Yeah, you know who you are the petrol heads. Basically, this guy thank you. Can electrically powered cars ever trigger the same kind of emotional reaction, its a its a challenge right, EVS, Perpetual heads thats, just oxy, which is moronic, Maybe heres. The thing, though, I think there are EVS out there that I reckon petrol heads can appreciate just as much as they do their ice cars. So here are a few you might want to put in your shopping list. First up the Porsche taikan and its a brother from another mother. The Audi e tron GT Im lumping these two together because underneath theyre, essentially the same car running near identical batteries and motors and technology, and they share a lot in character. Even if the looks and the vibe theyre going for appeal to different people, whichever badge is on the nose, the heart and the soul of the car, is basically Porsche, which is obviously no bad thing. And in Porsches way, the taikan incorporates a whole ton of technical Insight from Motorsport, specifically the 919 hybrid, that won them on three times over. It then Blends all of that with all the knowledge its accumulated over Decades of making amazing road cars, and the result is that it drives like a Porsche okay, so its quite heavy, but so is everything these days. A Lotus and mirror is a ton and a half but its low. The battery position means it Corners as flat as a pancake, and the performance is off the charts, especially in the 761hp power Turbo S version.

Even the cheapest rear wheel. Drive version, though, can throw shapes. You can balance it on the throttle, just like a proper petrol sports car Music. Okay. So far so predictable, how about a curveball, the Mazda mx 30 bit of a controversial one? But Mazda always does things a bit differently and straight away their decision to go with a small battery to make it feel, light 1750 kilograms and Nimble and more like an MX 5. I think pays off okay, so the range is pitiful, but master has an answer. Its called The mx30e skyactiv Rev yeah, I know terrible name, but its got a rotary petrol engine to act as an onboard generator. Yes, rotary engines are back in Mazdas what year is it Anyway? This kind of makes sense because the 830 CC rotary is smaller and lighter and smoother than a regular ice engine and just purrs away charging the battery for when you want to go further than the standard car can go and it means Mazda can keep things cheaper. Lighter and also provide better handling right now for something completely different: weve had electric SUVs in the past electric supercars electric four by fours, even what about an electric hot hatch, not seen many of those in the past, have we until the cup were born now this Builds on the legacy of the ice powered Coopers like the Leon, which have often been better than the Golf GTI as they were, based on and its the same here, no disrespect or not too much disrespect to the VW ID3, its a really important car, but the Bourne is just cooler and theyre.

A little driver focused details that you dont get in the ID3 like a more powerful motor driving the back wheels and an ESC sport mode that lets you play with the angles a little bit in the corners. Now one of the team here at AutoTrader even took one on a track day recently, and he said he had a great time actually going out there and doing proper hot hatch stuff, but in an EV well have to wait and see if VW adds a twin Motor GTX model to the ID3 range, like its done with the SUV versions or if Renault sport get a chance to play with the new electric Megan. But for now, if you want an electric hot hatch, the Bourne has a healthy lead, although if youre listening Cooper can we have a bit more power next time, yeah cheers all right now so much for the old school Heroes. What about the new school you cant? Ignore Tesla look a lot of people talk about the ludicrous acceleration and Supercar beating naughty 60 times and thousand horsepower plaid versions with Yokes instead of steering wheels, but its only so long before that novelty wears off and for petrol head purists that focus on straight line. Bragging rights is all a bit tedious, but Im going to let you in on a little secret Teslas, also Drive really nicely its probably helped by the fact that one of the engineers who used to work on Teslas was a senior guy on the Aston Martin 177 Program literally one of the finest petrol powered cars ever before, moving to Tesla and then to rimac Elon might not be the best at HR, but credit to Tesla theyve hired the right people to do the right stuff at the right time.

My favorite is probably the model 3 Performance. It feels pretty small on the road. Thanks to that signature, low Dash, it rides better than the SUVs and the balance of power. Power and handling is pretty much spot on its, perhaps not something you want to be playing with on the public road, but the drift mode is actually really well sorted as well, and you can actually hold the slide and balance it on the throttle, like you might In a high performance ice car really good Music. My next choice follows on from the Tesla Model 3. On the basis I actually compared them back to back on the same day, video up above, and it put up a very impressive, showing its the pulse star. 2.. Now poll star is known as an EV brand today, but its roots are more in conventional high performance, ice cars, running Volvos, race team and also running some really really special limited edition road cars, like the Exquisite 500 horsepower S60 concept A few years ago, which then Became the Pulsar engineered cars that you could actually buy suffice to say the team at pole, star a proper petrol heads and theyre now working on EVS the pole. Star 2 not only looks cool and goes fast. Its got up to 476 horsepower and some really trick bits aimed at car, Geeks, Brembo brakes and a specific performance pack mapping for the throttle and Olin suspension that you can adjust by hand pulse that even published five different combinations of settings, ranging from Comfort to track.

