The second generation Kona offers one of the most comprehensive product packages in the bsuv segment, including the widest range of powertrains. Customers can choose from EV standard or long range, hybrid, electric HEV and internal combustion engine ice variants, as well as sporty and line versions of each. In an unconventional move, Hyundai Motor developed the new Kona as an EV. First, in line with the companys March 2022 accelerated electrification strategy announcement that will bring 11 new Hyundai EVS to Market by 2030.. Kona electric will play a major role alongside our ionic models in reinforcing Hyundais, EV leadership. The new model Builds on the great reputation of the first generation Kona electric and is designed and engineered to lead. The competition with its many outstanding features said jaehoon Chang president and CEO Hyundai Motor Company Chang added at Hyundai. We dont see the EV Revolution as just the latest Trend. We believe it is a pivot point for not only the industry, but also for society through the implementation of eco friendly Mobility Solutions like our EVS, we hope to speed the transition to clean mobility and make progress for Humanity with its rugged, Dynamic design and upscale Dimensions. The all new Kona retains its iconic character, supporting active Lifestyles for customers of all ages and generations, while offering new technologies and convenience features that provide a safe, connected and comfortable experience. Among the upgrades are dual 12.3 inch panoramic display screens a digital key 2 touch full over the air, OTA updates and connected car navigation, cockpit, ccnc Kona electric delivers class leading all electric range AER in the bsuv segment, wltp estimated 490 kilometers.

It also comes with EV specific Design Elements, including front storage, active air flaps, interior and exterior vehicle to load. V2L Outlets Head Up, Display, HUD, ipedal, driving mode, smart regenerative system, electronic active, sound design, easd and an Eco package. The all new Kona hits the ground running with Hyundai, Smart Sense, Advanced Driver assistance system, Adas and Safety Systems, including level 2 autonomous driving forward collision avoidance, assist FCA blind spot view, monitor BVM Remote, Smart parking, assist, rspa and Driver status, monitor DSM compared to the previous Generation, Hyundai Kona, the new model has unique proportions with increased Dimensions based on the EV variant. Its length is now 4355 millimeters, 175 millimeters longer than the previous generation in 2017, with a wheelbase of 2660 millimeters, which is 60 millimeters longer, its width is 1825 millimeters, which is 25 millimeters wider, and the height is 20 millimeters taller at 1, 575 millimeters. For the all new Kona Hyundai Motor broke away from the conventionalized EV development process and followed an EV to ice process resulting in a futuristic, EV Centric exterior that accentuates the SUVs pure volume to make a rugged and dynamic impression with a drag coefficient of just 0.27. The new Kona excels at aerodynamic performance without sacrificing style between the aerodynamic nose and tailgate sculpted will Arch, armor and parametric surfaces add character to Pure volume, with Dynamic Chrome lines connecting the belt line to rear spoiler with integrated high mounted stop lamp hmsl on the EV Variant, a pixelated, seamless, Horizon lamp and pixel Graphics, add a unique flourish Vivid, exterior colors, further emphasize konas iconic design, taking inspiration from the diverse lifestyles of the models: broad spectrum of customers, the n line versions boast black mirrors Wing type, spoiler and optional black roof.

More aggressive front and rear designs with wing shaped bumper to emphasize a lower stance, twin exhausts and silver side, skirt, a roomier and versatile interior designed to embrace a wider range of lifestyles based on the models. Upscaled Dimensions: an EV derived Universal architecture, Hyundai motor was able to design a larger interior living space to embrace a wider range of Lifestyles. The driver centric front row is accentuated by a floating horizontal c pad, with integrated dual 12.3 inch, panoramic display screens that affirm konas high tech character as part of Hyundai konas new layout. The shift by wire gear selector has been relocated from the center console to behind the steering wheel, which allows more storage in the open console area. The layout also emphasizes konas larger, wider interior, providing a versatile and comfortable space for driver and passengers. This impression is further reinforced by the relocation of all driver controls around the steering wheel, allowing an open console storage with rotational cup holders. Ambient light is also supported by Oda updates for maintenance and new features. The first rose, relaxation Comfort seat option is optimized for weightless body pressure; distribution to help alleviate fatigue after driving the curbless bench seat in the second row, maximizes habitability and provides easy maintenance and a two stage latch allows rear seat, reclining the fully foldable second row seat And rear compartment provide up to 466 liters based on vda standard of cargo space to meet the highest level of customer needs with improved loading convenience loading.

