This 2023 Jaguar, i pace HSC its absolutely stunning, its beautiful and being an EB. You cant hear a thing. There are so many different settings on this car its hard to know where to start from now with regenerative. Braking I like it, but I dont like it essentially what it means is as youre driving when you take your foot off the gas it will automatically break. You can literally feel the car pulling you back, which is absolutely fantastic from a safety perspective. But really do you want the car to be pulling you back when youre driving not really, especially not when youre driving a Jaguar? That being said in the city environment, when you are around traffic thats, absolutely fantastic, it stops you from slipping up where, ordinarily, you take. Your eye off the pool for even a split second, if certainly do not want to be picking this car Im very sure, Melbourne City Jaguar, want me to bring this car back as pristine as it is right now, Music, so lets get going. Shall we to move off in this car its so simple, youve got three up. Well, four options: youve got Drive, youve got neutral, youve got reverse and youve got park thats it something I just want to show you before we go is if you had kids sitting in the back or people in the back or shopping in a back or Luggage In the back – and you couldnt see whats going on, you have this little function here, where you click the Switch and a camera thats actually positioned on the roof of the car facing the rear activates.

So you can see exactly whats going on behind you, which is absolutely awesome. All you can hear, whilst youre driving this vehicle is the road theres, a beautiful little whirring sound coming from the car, which, actually quite like EVS, are a bit freaky. You know theres no theres, no engine theres, no, you know aggressive raw from the uh from the car when you hit the accelerator, its just silence. So to have this little work, its actually quite nice, its an absolute dream to drive. I mean really its positioning. Its seat positioning is fully adjustable, so you can change the height. You can change how far you know you sit back into your seat. It actually does feel like youre driving a car, not just an EV, which is interesting. I love the EBS. Ive driven dont really feel like youre driving a proper car. They do feel a little bit toy ish and dont get me wrong its very smooth, its beautiful its the future, but this does actually have a feel, a feel within it that you are actually behind this behind the wheel of an actual sports car or a car That has got a bit of them. Whats amazing, about the regenerative braking. Is we approach some traffic lights rather than having to put your foot on the gas on the brake, or you literally literally need to do, is take your foot off the gas and the car? Will just break for you, Music, foreign Music, its got enough Im around 5 11.

and my second position, or this seat is currently in the position that Id be driving in. So as an adult sitting in the back of this car look Ive got enough space. I mean, would I want more space? Of course, are they comfortable? Absolutely I mean these seats are so beautiful and soft and so comfortable its impossible to be upset when youre sitting in a back seat of this particular Jaguar youve got everything youd need as a passenger, and if you want to charge up your uh your devices, you Do have a USB connectivity here as well as the old school cigarette lighter little section here too its just maybe for your keys, and you also have heated rear seats, which is absolutely fantastic. So if it is cold check, your seats on and youre instantly warmed up. Panoramic windows are absolutely fantastic here as a passenger you. So when you are sitting back its absolutely stunning, its beautiful, it really is one of those sort of cars. You can just sit back and just enjoy The View. So in terms of servicing, this car has five years: unlimited kilometer, warranty, thats, also five years of servicing provided by Melbourne City Jaguar. So this car does come with a range of different extras. Electronic air suspension, tailgate spoiler 22 inch style wheels, a fixed panoramic, roof adaptive Dynamics. The car has a phenomenal display, 10 inch display and it has Jaguar land Rovers new heavy Pro operating system, which allows integration with a variety of different media and phones, including Apple carplay.

Android, auto Digital radio, native navigation and Amazon Alexa integration, the car has 16 way memory seats up front with cooling and heating. These are the memory controls here, which means you can preset your perfect driving position and lock it in which means up to three different drivers. Can have their Ideal Driving position in terms of a sound system. This car does not disappoint. It has meridians 16 speaker sound system which bangs out some serious volume and high quality audio. The boot has 656 liters, which is plenty of space, and you can drop down the rear seats if you need more. Its range is 446 kilometers, with acceleration of 0 to 100 and 4.8 seconds. That is absolutely phenomenal. It has a 90 kilowatt hour battery pack. This car uses approximately 23 kilowatt hours of battery every 100 kilometers, which is pretty good in terms of charging at 11 kilowatt hours, which is your standard home charger were talking about nine hours at 50 kilowatt hours, two hours charging time and at 100 kilowatt hours, which Is a fast charger which youd find in a public environment only 48 minutes that gets you from about zero percent to 80, which is pretty good. So it gives you time to go for a cup of tea or go for a spot lunch and get your car charged up. This cars performance is phenomenal: 294 kilowatt hours, delivering 696 newton meters of torque. That is very, very powerful, especially for an SUV in terms of safety.

This car has it all six airbags which are on the front the side for both passenger and Driver, as well as a Standard curtain airbag. This car has autonomous emergency, braking blind spot monitoring, tire pressure, monitoring traffic, sign recognition with adaptive, speed, limiter adaptive, cruise control, driver condition, monitor Lane, keep assist, rear, Collision, Monitor and rear traffic monitoring.