The Genesis gv60. These started a shade under 54 000 pounds. This one is the base trim, although its got a few options uh and that base trim is called premium, its got a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery and it can charge from 10 to 80 in just under 20 minutes, if youre on a very fast charger. This one delivers 225 brake horsepower and is capable of naught to 62 in 7.8 seconds and its got a claimed wltp range of 321 miles, although I dare say, depending on the temperature and the way the moons in the suns are pointing its probably going to be Closer to 250 to maybe 280 in the real world. What you may or may not know is that the gv60 has got a couple of rather famous siblings, the ionic 5 and the Kia ev6. All three cars are built on the same platform and share lots and lots of little bits and Bobs. However, they all feel very different and theyre all quite different propositions, so lets see what makes the gv60 different from the ev6 and the ionic 5 and then perhaps decide which one youd prefer: okay, folks, so heres the boot space 432 liters in this one, which compares To 490 in the ev6, the ioniq 5 from memories, 537 liters, of course, youve also got a bit of space in the front as well its also a bit of space under the boot floor there to keep your charging cables, your granny charger and your adapter.

So you can draw power from the car all in all. A really good shape boot, easy to get things in and out. The load cover is a piece of cake to use the only thing it could have been a little bit deeper. You do also have some very useful storage in the front, so the rear cabin is quite well equipped and really comfortable with lovely seats. I have to say you could get three adults in here, but the middle one would be a bit cramped plenty of Headroom. For me and plenty of leg room, despite the fact that the seats actually not in its driving position at the moment when you get in and out of the car, the memory seats, sort of move to give you an easier exit and entry into the car. So this will go forward, probably about another four inches and, as you can see, theres plenty of leg room as it is in fairness, although, as we said much less than you get in the ev6 and the iron A5, which are just cavernous in the back, youve Got this little pocket here, which is quite useful? I guess vent is actually up here rather than mounted down in the center, which it seems like a little stroker genius to be fair, nice cup holder in the door. Good quality finishes everywhere, its just a lovely place to sit in fairness down in the center console. Here. Youve got two USBC connectors to keep all your devices charged up and you can actually access a cubby here.

So youve got loads of space under there to stow away any valuables its great okay. So when you get into the car, it immediately feels premium like really premium its got, probably more in common with the interior of the ionic 5 than it does with the ev6. In terms of its layer out, although the three are fairly similar, youve got lovely little touches here, like this wireless charging pad which goes down there. A nice little shallow storage cubby there, two cup holders with a nice rubbery grip at the bottom youve got this awesome gear selector, which sort of spins over when you start the car or turn the car off. What I would prefer, though, is if these two wheels kind of change places. For me, the infotainment system feels more natural there in the gear selector up there, but you know first world problems and all that folks and then the other little issue in here is you have to go right down here to plug a phone in theres. This huge gap where you can fit a rucksack or something I mean theres tons of space underneath there um no Ive got that under there with no problems at all. But the fact that you have to go right down here to plug a phone in and then I guess, youve got to leave it in that cubby right down there. It just doesnt seem like the best thought out thing in an otherwise amazingly designed cabin.

The aircon controls are absolutely lovely. Youve got this high res display, coupled with physical controls, to change the temperature. Then weve got dual screens up here, one for the infotainment and one for the driver. Information display this cars got some really trick, features like the augmented reality, navigation and, of course, the famous Hyundai group blind spot monitors are absolutely superb great bit of design all the information you could possibly want is available there. We do also have a head up display, which is quite useful, and over here weve got the infotainment system, which weve become very accustomed to in Genesis Vehicles youre, not wanting for anything, really its a great system every bit as good as the iDrive system in BMWs Piece of cake to use – and, of course, if you did want to use Android, auto or apple carplay, theyre, both available to you too material quality, is generally excellent, so everywhere youre going to touch, I mean here, weve got this lovely kind of suede effect. I think that might be an option. Weve got leather up here, really nice metal controls Everything feels so premium. It feels great youve even got fairly soft Plastics on the door bins, which is something of a rarity these days. The steering wheel is a beaut its. This two spoke affair and the leather feels great its really chunky as well, and it just adds to that premium feel. I always think manufacturers, sometimes scrimp a little bit on the steering wheel and its the only part of the car that youll touch in the whole time, youre driving it hopefully, and why not go the extra mile? It feels great the only material I dont, particularly love in here is the grab handle for the door, its sort of a hard shiny plastic, and it it feels okay, but it just doesnt feel as premium as the rest of it.

