Can I please, can I drive nope, please Music. Thank you. The Tesla Model S, the Californian newcomer that defined the future of electric vehicles. Fast, powerful, silent, pioneering feature Rich, elegant, effortless unapposed. For almost a decade. It had nothing to prove until Detroit decided it wanted in on the action Music Americas, big, Auto wasnt, going to let some Silicon Valley, Tech, bro, steal their sales. So theyve responded in kind with this Beast lets, get some faster facts: price from forty seven and a half thousand pounds in the UK or sixty five thousand Euros in the Republic of Ireland need my phone for this bit. Battery 75.7 or 98.7 kilowatt hours, total capacity for 70 or 91 kilowatt hours usable The Real World Range according to the EV database, is 220 to 230 miles per charge in kilometers, thats 352 to 448. performance, depending on the spec. You get between 198 to 358, kilowatts worth of motor and thatll shift the Mac E from 0 to 60, anywhere between 7 to 4.4 seconds charging. You get an 11 kilowatt on board charger and, depending on the battery size, you get 115 to 150 kilowatts via ccs Music. Mustang Puris May refuse to call this anything other than the Mac e, but one thing is for sure. It certainly has been turning a lot of heads and it has got Mustang looks, but you cant escape from the fact. It is an SUV which a lot of people want nowadays.

Is it really a Mustang, though? Not really will it convert petrol heads to the EV side, hopefully so inside the Mac key. You can see that theyve borrowed a couple of ideas from Tesla, for example the gigantic portrait oriented iPad that we have right in the middle here. Basically, that is your infotainment system that jots out from the center console theyve done a really good job with this screen, its incredibly high resolution, incredibly Vivid and clearly break the viewing angle, is excellent, as you would hope it would be, but into the menu proper and Youve got everything you can possibly want within a kind of swipe away: theres none of this kind of menu after menu after menu, its all pretty much in front of you again, not quite to the extent of the Honda e which Im absolutely fascinated with, of course, But its its pretty close, actually and if anything seems to be less burying within the menu than there is in my Model S actually in terms of the Interior, its very Detroit, its very American big. Also, you can have any color you want as long as its black, and that goes for any of the three different trim levels on this car. Personally, I find black interior is a bit yawn worthy, but such is the clarity of this big center console infotainment system. It really pops it does stand apart and its not quite as yarn where they use. You might think it would be theres some interesting Fabrics that are used on the dashboard as well.

Some sort of full carbon fiber there might even be real good knows. I see that theres a bang and olufsens sound system as well, so I need to try and give that a blast later on see how good it is but yeah as far as Ford goes, you can tell that this is high end or as far as American, Big Auto goes, which tends to be cheap nasty, black plastic on the interior. This is quite high end in comparison shall we get going the handbrake Dome? Okay, goodness me that was Keen to get going wasnt it this. This car is definitely very keen to get going. I would say arguably a bit too Keen for my liking um. I would want to be able to drive that a bit more sensibly in traffic, its probably something to do with a sport setting and stupid me has gone the wrong way. So what well do is. We will check out the Turning Circle. The Honda e on this road that were going just now Managed IT in one. This has a good extra couple of meters of turning Circle that it has to negotiate. Yeah Im gon na have to do it in a little sort of three point. Turn now were on a fairly quiet street. Dont worry for anyone in the car Im not actually going to be launching up to 60 miles an hour or something. But, of course this is a Mustang and it has a throttle so lets see how it responds to that.

Oh thats, quick enough, yeah. There we go so this car can go from not to 60 miles an hour or 100 kilometers an hour in about 7.7 seconds. In its slowest guys down to about 4.4 seconds and its quick guys, if I remember correctly, this one is the all wheel, drive version and will therefore be somewhat middling within that sort of range, but its still abundantly powerful. It is a Mustang, even the entry level version will be pretty quick Off the Mark, yeah having been over to Detroit and sampled via the rental cars, the uh, the best the big Auto churns out on mass in the US. You know generally, things are not rattly, but you know theyre a bit cheaper, maybe a bit kind of spongy. This does feel as if its more solidly made so Ford says that the Mustang Nike has an efficiency rating of a plus. What does that tell you Ill? Be honest, probably not that much. There are more efficient cars out there when it comes to whatevers per mile, but that said, Kevin Booker, who is renowned for his ability to extract insane efficiencies out of cars, set his triple Guinness World Record from Lands End to John of Groats or Jonah grows to Lands End, I should say in an electric car with the least amount of energy used in the smallest stopping times and so on. He said that in a Ford Mustang Machine, so he rates it incredibly highly, and this is someone who for fun will try and eat out the worst range from any EV that you can get his hands on.

So that is a huge tick in the Box. For the Mustang Nike here we are at the Kingston Bridge rapid charging Hub in Glasgow, one of the biggest of its kind in Scotlands 12 rapid charges here not too dissimilar to the kind youll find in the faster project. It is amazing, I love to see Innovation like this, but also the fact weve got Vans. Weve got taxis, weve got cars all charging Under One Roof on these fast charges. Its great to see and weve also got Donald from the faster project and Nori from the Eva Scotland. Here so were going to have a chat with them right now. So me and Donald are in the Ford Mustang Mackie, my first impressions really like it Donald. What do you think I love it and I think its an amazing car love the interior very different to anything I think Ive ever driven before in Ultra modern and stylish, but very comfortable. I think, from a drivers perspective its a lovely driving car. We know that the future is a lecture if electric cars are being rapidly adopted, but it doesnt work without the right charging infrastructure, which is where you guys come in. Our role with the faster project is to work with the public and to encourage increased use of electric vehicles in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland so really were um working with a range of stakeholders, so the Mackie, who is it really for? Well? It does stare straight in the face of the Tesla Model.

S and say come get some. You know its its a direct competitor, but that said it doesnt have quite as many features that said it doesnt have quite as many pounds or Euros in its price tag. Either – and it is a pretty well refined card Im – honest, but it all comes down to personal preferences, do you prefer the way that Tesla have gone about the way that theyve designed their car, or do you prefer the handling, the styling and the comparatively basic, but Still pretty decent features of the Mackie, so yeah I mean it is – is a direct competitor to the model S but, as I said, theyve done things very differently and if you are used to the preacher conference of a Tesla, there might be a couple of things That you would miss in this car, but that says if youve never driven a Tesla before in your life or if you can live without some of those features, then theres plenty to be working with in the Mustang Nike.