My name is Steven and with me today is a 2021 Volvo Pulstar 2.. This is the first fully electric vehicle under the pole, star name, which is a sub brand of Volvo. Volvo was purchased by Julie, the Chinese company in 2010 and then 2015. The Pulsar brand was bought by Volvo as well, and then they came out with the pole. Star one which is a hybrid and then they came out with this in 2020, called the pull start 2.. If youre considering purchasing an electric vehicle, you should definitely test drive the pole star II. It is absolutely wonderful and in todays video Im going to go over. Why thats the case Ill go over the features of the vehicle and give an overall review of the car? As always, we appreciate you watching our videos please like And subscribe. If you want to see some more reviews of these vehicles, I have some fun projects, including this Pontiac, with a folding hardtop, coming up a Porsche 924 that we picked up and, of course, the Subaru justy with the D16 Swap all of those videos are coming out, Including a couple of how to videos as well so please like And subscribe below, we appreciate your support, hope you enjoy. Approximately five percent of Americans are now purchasing electric vehicles, so if youre in the market for one consider the pole star 2., this particular pole, star 2 – that Im driving today has approximately 400 horsepower.

It is the long range all wheel, drive version. It has approximately 250 miles of range and it weighs 4 700 pounds which sounds like a lot, but it doesnt really feel like it in the global car market. Suvs are absolutely everything and a lot of car companies are making lots of different versions that are just slightly off in terms of their Dimensions, theyre, making a lot of money doing it, and so I really like this vehicle is because its not really an SUV. Some of the body cladding and the design make it seem like its a little bit more of a rugged feel but its a its a hatchback, its a Fastback, and I really like that thats the case because it breaks the mold from every other vehicle thats out. There I absolutely love the way that this looks as well inside and out it has that really authentic Volvo feel to it now Ive owned a cup couple of Volvos in my life I had a couple of 850s a couple of 240s. I havent owned anything modern. I tried to stay away from them because Ive heard horror stories and so Ive been out of the Volvo scene for a little bit, but I have to say that this is absolutely intriguing. So much to the point that I might even consider purchasing seeing this car. If I was in the car market, no, I love my Mazda Im going to keep it forever, but if I was looking for a car, I would really consider this because its an incredible deal now.

Pollstar 2, is about 48 to 55 000. Depending on how you configure it, you can go to the website and take a look, its really simple, and I really like that there arent really a lot of options just because it comes heavily optioned from the factory. The real big option that you can decide is: if you want to get the 230 horsepower, two wheel drive version or if you want to get the 400 horsepower all wheel, drive version. You do get a little bit more range with the two wheel drive version, but you only get 230 horsepower and the 0 60 is about seven seconds, which is more than enough for the majority of people. But I honestly would get this because the performance really is phenomenal and were going to go on a drive in a little bit. So I know that 50 000 sounds like a lot for a car, but if you consider that about forty three thousand dollars is the average price of a new vehicle sold in the US today. This is not that much far off of it and because pole, star and Volvo is an upscale brand. I really think that this is a good deal for what you get so the way that the seat the seat is um is pretty flat comparatively to where my legs are, and – and I know that this is this is completely adjustable, but it actually goes only goes Down farther um, but that actually makes it feel like its much more of a car experience more than an SUV experience again, everyone drives an SUV that you like to like sit up taller whatever.

I still you think you have a nice vantage point in the vehicle because it seems like it has really nice ground clearance, but at the same time this definitely drives a lot like a car which I personally like, and then the visibility in this, even with the Big um, the big pillars with the Fastback design you can see out of this really really well. The mirrors are really nice. The only complaint is when Im looking in this mirror it just it kind of comes to a boat tail in the back to make it kind of hard to see out of that. But its got really. Nice mirrors on the side to be able to see anyways. So when you get into the car with the key, it immediately recognizes that youre here and it tells you what your range is: your state of charge, Etc. Im the only cheap material that I could probably feel in this entire thing might be this. Even this is Im they they feel they feel okay, comparatively to everything else. Just all of these materials – it just is absolutely wonderful and and stunning how nice this interior is. Even the thunk of the door seems very, very strong. Everything is covered in a nice fabric, which is just just wonderful. Actually one weird complaint about this is that, when the doors all the way out like this, I know youre, probably supposed to grab this just kind of seems really awkward.