Anything from luggage to shopping bags is made easier than ever with a convenient customizable smart power tailgate that enhances cargo space access. In addition to the pixelated, seamless Horizon lamp and pixel Graphics, Hyundai Kona, electric offers even more features for an improved customer experience. Battery preconditioning ensures secure charging and range performance in Winter and a frozen charge. Door prevention system enables the user to open the charge door in a minus 30 degree environment. A new charging port door. Lamp ensures visibility at night. The HUD displays the most relevant information for drivers as a 12 inch projection on the windshield. This allows drivers to process information quickly, while keeping their attention on the road ahead and the easd creates a virtual sound that makes EVS more engaging for the driver. An Optimum sound is added to the cabin considering variables such as driving speed, torque state of the motor and acceleration drivers can control the volume and customize the sound inside the cabin with a bi directional onboard charge. The vehicle to load v2l function can power any device or charge electrical equipment with both interior and exterior outlets for convenience. Inside devices can be plugged into a standard outlet on the rear center console when the EV is powered on outside devices and Home Appliances can be plugged in using a v2l adapter to use battery power when the car is parked. The new ipedal enables a driving mode that allows drivers to accelerate decelerate and stop using only the accelerator pedal.

The smart regenerative system automatically adjusts the amount of regenerative braking based on information from forward traffic flow. The all new Hyundai Kona takes connectivity to the next level with continuous over the air OTA software updates, allowing car owners to save on cost and have their cars maintained with the latest software. Providing an upgradeable experience for more convenience. Kona can be locked, unlocked and started through the digital key 2 touch using near field communication NFC on smartphones or smart watches, which assures a high level of security inside dual 12.3 inch. Panoramic display screens are integrated into the audio video navigation AVN system to give drivers an immersive digital experience. The new Kona will be the first Hyundai model to apply the new connected car navigation, cockpit ccnc, which provides Advanced graphics and perfect Unity among the vehicle displays when parking surround view, monitor svm displays the vehicle from various viewpoints for safe and easy parking, while efficient wide Projection LED headlamps light, the way the eight speaker Bose premium sound system plus subwoofer has been tuned by Bose Engineers to deliver a rich and immersive listening experience, driver and passengers alike have access to two USBC Chargers, including one with data support and a 12 volts power Outlet in the front, as well as two USBC Chargers in the rear, Kona is also equipped with the latest version of Hyundais connectivity. Technology and Blue Link streaming service for music and videos will be provided later. The second generation Hyundai Kona, is equipped with the next level of Hyundai Smart Sense, oddis features that are not available on most other bsuvs, ensuring the highest levels of safety and convenience on the road.

The driver status monitor DSM, uses the vehicles, internal camera to analyze the drivers face and in the event of drowsiness or carelessness, alert them or intervene if necessary and Remote Smart parking assist, rspa AIDS drivers and getting in and out of parking spaces remotely a press of The smart key button moves the vehicle forwards or backwards blind spot view monitor. Bvm helps when the driver makes a lane change by issuing an alert to warn about the risk of collision regarding vehicles in the blind spot if necessary, braking is automatically applied to prevent a collision, Hyundai Kona electric offers additional safety features such as forward collision avoidance, assist 2.0 FCA 2.0, which provides evasive, steering Junction Crossing Lane change ongoing and Lane change Side Lane. It also has highway driving assist too hda2, which helps drivers, maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead and assists by overtaking slower vehicles in front the all new Hyundai Kona brims with other various Advanced Driver assistance systems, Adas such as Lane keeping assist lka blind spot Collision avoidance assist VCA, intelligent speed, limit assist, Isla driver attention, warning, DAW and high beam assist HBA.