I think that probably should have been wrapped in a bit of leather or something it would have just added something to it. Of course, you can also grab this portion of the door, and that has got a bit of leather on it, so it feels a bit nicer. Generally superb quality throughout tons of storage. In here, as Ive touched on already, you can get a big bag under there. Youve got another large cubby down there. Youve got this shallow cubby here youve got a glove box which is a shallow drawer rather than a traditional glove box, and for me, the drawer type glove boxes, work far better and its a stroker design genius overall folks, just a great interior. That really does stand above the ionic 5 and the ev6, which both have nice Interiors themselves. Folks, something I forgot to mention, while we were looking in the rear cabin, was that just beneath that back seat is a three pin plug socket and, unlike many cars, its actually quite beefy. You can draw three and a half kilowatts of power back from the car and thats even powerful enough to charge another EV with a granny cable thats, pretty impressive, so lets talk about the driving experience in the gv60. Its got the similarities with the ionic 5 and the ev6 and in terms of the feel it probably sits somewhere in between the two generally. I think the ev6 feels a bit sportier and a bit more kind of aimed at performance.

When you drive it, then the ionic 5 does – and this sits somewhere in between the two, but it just feels that bit more refined, somehow the suspension is lovely. It you dont kind of feel the hard bumps or anything like that, but its not boaty. You can feel the weight in the car, but it still delivers plenty of grip in the corners, but where this one really excels is in Cabin noise. Its just so quiet in here its just such a lovely place to sit and cruise and cruise along the motorway or driving around town are both a joy really the only potential negative with the driving experience, but its a very subjective thing is. I find the steering a tad light for my preference, although its generally fairly well weighted. It does feel a tiny bit numb compared to some cars that Ive driven in recent times. But again, your mileage may vary because its a very subjective thing now, despite this being the slowest gv6 on offer, with a nauta 62 time of 7 1.8 seconds in no way feels slow, it delivers the power in a really nice way. It pushes you forward at a rate of knots. Now there are spicier versions of the gv60 available, including an all wheel, drive model with about 480 horsepower from memory that will do not 60 in about four seconds. This one is the slowest of the range notes are 62 in 7.8 seconds 225 horsepower, but its got all the power youre ever going to need and when you put it into sport mode and put your foot down it, doesnt hang around folks.

It really doesnt hang around, but in this kind of car, its about enjoying the ride its about enjoying the Comfort youre, never going to have problems, overtaking anyone, even when fully laden its got all the power you ever realistically are going to need. Now. Something strange has happened with this vehicle every time. Ive had a Genesis in the past and Ive had quite a lot of them. Youll constantly asked what is it or youre asked? Is it a Bentley or is it an Aston, Martin or whatever else? No ones mentioned it to me and Ive been out and about quite a few times and parked up and Ive been outside and been looking at it on the drive and people have walked by. That would usually stop at us, and no one has I dont know. If that means that this ones been around – and there are a few of them on the road and people are getting used to it or if theyre just becoming more familiar with the Genesis brand, but the gv70 I had last week, I got stopped every five minutes. Someone asked me what it was so if we take its siblings out of the equation, I suppose the main Rivals from other companies are going to be things like the Audi Q4 e tron. Maybe the Tesla Model y actually and then like the Volvo xc40, would all kind of be close Rivals. I guess now the Q4 e tron and the electrified xc40 are both available for a fair bit less than this and uh.

I know the Audi wont match this. For fit and finish the Volvo mic In fairness, I havent driven either car. So I cant give you an informed opinion and the Tesla is a very different Beast. Teslas, obviously got a bit more boot space and its got the supercharger network to use so theyre. All quite different, but this more than holds its own against stiff competition and when you think of it competing against the xc40 and the Q4 e tron. It almost feels like its not its competing against that next class of vehicles, above which are significantly more expensive. Just a lovely thing to drive a lovely thing to sit in brilliant visibility at the front as well its not so good out. The back. Youve got really good cameras, though the top down camera and the reversing camera are great. Visibility is not the best in the back and one other annoyance that is becoming a bit of a trending cars. These days is theres no rear wiper. I know it may be just spoils the design, aesthetic for the man with the mood board or whatever thats drawing the car. But for me a real wiper is just a basic practical need. Genesis are not the only ones doing this, though I mean a lot of companies now seem to be doing away with rear wipers, and it makes me sad. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. So if youre thinking to yourself well Id love an ev6 or an ionic, 5 or maybe a gv60, which one should I go for, you simply must drive all three because they all feel similar in a lot of ways, which is obviously not particularly surprising.

Given that theyre more or less the same car underneath it all at the same time, there are a number of key differences between all three just the look and feel of the interior. For starters, not to mention the exterior, I mean I personally love the look of the ironic 5, but I know a lot of people apps absolutely hate them. The interior in this one is gorgeous, but it might be a bit fancy for some. I personally wouldnt have the light. Colored leather Id go for something darker, but thats. Just me. I really think youd be doing yourself a disservice in buying either of the three cars if you hadnt, driven all of them first, because those subtle differences may just be the things that make you fall in love with one of them and may turn you off. One of the others, so how am I going to feel about this car going back well, Im, going to feel very sad because its a lovely thing theres a lot to love about this car and really not very much to dislike its got great range, good performance. Plenty of space – and it feels very premium, its a lovely thing to spend your time in folks. Please give this video a thumbs up and please subscribe to the channel if you havent already done so and if youre a subscriber click that notification Bell.