I find myself grabbing this anyway. So you have a seat memory and then, of course, your power mirrors, doors, locks, Etc. You have your adaptive. Cruise control can be set right here. You have your voice command and then a couple of things to be able to change the screen around. You have your headlight control over here, pretty pretty standard stuff. You have your opener for the trunk right there dimmer switch. A couple of HVAC controls over here is where you have your windshield wiper stock, Etc. Its just. This is a very, very nice place to be this. Seating material is really really nice and seems like its really durable and again. This has this little Alcantara insert its just a really nice place to be and Im really impressed right here. We, this is your shifter. It took me a second to be able to figure out what this is and how to go about it. But I love that the pole, star symbol, is right there, but its pretty easy. You just pull down and youre in youre in drive. It takes a second to think and like oh okay, youre, all ready to go its currently telling me that my seat belt needs to be put on so Ill go ahead and do that and then, if you want to go into reverse its just a push up. Like that and then the mirrors will move both of them actually move down and then itll show you that youre in Reverse, which is pretty cool, and you have this reversing camera.

Thats thats pretty nice um its, not the best quality that Ive seen and its a little dirty the cars a little bit dirty, but its pretty nice, and then you have this. Is your proximity sensor? So if youre getting close to something, itll actually light up, just tell you that its close to something and then when youre all done, you just press the uh, the P button, and then it automatically puts on what I assume is electronic parking brake. That I can hear from behind, so I really like the infotainment system in this, and I know that theres a little bit of glare there, but this is just about the best that I can do with the sun going down here in Oregon. So its not overwhelming its not too bright, and everything is really easily seen the buttons are very responsive, Etc. So this had some really cool technology, as the first car with Google Assistant built in which is pretty cool. It has a couple other apps in here to help extend your range theres, of course, things like Sirius satellite radio, but its actually built into the car rather than just just running off your phone. So I know that some car companies are even considering getting rid of GPS because a lot of people just plug in with apple carplay, which of course this car has but does have its own. You know couple uh a couple apps here to help things like.

Oh okay, youre driving too quickly your climate control is still in too much of your range, Etc. I really like that butt warmers right here very easy, very, very clean, easy to turn them on turn them off. I really like that, because here in Oregon, I run my butt warmers all the time right here in front theres, a nice little cubby that has some nice spacing theres two USBC ports theres a physical button right here to be able to turn on and off the Radio, just in case you want to be able to do that without having to search through a screen, its all very clean, and I love just how big everything is on these icons Etc. Um, let me see here in terms of Drive modes and what it can do. There is a steering control where you can have a steering feel of light standard or firm. I played with all of them Id probably just leave it in standard its not too much of a difference, but you can certainly tell you can turn off the traction control here if you want, but um Ill probably leave it on, especially if you have the two Wheel drive version of this the creeping feature so in a gasoline car. When you take your foot off the brake, you know it starts to move a little bit if youre like in traffic. You can actually turn that on and off in here, and I turn it off and then one pedal driving.

So when you take your foot off the accelerator, itll start to kick in the regen. I have that on standard which is pretty aggressive and if its too aggressive for you and you just want a little bit of regen when you take your foot off the accelerator, you can do that by just switching over to low or you can even turn it Off in terms of assistance, so this has adaptive cruise control that you can turn on and off from here, theres Lane, keeping technology that you can turn on all right. So it looks like that. The options give you to override your steering to help keep you in the lane, which I felt it do that or it can vibrate to tell you hey, youre youre, not in your lane anymore, what else a driver alert system. So this will start to this will actually vibrate to let you know that you need to wake up, which is pretty cool Im, actually not quite sure where the camera is in here, but its somewhere itll read road signs. This has, let me see your standard avoid. Okay, so it has a a collision avoidance system um, so my Mazda, for example, will actually come to a stop. If you think its about to get into an accident, this one gives you either early standard or late. So I guess, if you um, want to roll the dice a little bit more, you can move it to late lets.

Go take a look at that front and then lets go ahead and go on a drive just like you would see in a regular vehicle. Okay, do not drive. We are going to go, investigate the frunk all right so conveniently located. Okay, so uh windshield, wiper, fluid um dont really see anything else, its not my car, so Im not going to take any of that off. But you have a jack, looks like you: have a power adapter? Okay! There you go so we have in here tire inflator, kit, yeah, Tire inflated tire, patching kit, okay, so yeah no standard, um, no standard uh spare in here but yeah. This is what your front looks like a little bit of storage space, although I read that a lot of people dont actually use their front whatsoever, but here theres a little frunk. If you want to have some stuff stored in the front of your car – and you want to be able to use the word front in your standard, everyday vernacular, well were back here. Why dont we go ahead and get into the trunk so heres the key it just has the pull star symbol on it. So you have the lock and the unlock, and there is the. Let me see here there. It goes. Okay, all righty, thats, fancy, okay! So back here you have your tether points for uh car seats, its really helpful, especially because you know Im a dad um.