Depending on how you want your car to handle – and if you dont want to do it yourself, you can take it to a service point and theyll. Do it for you, Music, okay, new brands like Tesla and pollstar, are all very well. But what if you count yourself as a real petrol head and want something a bit more traditional Maserati might have you covered with the new Gran Turismo its got a choice of power, outputs from a turbocharged V6 petrol engine. The spiciest of these, the trefeo has 550 horsepower and it goes as well as it looks, but they also have an electric version called the Fulgore. This thing has three motors 761 horsepower and 1350 newton meters of torque, yes, its 2.2 tonnes. It weighs a whole cater or more than the trophail version, but it will hit naughty 62 7 tenths faster in just 2.7 seconds and zero to one two four miles an hour is even more impressive, with a full Glory doing it in just 8.8 seconds against the 11.4 for the trafia, just imagine, youve got those looks and all the magic and Mystique of the mass, a rati badge and its associations with fan Geo and Sterling Moss Back in the day and one of the most powerful and sophisticated electric power trains in the business Plus some decent handling as well, if Im not mistaken, if thats, not the perfect petrol head EV, then I dont know what is Maserati.

You got. My number right call me Music Twist on petrol headphone, who remembers the Ford Focus RS love that car anyway, one of the guys involved in building that car was a guy called Tyrone Johnson, who is Apparently one of the scariest vehicle Engineers youll ever meet. If you want to know what makes Tyrone angry and the veins on his forehead start, pulsing Ill tell you understeer Tyrone hates understate if Tyrones in a room and understeer walks in understand aint walking out, lets put it that way, which is why he helped Ford to Build the worlds first, ever oversteering, hot hatch. What does this have to do with EVS? Well, like petrol head drivers, petrol head Engineers are making the transition to Electric as well and having to adapt their tastes and skills to this Brave New World, which is how Tyrone now finds himself at Genesis. Where hes been involved with the development of the all electric gb60, based on the already quite impressive Kia, eb6 and Hyundai ionic 5, but how to make the Genesis stand out from its sister cars yeah enter Tyrone and his signature trick drift mode. Now. Some of you might consider this a bit gimmicky and apparently it isnt something people normally use on the school run or possibly ever dont know about that, but it doesnt matter its a tell its a little nod from Tyrone and petrol head Engineers to petrol head drivers That may have got you back and within the Genesis, gb60 lurks just the little taste of the Ford Focus RS and if you hate understand, this is probably the EV for you or you could have a BMW I4.

This is another case of an EV being developed by petrol head Engineers, schooled in the traditions of proper rear wheel, drive cars like BMWs, have always been, and it shows if youre not looking for an electric car, and you just want to BMW. The I4 is exactly that; it just happens to have batteries and Motors rather than the classic six cylinder petrol engine and, to be honest, it looks so similar to the 4 Series Gran Turismo its based on that. I think you could go from a lease on that car and straight into one I4 and maybe not even realize youve gone electric, and I mean that as a compliment. Everything you know from your previous BMWs is in the same place. The seat in position feels familiar. The View out the window looks the same. The steering wheel has that familiar weight to it, and most of all, you get that unmistakable, BMW, cornering stance with that decisive push from the rear wheels that helps you turn into a corner. Thats whats always made BMWs fun and the I4 is no different. You could argue its basically an electric M3 thats cheaper to run now moving on its been in the market. Quite a while. Now the Jaguar i pace is still. I reckon one of the best driving electric cars out there, even though its electric and quite heavy Jaguars have always had above average, ride comfort and steering compared to its Rivals, and the eyepiece successfully carries that over into the electric age, just like a traditional Jaguar theres, The combination of a smooth ride and steering that has just the right balance of weight and response to put a smile on your face, whether youre cruising up, the motorway or youre really going for it.

One of the team here at AutoTrader even took an i pace to the Nurburgring, and you know what even there it more than held its own. It has that clever brake regen system, which meant that over three laps it could recover a whole additional lapse worth of battery charge in the braking zones. An F Type svr V8 would probably burn through a tank of fuel in the same distance. So not that bad and that sense of flow at the wheel made the eye Pace a lot of fun as well. It just doesnt have the noise, but you cant, have everything or can you noise is of course, one of the key things that petrol heads say. The EVS lack in comparison with the cards that they know and love, but our bath has stepped up with its Twist on the new Fiat 500e, as our very own, Alex lagui had found out recently. The above 500e has been specifically engineered to make the same noise as the petrol version, but using speakers or, if you prefer, it can also sound like a rock guitar for some reason, not sure I agree with the whole fake noise thing, but its there. If you like it, come on and the car should be fun as well, with 155 horsepower and theoretically nippy handling were gon na, have to wait and see exactly how fun it is, but Ive got high hopes, but what about OG petrol heads out there? My nub gang manual, gearbox lovers and those people that can never see an electric car delivering the same kind of satisfaction.

Well, you could always see about future proofing that stone cold ice classic by getting it electrified. Its controversial, I know, but turning an old petrol car into an EV can lead to quite a fun car. I didnt agree with that sentiment at first, but then I had a go with a Porsche 356 converted to Electric Power by the British buffens electrogenic complete with, and I still cant get my head around this a manual gearbox, the original manual gearbox and a clutch pedal. I know I know the wear of an electric motor can never quite compare with the sounds and Sensations and even the smells of a petrol powered one. But trust me, this is the next best thing and the challenge of driving it smoothly is just as rewarding as any ice powered classic Lexus seemed to agree as well, and the group of their Engineers have even built a test. Mule electric car, with a proper manual gearbox mounted in it, so youve got the mechanical sensation of Shifting but its not actually connected to the motor. So its realistic, you can even stall it apparently and theres, even a rumor, that this could make it into the next Lexus LFA youll see so there you go proof. I hope that there are electric cars out there that more traditional petrol heads can enjoy. Maybe even love and reason to be cheerful for the future as well. Not everyone gets it right right now when it comes to appealing to enthusiasts, but I think theres hope.

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