Looking for that practicality and the e rifter comes with this in bucket loads, you have a roof rack on the top that can take up to 100 kgs. You can tow with this up to 750 kgs and then in the rear, theres a little button on this side that will pop the top part allowing you access into the cavernous Bush. And then you close this down and you have well close the property first and then you have the full 757 liters the seats down and they do fall flat, thats 3, 000 liters. So if youre looking for that practicality, the Peugeot e rifter probably is for. You comes in two different lengths in the UK and Ireland. Standard length and long length comes in two different trims in Ireland. We call them the Allure and the GT in the United Kingdom youre, calling them the Allure premium, slight difference and the GT as well, but pretty much were all in the same battery wise were at 50 kilowatt hour and it is a usable 45 kilowatt wltp on The kilometer side of things that send 270 odd 275 real words are probably in around about 200. youve got a Motorway youre going to be down at that one 6170. So it wouldnt have the largest range in the world. But if youre looking for something thats getting family around youre, looking to transport lots of goods, if youve got a dog and youre looking for that space and that volume in the rear and you dont need huge range, this might be the one for you and even If you do need big range, the beauty of the pewdry rifter is all about the charging.

If youre interested in all things, EV youd like to support the channel, hit the Subscribe button and hit the Bell icon, so you dont miss any future updates based on the Peugeot e partner. The e rifter is pretty much a van with Windows and seats, but the beautiful thing about the Peugeot, as well as the other stalantis range or Peugeot. If youre watching this United Kingdom so youre talking your citroens youre talking your Fiat youre talking your Toyota Pro Ace. Verso, all of these Vans, the Vauxhall or Opel combos, where e have been converted into a passenger version and the practicality is huge and the charging port is in the traditional place, where a flap would be for wet fuels and if youre, trying to open the sliding Door, it wont, allow you theres a lock on it until you close the store again on AC. In Ireland, we have an 11 kilowatt AC standard in the UK. I think its an optional extra and then on DC. We have a hundred kilowatt Peak charging curve. On average 78 kilowatts over a 10 to 80 percent charging cycle, and that will take you about 26 minutes. So, even though the battery might not be huge, the fact that you can fast chargers at a very good rate and be 10 to 80 in 20. Odd minutes, I think, is a huge benefit to it, and if you ask somebody, do you want a bigger battery or do you want faster charging, I think people will probably always go for the faster charging if they actually think about it.

A bigger battery is fine, but then at some side you will have to charge it and you want that fast charging as well. Now some people will say theyll want both and on the premium version. Youll get tinted windows in the back or the GT version. Apologies youll get tinted windows in the back glass, black roof rails, sliding doors on both sides and again on certain versions. You will have the power tail lift on our powered Windows, which you have on this version. Um comes in five different colors white, which is the standard color. Then youve got pearlescent black light gray, dark gray, which is this one and a blue color as well. You have this um cladding, underneath glass, black Wingers, the slanters little indicator, badge and youve got the alloy wheels, which are these ones, and it is 215 65 16s. They do come in a steel rim version as well prices in Ireland coming in around 38 and a half thousand Euros for the Allure standard length, an extra thousand Euros for the Allure, long long length and then for the GT version, its around about ‘ 000 Euros And then for the long version of the GT, its about nearly 40 000 Euros thats after the grants over here in Ireland. Overall, I think its a very practical um well designed vehicle at the front. You have your halogen lights across all the solantis Vans and cars. Unfortunately, its still that case what this platform you have your Peugeot Chrome around with your stamped Grille all closed off.

You have some passive air or in underneath as well no Frank inside here, but overall fog lights as well. Lets have a look on the inside to see how the fit and finish is like it is slightly different to its siblings in the stalantis, and I think, in a good way, inside the Peugeot e rifter, typical, still anti sphere on the door. You have your adjustable Wing mirrors: youve got your four electric Wing mirrors or sorry windows and the ability to lock the rear ones as well. Good big size, door Pockets. You will start to see this kind of a dark Navy black insert and on the upper level. Trims, that is a kenty brown which actually really likes it up. Lets take a picture up on the screen over. My knee is um traction control, childs, lock in the rear and the headlight adjuster, and some storage up here for a small coffee cup holder. Another bit of storage in front of the driver, potentially for a mobile phone. You have the Peugeot I caucus display. You have your small Peugeot steering wheel. Some people are fans, some arent. You have the ability to turn on and off or turn up and down the volume, voice, control and then other menu items. Speed controllers over your left knee and then youve got your lights and indicators on the left and on the right. Youve got your wipers. Eight inch touchscreen and as Android auto and apple carplay, the ability to plug in wirelessly up here youve got a seven wash a USB type.

A youve got sound youve got car settings, youve got your nav, which is through your smartphone. Youve got other applications. Youve got your settings for the actual scar system itself on your phone hazard light Center. Locking your HVAC system is all manual. Youve got a AC um temperature and also the ability to increase or decrease the speed volume on the center console, which is probably one of the bigger changes between this and its combo versus the big berlingo. I havent seen this in any of the other ones. Youve got your traditional stellantis switch gear with your drive modes, which is your ecosport and normal and youve got reverse neutral driving park with your electronic handbrake. You have that little dinky. What I like to call the espresso shot holder, but what that is for is in the combustion engine versions. You have an all terrain button there and youve got a little coin, slash this Central console, which is really nice actually and just Acres of space inside in here then youve got that 12 volt. That usually is down the floor in the van or the other versions of this. You have more storage up here: more storage down there, more storage in on top so practicality. Its huge seats are nice and comfortable a couple of different versions of it, depending on what trim you go for, but this seat is set for me. Im six foot two 188 centimeters lets have a seat in the back and see how much space is there.