I have down here: thats cool, okay, thats, really handy for storage, Ive, again, Ive never been back here before um, and so this is all new to me. Okay lets see whats down here all right. So here is your um. What Im? Assuming is your level one charger, but yeah pretty simple down here all right, so it looks like the only pass through are the cup holders. You can see the cup holders there all right so thats what your thats, what your pass through looks like there you go or I wonder if this whole thing will go down: yeah. Ah, okay, so everything will go down. Thats, awesome! So Im just going to press thats, pretty cool, you can lock it or you can just press it down. Okay, awesome all right also, while were out here the charge door so uh, and then you of course you have your uh CCS SAE charger right here. This light will indicate, depending on um, if youre charging, if youre not charging, so thats really helpful, just to make sure that you know that its plugged in all right, so Im gon na go ahead and hop in here all right, so uh, the Fastback pillar. Here I guess kind of feels like uh. It might be a little constraining, Im six feet tall. I have more than enough leg room so with the way that this comes down this design element right here and the Fastback um.

My head does kind of touch the top here, a little bit if Im sitting up really tall, but my leg room feels really good. Um, even with the seat down right here, I have more than enough space. This has the panda the panoramic roof, so it does make. It feel feel like its a lot bigger back here than probably than it really is dimensionally, but all the materials back here are just phenomenal. All the touch points are really nice and I think I could probably road trip back here. I really like that. You have your own climate control events um. You have butt warmers back here, theres a charge port, okay, so those USBC charge ports, but its just very nice. The materials are really nice back here, Applause, all right, so Im going to do it. It is a little wet now Im just going to do a full throttle, acceleration and um on a closed course. This is actually a private road. Oh wow, wow, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, Im gon na try this again a little bit of a turn to get onto the straight, but here we go Music, oh wow, its just its just wild. Oh nice. Tight last time I was in here was in the Hellcat and I could not do this. I had to do like a three point. Turn uh this card, no big deal full crank, barely off the road. Okay, oh my gosh. I cannot.

I cannot describe what thats like Im, actually feeling a little ill uh. I get a little carsick when Im the passenger, but not when Im a driver. My other time actually was in the Tesla Model S an early production, one um, when I did Full Throttle acceleration that I actually felt sick as the driver. But this is nuts okay, so Im gon na do this one more time and then Im actually gon na slow down, because we have a little bit of a turn before we get into our parking lot and yeah. Here we go one uh and Im gon na. Do break torque, so Im gon na put my foot on the brake and then Im going to uh put the Throttle Down. Oh here. This is this is fast: okay, Im gon na slow down a little bit. Those brakes are okay and then nice turn in very nice turn in. I cannot describe what thats like okay Im, actually Im, actually feeling a little ill, so were gon na were gon na park it for a second okay Im driving the pole, star 2 for the very first time, and when I hopped in the car uh it recognized That I had the key in the ignition and then everything turned on uh. It took me a second to figure out where the radio was, but everything seems to be in a pretty logical spot lets see is easy, really easy to get to where it needs to be.

It says I have 96 charge and 240 miles so Im going to go press on the brake just like a regular car and then press this press plus down no thats, neutral, thats Drive. Okay break went off automatically a nice camera here, working both ways. Looking both ways is there something Im missing? I had to put my foot down quite a bit for this to move. I dont know most of the other electric cars that Ive ever driven. I mean its got a really touchy accelerator pedal as to 25 and Im doing 25, but still I was expecting to put more pep thats a really really interesting observation. Okay and then, when you put your foot down, okay, okay, it goes um. I, like my spark EV. If you saw that video I mean that thing had the most touchy throttle in honestly. I love it. Ive driven a couple of Teslas um, and this one feels more like a like. A heavy accelerated pedal like youd, like youd, feel in my Mercedes, for example, the the c43 AMG Ute um, so thats. Our review of this Volvo Pulstar 2. Volvo makes a really good and luxurious car. I just havent been driving them in a very long time because of the horror stories that I heard. However, it seems like with this theyve really got things dialed in so if youre looking for an electric vehicle, definitely Drive the pole. Star too, I think youll be very impressed now thats another episode of the bad ideas garage.

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