranty on the electric motor and battery pack. This warranty provides Peace of Mind of buyers and demonstrates taught us confidence in the quality and durability of their electric vehicles. The price of the Tata, NEX and EV starts at 13.99. Indian rupee lags and goes up to 16.85 lakhs. The Todd and Nexon price makes it an excellent value proposition. The car offers exceptional performance, comfort and reliability all at an affordable price point.

This makes it an attractive option for buyers who wish to own a high quality electric vehicle without breaking the bag. The Katana next and AV comes in three different variants: XM, XC, plus and XE plus Lux. All of these variants come packed with a range of impressive features that offer drivers a comfortable and safe driving experience. One of the stand down features of the Nixon AV is the 7 inch floating touchscreen display. It comes equipped with both Android, auto and apple carplay, allowing drivers to easily connect their smartphones to the cars infotainment system. Additionally, the card comes with a smart key and a push start button, providing drivers with easy access to the vehicle without the need for a physical key. The car also comes with an 8 speaker system from Harmon delivering crisp and clear audio other features include automatic climate control, automatic head length and wipers a seat belt reminder a low fuel warning and a powered sunroof for added convenience. The car also includes 35 amp base connectivity features enabling drivers to remotely control certain Vehicle phone. The Nixon EV is a part that prioritizes safety features its equipped with abs, with EBD ESP reverse packing, assist dual front airbags, isofix, child seat mounts and traction control. The features work together to ensure the driver and passengers are protected during the journey ABS, with EVD helped prevent the wheels from locking up during emergency braking while ESP stabilizes the car during sudden Maneuvers or in Slippery conditions.

The Nets and 80s parking brake release alert is another important safety feature that alerts the driver. If the parking brake isnt released before driving the reverse parking assist, provides audio visual assistance to the driver while parking, making it safer and easier. The isofix child seat mounts also make it easier to install child seats. Apart from the safety, the Nixon EV also boasts stylish and comfortable interior features. The NV plus and XE plus Lux variants, come with leather and upholstery, which is both stylish and easy to clean. The steering mounted audio controls make it easier for the driver to control the music without taking their eyes off the road. The XE plus Luxe variant also comes with a wearable key, which adds a touch of modernity to the cars design. This key provides drivers with easy access to smartphone applications, ignition and other features. So there you have it guys thanks for joining us in todays video. Let us know your thoughts about this car.