As weve talked about already, there is sliding doors on both sides. Now, with these seats, there is no um moving with them. There is theyre fixed in position. They are three separate seats. You can remove them all together from the vehicle. They have. Three isopoint picks isofix points, and you also have the ability of opening or closing this window depending on little see our Shelf table for passengers in the rear. You have a USB type, A you have also some ventilation on the way back, no control over that as well, and what I also like about this seat is that has the ability to fall all the way down. If the seats are forward enough, it will fall all the way down flat, so youll have that 3000 liters worth of space. If you need it, but as I said, you can also take this out. Practicality in the back is good. Youve got some light overhead and in some markets you will have a central on the standard range length or standard length version. You will have the central package area and you also sometimes can get a pan or roof, but not here in the Irish markers. To my knowledge, take it out for a drive huge thanks to my patreon supporters. New patreon kudzo Heinrich leisner Adrian Kerry, Blake Boland from EV life, Ireland, Eve daily and Mark lots of ways to support the channel, make sure you comment like subscribe and share because Id like driving the Peugeot e rifter.

Like all stalantis. This one has a key, but the GT line has a keyless entry with a start stop button, so you have to turn it and you hear that beep into D electronic handbrake, I dont think you have to turn it off, but it will come off if you Dont turn it off um. You can hear the doors, locking and then B mode, two stand your identity breaking nice and smooth its a very much a combination of a car and a van. If you didnt even see me come there, but anyway, you saw that. I was okay there and I didnt hoot on her. She never looked right. She assumed anyway yeah its a combination with a caravan, because you have that eye cockpit from the Peugeot 2008, 208, Etc. And then you have the smaller steering wheel as well from the passenger cars. Some people like it, some people dont Im, okay with it. Its got multi function buttons on it better than some of the big slabs of plastic that you get on some Vans and theres. No other buttons have been closed off on it. So lets start at the top visibility. Good visibility through the rear view, mirror visibility all around like theres very little blind spots. The bottom of the a pillar is a bit chunky, but your seat is so high up. Youve got that quarter panel in front of your just behind the a pillar, my grub, my gripe with the stalantis wing mirrors.

I still think theyre too small and we dont have blind spot on this version either, and I think it should start to become standard and a lot of these uh all vehicles, not just EVS, so visibility, Rear, Front and side is good B. Penner is probably a small bit chunky as well for looking over your shoulder, but you do have that epic mounted glass and the sliding doors as well brakes are good. Um. Electric motor uh Peak is 100 100 kilowatt, thats, 136 PS or 136 brake horsepower and 260 newton meters torque. Now that is in power mode um in normal mode, thats about an 80 kilowatt Peak and then an eco mode. That brings it down to 60 kilowatt at Peak and that reduces the the Newton meters of torque and the horsepower as well. So we should be very careful when youre looking at some of these figures that um in what settings are those figures currently about 43 battery? With a range of 70 kilometers, so it doesnt bold well, but there was a bit of M50 coming back from an event recently that I drove last night. So I had a lot of Motorway last night. So its probably thinking that its going to be doing a lot of Motorway today but shits a lot more urban settings. The beauty of it is that you have that high charging speed acceleration in power mode is zero to 100 kilometers an hour in about 11 and a half seconds, and then, as you change to normal mode, which were in now, that would decrease youre not going to Be winning any drag races at the traffic lights, not that you need to be, but its a nice smooth.

The the power is nicely put down. It. Doesnt have an auto, hold and thats the same across all the stalantis range cars and vans, hopefully theyll bring it along. There is a larger battery platform coming out, but this one is the the way it is at the moment, some 40 000 for an npv. With this space and practicality – yes, some people may want a bigger battery, but for a second car or a car thats, predominantly based in an urban area Im, I think its perfect to be at this, be the combo e, be it the um, be it the Toyota Pro City, Verso yeah, when you look at the hype around the Volkswagen ID Buzz, this is as practical for half the price. When you think about us, the range wouldnt be there its not as stylish dont, get me wrong, but if, if it is practicality, the fact that it has the three isofix in the rear is a big thing. I got asked that a lot and then, when I tell people all that the stalantis ranger Vans have that three isofix theyre like oh, but its a van that has seats in the back of it like. What do you want foreign? Did you consider it? Have you considered it and purchased it whats, stopping you from going for this van versus another MPV acceleration is decent as a power curve is, is nice and smooth its not too crazy, its a lovely, comfortable drive and also what I found is that the sound deadening, Even though this is a van that has put seats in the back of it, Peugeot Peugeot have done a really good job.

With regards to keeping that road noise out and its a very Serene kind of place to be seats, arent bad um. There is a bit of adjustability in them. What I love is the big chunky armrest as well, and you have a bit of um padded on the padded armrest on the door as well, so for long Journeys, yeah perfect, hopefully, youve enjoyed my review of the Peugeot e rifter, make sure youve already subscribed to The channel, if youre interested in this kind of content, like the video, leave a comment below share with somebodys thinking about going electric that might need the extra space and practicality and remember, if you think an EV is for you leave it to me and Ill review.