So this is the BYT 803, so you might think its a Chinese car, but pyd is one of the best companies in terms of manufacturing, lithium ion batteries. Byd cars actually leaves Tesla behind in the Chinese market. So let me start the video from the front of this car here you are getting dual projector LED headlamp with DRL, and there is nothing down here as its electric car, no fog lamps, and here you have huge byd branding with the Pressed aluminum finish. So you will be seeing more brushed, aluminum finish and less Chrome in this car, which indeed looks very premium. So let me show you how the alloy wheels look like. So this is how the alloy wheels look with disc brake, so you have got disc brake on both of the side. This is the rear view, mirror with indicators and a NFC sensor through which you can just tap your NFC card and open the door. So this is the door handle and let me show you how the key looks. So this is how the key looks with byd branding, so you have got request sensor as well. So let me quickly open this door and show you what it looks inside so yeah. This is how the cockpit of this car looks, which looks really very premium, and this is how the doors of this car looks. So here is a speaker with ambient lights, and this is the aircraft style door handle using which you can open the door.

So for now let me just move on to the rear of the scar. So, as I said, you have got a breast aluminum metal element here, and this is the high mount stop lamp with spoiler and a shark fin antenna. So this is how the car looks from the rear side. It has 803 branding. So let me quickly open the boot and show you how it looks inside. So this is a small light and these are the two buttons using which you can operate the boot space and heres the boot space. This is how it looks here. You have got small storage space, so it is on both of the sides and you have got lights inside as well, and you wont actually get a spare wheel. Instead, you have been given a puncher repair kit with this car. Let me just close this, and this is how the hydraulic starts off. The boot looks like which looks very strong. Okay, let me just close this boot now. This is how it shuts down electronically, and here is what byd stands for it stands for build your dreams. Amazing, okay lets move on to the rear seat of this car. So you have got this dressed aluminum element here. So let me just open the rear door and show you okay. This is how the door looks, and this is how the inside of the car looks, which, with dual tone leather finish so everywhere you touch on this car.

You find stock soft materials. There are very less hard plastic used on this car, so you have got three adjustable headrest, so let me quickly get inside. This is how the front seat from here looks like you have called magazine holders here, and this is the aircraft style byd design here and, as I said, this is the AC control, and here you have got one USB and USB type c, socket theres, some small Storage space here so these are the touch sensor lights, which you get on the sides theres a handle with a hook, so you can just turn on and turn off. Just by touching the light, let me show you how it works, so this is how it works. So this is how the parcel shelf of this car looks like you have got a center armrest here with two cup holders. Let me just close it very quickly, and this is how the front dashboard looks like so it has got a very unique design. So this will be probably the first in segment design. Okay, as I said door, crafts, aircraft style door handles so okay. Let me take you to the drivers side. Now: okay, heres the drivers door. Let me quickly open the door and show you what the driver has got, so it has really got a very unique design, as you could see, and all the parts you see are soft touch materials. So let me quickly get inside, and this is how the display of the car looks, which is very small and looks cute.

This is the steering wheel with leather premium. Leather, finish all the media buttons. Here you have the same style, AC, vent control, and this is the aircraft style door handle, as I showed you ambient light sensor. These are all the controls, power window controls, and this is the sun Blinder, which comes with a mirror and the light which is missing in most of the cars. So its very good to see in this car – and this is the auto dimming rear view, mirror and the lights on the passenger side. Also, you get the mirror with the light. So as you open the mirror, the lights will be ignited. So this is the auto dimming rear view, mirror theres a handle for the passenger side, and this is the 11 inch touch infotainment control, so you have got the same style, AC controls even here – and this is how the gear lever looks like. So this is automatic. So even this is inspired from the aircraft style, so you have got the parking sensor and all other controls. This is the gear knob and two cup holders and a hand rest which has got the storage space inside it. So there is plenty of storage space in this car. As I said everywhere, you touch on this car. It has got soft touch, materials which is very premium indeed. So this is how the glove box look looks which is of decent size, so yeah guys.

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